Gigabyte UMPC tablet sells for Php29,999

Gigabyte’s entry into the netbook market came as as surprise since it introduced a swivel-type touchscreen version, clearly a notch better than everybody else.


The 9-inch Gigabyte M912 specs include:

Intel Atom 1.6GHz (Dual Core Version)
Microsoft Windows XP
Card reader
1.3 MP webcam

Sell for Php29,999 over at

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  • OK looks good indeed and not that pricy.

    But aren’t swivel based notebooks a little prone to technical problems later?

  • Under serious consideration since I saw BuyQube’s ad some weeks ago. Previews and reviews have been positive for the most part. Keyboard size which results from the 8.9″ screen might be an issue for some, might ask BuyQube if I can try it out at their shop before buying it.

    As to the swivel, I”m likely to limit that to working away from a desk. That is, if I were to walk around or even pick it up for easier reading, I may swivel it around. Alternatively, I may just keep it in its tablet form permanently, attaching an external keyboard when I need one.

    Of course, that’s all speculative, and will be definite if I do decide on one 🙂

  • Eric Tan

    please contact me or text me at 09209236302 , or emailed me at [email protected], i am interested to buy, thanks!

  • Eric, you can visit Qube’s M912 page at