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Gibbity: People Powered Game Discovery

Gibbity: People Powered Game Discovery is a new Pinoy Web 2.0 site from Luis Buenaventura. He’s the same guy behind oks.ph – people powered linking.

What’s it about? When I first heard about it through private email, earlier this month, Luis posted:

I won’t explain the site concept to you guys so you can view it from a totally fresh perspective.

I am not a gamer (except for one game I play socially right now), but it’s still entertaining. How much more for people who live, breathe and eat games.

The creator documents Gibbity news in his blog.

While the site is very much made in the Philippines, it’s targeted for an international audience. Hope this could be the first (to my knowledge) Web 2.0 site/app to get global attention.

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  • Promising, but needs to grow its database. For instance, typing in “mu online” doesn’t bring up Mu Online.

  • terrific. the guy’s just on a roll.

  • The database is also people-powered. Add your own games!

  • Anonymous

    wow, you just featured an MFA site….tsk..tsk..

  • Anonymous,
    Tell me, what makes you think Gibbity is a MFA site?

  • Anonymous

    try this link and see for yourself:

    i know you can easily identify this particular page as a “MFA” site, coz i’ve been one of your readers in your migs.paraz.com blog site.

  • Alright, so does putting a four-unit Adsesne strip make it a Made for Adsense site? It sure doesn’t look like a spam website or splog to me.

  • Anonymous

    IMO, it’s an MFA site…MFA is not defined as the number/placement of Ads, it’s defined by the actual content of the site…maybe MFA is not the right term, it should have been a SPAM site, i guess….

    IMO, if a site’s main content comes from scraping SERP results from SEs (technorati, yahoo, and blog search) plus content description coming from wikipedia, i considered it a “SPAM” Site…we’ll, it’s just my opinion

  • I guess it’s a matter of perception. When he gets the social features going with a community, perhaps it will look more like a “proper” site.

  • >MFA is not defined as the number/placement
    >of Ads

    It’s interesting that you put it that way, because you are actually guilty of the equally wrong “reverse” side of this argument. You’re right, MFAs are not about the number of ads, but they are also not about the amount of content pulled from third parties. Practically every Web 2.0 site out there shares and aggregates data from other sites like it; those sites you yourself mentioned hardly produce any content of their own either, you know.

    The difference, you see, is in how you use the data. None of the half-dozen sites I pull data from are “gaming” sites, but by selectively taking certain parts of their data-stream, I’ve mashed it up for a more specific purpose, i.e., to provide relevant information about a given game from various parts of the web.

    I think the key here is that you are vastly underestimating the value that the users’ contributions have on this site. The particular page you chose to illustrate your argument (http://www.gibbity.com/content/world/all/4/full_throttle/8/0) had only one fan, and you chose that because it was practically empty and thus made it look like the site was a definite MFA. That’s a bit underhanded, but that’s ok — I hope you’ll allow an equal bit of underhandedness on my part to illustrate how you are quite mistaken: http://www.gibbity.com/content/world/all/14/starcraft/all/0

  • anonymous


    should be compared to this one:


    IMO, still the same MFA/Spam site…

    i just wonder why you remove your “Scrape” Technorati feeds…

    as far as i know, there’s no such thing as “YAHOO.COM RSS Feed”….you just created this one using API of Yahoo!…tsk…tsk…

    again, it’s just my opinion.. 🙂

  • >as far as i know, there’s no such thing as
    >“YAHOO.COM RSS Feed”….you just created this
    >one using API of Yahoo


  • anonymous

    ok, i was wrong with Yahoo RSS Feeds, in fact i’d like to thank you for the additional info, i’ll use it with my arsenals , but it still doesn’t hide the fact that this is a MFA/SPAM site…LOL

    you haven’t answered this one yet:
    i just wonder why you remove your “Scrape” Technorati feeds… 🙂

    again, it’s just my opinion 🙂 LOL

  • anonymous

    anyway, this would be my last comment….overall, the idea was pretty good, i think migs was right, it’s just a matter of perception, too bad but i’m really pissed when i see a “MFA” looking website…i’ll just take on migs word that this is not an MFA site…good luck to this project, and i hope it will succeed!


  • With your strict criteria, a LOT of sites are “MFA” since many, many “Web 2.0” apps use Adsense as their revenue model.

  • Congratulations to Luis! The site just got featured on the Web 2.0 Innovation Map! I hope we see more *balloons* from the Philippines!