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Get ready for League of Legends Rampage 2013

If you’re a League of Legends fan, you might want to head to the SMX Convention Center this August 10 for the Rampage 2013. This event garnered 8000 attendees last year in its first run and as much as 11,000 to 12,000 gamers and cosplay fans are expected this time around.

Rampage 2013

Here are the events for Rampage 2013:


Witness non-stop eSports action unfold as eight of the country’s top League of Legends teams, qualified through months’ worth of online and offline qualifiers, battle it out for the honor of representing the country in the Season Three Regionals in Vietnam.

Season 3 qualifiers

Aside from the fame that comes with being the Philippines’ representative and a shot for the League of Legends Season 3 grand prize of US$ 1,000,000.00, the champion team is guaranteed to take home the lion’s share of the PHP 60,000 worth of cash and item prizes plus flight and accommodations in the Vietnam Regionals.

For more information on the qualified teams as well as the ongoing qualifiers, you can go to http://lol.garena.ph/featured/season-3-national-qualifiers


Watch as the League of Legends champions come to life and take the center stage in this year’s Cosplay Clash competition. With PHP 50,000 worth of prizes at stake, Summoners as well as cosplay enthusiasts will be treated to a clash of the best League of Legends cosplays in the country.


Everyone is a winner in Rampage 2013.  Thousands of premium goodies are waiting and to be given away for FREE via our activities throughout the event day:

  • Just by attending the event, Summoners will get a chance to take home Razer Naga Hex League of Legends Edition Mouse, Razer Goliathus League of Legends Edition mousepad, Razer messenger bag or premium League of Legends merchandises through ONSITE RAFFLES AND GIVEAWAYS.
  • By getting the required number of stamps needed from sponsors on their EVENT PASSPORT, Summoners get yet another chance to take home premium League of Legends merchandise!

For additional info on the event, you can check out: http://lol.garena.ph/rampage2013/

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  • Griswold

    Let’s do dis!!!

  • Hibari Kyoya

    Are there a limted supply of tickets?

  • NoName

    When will the event start? and when will it end? :<

    • 10AM open na… siguro hanggang gabi na to mga 9pm 10?