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Get your Nokia fix at the Nokia Summer Heat Wave Sale

Nokia is having this grand summer sale where lots of Nokia phones are being offered at a reduced cost or have a promo attached to it. This is only a 1-week event (April 11-17) so better act fast.


Check it out:

  • Buy Nokia 1280 at Php899
  • Buy Nokia E7, get FREE Nokia 1280 and 1800
  • Buy Nokia N8, get FREE Nokia 1280
  • Buy Nokia C7, get Nokia 1280 for Php499 ONLY and a chance to win 50K worth Rustan’s Gift Certificate
  • Buy Nokia X3 Touch and Type, get Nokia 1280 for Php499 ONLY
  • Buy Nokia X2-01, get Nokia 1280 for Php499 ONLY
  • Buy Nokia C3, get Nokia 1280 for Php499 ONLY
  • Buy C3 Touch and Type at Php7725
  • Buy Nokia 2323 at Php1875
  • Buy Nokia 2330 at Php2035
  • Buy Nokia C1-02 at Php2035
  • Buy Nokia X6 8GB at Php11,185
  • Buy Nokia 5230 at Php6210

Hmm reviewing this list, I think they’re trying to saturate the public with the Nokia 1280. Or maybe they’re trying to clear stocks for it.


This is the Nokia 1280

You can avail of these prices/promos on all Nokia stores nationwide and other select shops only.

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  • hmmm… i need to check out nokia stores. thanks for the tip!


  • Air21

    Symbian will go back home but will never close its door..

    Windows phone 7 is next in the line. Nokia!

  • iweee

    hi.. can anybody tell me how to fix. power ic?? is there any solution for this.. my phone is always hung.. and always shuting down.. and the keypad are not moving.. tnx..

  • crazy2heroes

    sheesh. talk about lousy gimmicks. Nokia still squeezing juice on Symbian? c’mon Nokia! You’re better than this. The burning platform is still on the loose. Do you want to be the next Siemens? Talo pa kayo ng Motorola. And in all fairness to Moto, they have awaken from their deathbed many thanks to Google Android.