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Get your Google Nexus 7 on 0% installment from Smart

Want to have the 7-inch Google Nexus 7 Android tablet for Christmas? Why not get it at 0% installment with Smart.


Starting today, you can now pre-order the Google Nexus 7 under its Smart Bro Flexisurf mobile broadband plans. All you need to do is sign up for for a Smart Bro Flexisurf Pocket WiFi plan 599, then you can avail of the Google Nexus 7 at 0% interest for just P600 a month for 24 months. You don’t even need a credit card to get this.

This will bring the price of the Google Nexus 7 32GB WiFi to Php14,400 under this plan. The SRP of the Nexus 7 is Php13,995 so the Php14,400 price from Smart which you can spread in two years is not a bad deal at all. Of course, you will also have to pay an additional Php599 per month for your Pocket WiFi plan which you will most likely use in conjunction with your new Nexus 7.

If you still don’t know what you can get out of the Google Nexus 7. It’s a 7-inch Android Jelly Bean tablet with an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor. It’s the best WiFi-only 7-inch Android tablet you can get at its price point so you might want to take advantage of this offer if you’re eyeing this tablet for Christmas.

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  • Kenneth


  • Pareng migz

    mura na ba po to?

    • Griswold

      well kung unit lang ang basehan mo, mura sya kasi for an installment package. pero kung kaya mo namang maglabas ng 14k in one go, bili ka na lang sa malls.

      dito may babayaran ka pang P599 na monthly plan aside sa P600 na installment.

  • doms

    Nexus 10 why u no arrive in Philippines yet 🙁

    • i think it’s going to be available in the gray market real soon.

      • doms

        Wouldn’t that be much more expensive than what I can get from other retail stores?

  • melo

    NO.. Mahal sobra..P13,995 lang yan.. 0% interest pa 3months.. kapal talaga mukha ng SMART..^^

    • Griswold

      ede wag kang bumili. di naman itong plan para sa mga mayayamang tulad mo na kayang maglabas ng P4k+ per month.

  • Mikee

    Wow! I’m hoping the 16gb one comes out or even the rumored 8gb with expandable memory.

  • vince

    hintayin ko nalang maging available sa CMK yung 3G version, 16k+ lang.

  • jB


    I WAS REALLY INTERESTED In applying pocket wifi+Nexus7 bundled plan ” yesterday and so I went to smart, spoke with CUSTOMER SERVICE. I told him that I had a broadband post paid before with SMART and had it disconnected and accounts payable are all settled. I bought with me basic requirements (Photocopy of company ID (International IT company), government issue id, certificate of employment, ITR, photocopy of my payslip within the last 3 months, proof of billing(electric bill under my name) and fully accomplished post paid form.NOW THIS CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT told me that i could avail the pocket-wifi which would only require proof of billing and if i bundled it with NEXUS 7 THEY WOULD REQUIRE “SAVINGS ACCOUNT of ATLEASED 75Php” AS A PROOF OF INCOME. I was really dissappointed. AT the back of my mind Certificate of Employment + payslip within the last 3 months are already enough. I did not opt to show the documents I brought with me since he really insisted and emphasized “SAVINGS ACCOUNT OF ATLEASED 75Php ” certificate kinda like that.I WAS REALLY DISSAPOINTED. I feeled that , I do have the capacity to pay the monthly bill why discouraged me ?.


    • Anne S

      Hi! I thought I was the only one who experienced the rudeness of these Smart’s CSRs. I went to SM Megamall (PLDT Smart Jump Experience Ctr) last December, I was trying to apply for a bundled package and I showed them my CC statement but they told me I need to bring my payslip, so the following day I went back. It’s clearly reflected on my payslip that my basic salary is way more than what they’re requiring to avail the tablet, but still they asked me to bring my ITR. The next day again, I brought my ITR but one of the CSRs asked me for my bank statement. What a service! And what disappointed me more is that one of their CSRs (a girl) kept on coughing and yawning in front of me as if she’s too sleepy and lazy to assist. I am a Globe subscriber and this is the first time I decided to try applying for a Smart line but I was very very disappointed. Smart’s service is nothing compared to Globe.

  • danorthfish

    Hi! Just want to share a horrible experience I have from the worst service ever I got from Smart. Last December of 2012, I applied for a smart bro/pocket wifi + nexus 7 bundle . I brought with me all the required documents you can think of including my bank statement since I am already aware that they me require it as well. So there’s this CSR (Ms. Dang of Smart Wireless Center Gateway Mall) who assisted me with the application and told me that I can get the bundle on the very same day since I provided all the required documents and that there’s available stock at that time. Hours of waiting while the CSR surprisingly told me that they cannot release the bundle since there’s no available Smart Bro SIM card. (I don’t F***ING understand why it took her more than an hour to figure out if there’s an available Smart Bro SIM card or none). She then gave me their USELESS contact number and told me that I can text them for update/s since they are not sure when the Smart Bro SIM cards become available. And so I leave empty-handed.
    Days past and I’ve been texting them almost everyday and NOT getting any reply at all.
    I dropped by to their center from time to time and was just told the same BUL*SH*T! (there’s no available Smart Bro SIM card as of the moment. Not sure of the next delivery). And so I decided to submit another application (this time at Smart Wireless Center SM North Edsa). I was assisted by Ms. Donna. The same drill goes (submitting req’d docs and hours of waiting). And so there comes the good news. Good News is they have an available Smart Bro SIM card and Nexus 7 unit. The BAD news is they don’t have an available pocket wifi device as of the moment (WHAT THE F***!). And so I ask if it’s possible to forward their Smart Bro SIM card to their branch at the Gateway Mall (NOT POSSIBLE). So here we go again! She then gave me their contact number and told me that I can text them for update/s since they are not sure when the pocket wifi devices become available. And so I leave empty-handed for the second time around. The good thing about Ms. Donna is that she’s replying to most of my update inquiry via SMS. The SADDEST part was that it took more than 2 MONTHS until I receive the GOOD NEWS (from Ms Donna of Smart SM N.Edsa) that the bundle is now ready for pick-up anytime. TOO BAD I WAS NO LONGER INTERESTED TO AVAIL THE BUNDLE SINCE I ALREADY BOUGHT MY OWN NEXUS 7.

    By the way, I’m not sure what happend to Ms. Dang of Smart Gateway as to why she’s not replying to my previous SMS during the painful and agonizing waiting period. I hope she’s still alive. ;p