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Gift Ideas for the Techie Crowd

I’m desperate. With just a few more days to go before the malls become saturated with last-minute, impatient and rude shoppers and with no gift list to show, I’m turning to you our cool readers for gift ideas. If you’re planning to get something for your special techie someone, what would it be? Equally important, where can we buy that and how much will it cost us?

Just in case my friends are reading, here’s my Christmas wishlist. I’m not sure if you agree, but they do appeal to my early adopter sense of style 🙂

Sid Meier’s Civilization IV by 2K Games
Yes, my friends. This is the ultimate game for geeks. I recently discovered that I shared this addiction with a lot of Pinoy techies. I remember playing the first, pixel heavy version of the game on a 386 PC in high school and instantly fell in love with it. In appreciation, I think I owe it to Sid Meier to purchase (or receive as a gift) an original version of this classic PC game. If you feel like donating to the Samahan ng Civilization Addicts sa Pilipinas which I head, reserve a copy at DataBlitz in SM Mega Mall early. The clerks told me their Civilization 4 inventory sold out after 3 weeks.

60 GB iPod
I’m ashamed to admit it but I don’t own an iPod. Shame on me I know, I know. The last MP3 player I had was a YaPP from Samsung which I was stupid enough to buy at a duty free shop in Hong Kong. After that MP3 experience, I promised myself I would boycott portable MP3 players again. But that iPod is so sexy. Drool. I want the 60 GB version in black (to match my favorite cap color). And no, I don’t have 15,000 songs. Who cares right?

Notebook Cooling Platform
I think the sexier name would be “Notebook Chill Pad”. I’m sure you’ve seen this device being used by some OC/baka-mag-overheat-laptop-ko users. Most of the models I’ve seen in the PC stores are made in China (what’s new) and are in the P700 to P2000 price range. I think my Dell Inspiron 6000 needs it. Her bottom tends to get hot, especially when I use her in bed. I want our relationship to last that’s why this device would be cool addition to her growing list of accessories (I know baby, I’ll replace your barely serviceable refurbished optical mouse soon).

Last, and certainly not the least, the ultimate I’m-not-as-geek-as-you-think gift. Hey, it’s not illegal to dream right?

Go ahead, share your gift ideas for geeks 🙂 Santa might be reading via RSS.

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  • Ipod accessories.


  • Just got an iPod myself, pero anak ng putakte, 4G kasi, I’ve tried installing iPodlinux twice, parehong sablay 🙁

  • http://www.voodoopc.com/

    Fanless PC
    Notebook with GeForce 7800!

  • If you can find the nano, that would be a great start!

  • woozie

    XBOX 360!

  • Saw some pieces of cardboard in a grocery in Australia. They’re iTunes Gift certificates. Pay for them over the counter, cashier validates them, then give the certificate to your loved-one.

    Your loved ones get to access iTunes through the net with info contained in the gift cert.

    meron ba nun dito sa pinas?

    ka edong

  • why would you pay 99c a song in itunes? thats ridiculous!

  • if youre a techie, why would you want an ipod with such big storage and slim sexy features, with fashionably trendy casing.. im sorry, i mean geekie..

    dear santa, i can really use a tablet pc.. badly..

  • You got a nice idea,you showed your creativity and its so cute ha!!! new look,a great one.

  • I try to look the ultimate game for geeks,it was great.

  • Whats the next version?

  • I recently discovered that I shared this addiction with a lot of Pinoy techies.Just want to say thanks for the great info.

  • me too i do love black! i wish this coming xmas
    someone give me a black 60
    GB ipod.


  • Hey! this is pretty good stuff.. I love those Gift Ideas, especially the Notebook Cooling Platform. it seems very useful.. thanks for sharing this. it helps a lot. keep posting!