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Gingerbread update for LG Optimus Black now out!

Finally what every LG Optimus Black users are waiting for, the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update is finally out. You can get your update once you hook up your Optimus Black to your PC and run the LG PC Suite.

The LG Optimus Black is one of those really nice phones that’s been hampered by an outdated OS which LG promised to update since last year. Now it’s here and according to LG, the Android 2.3.4 update will give the Optimus Black the following:


  • Improved power management
  • Enhanced mobile gaming experience
  • Improved UI to enable faster access and control and a more intuitive user experience
  • One-touch word selection and copy/paste:
  • Better Download management
  • Support for new media formats such as AAC, AVC, MPEG 4 and H.263
  • New features and other improvements: active app management, shortcuts, widgets, icons, app groups, updated calendar options, camera geotagging, better email synching and more precise camera auto-focus.
  • App updates and pre-loaded Google+ app

Better late than never for LG but people are now clamoring for the Ice Cream Sandwich which LG said will be available in Q3 of 2012. Still a long wait but at least it’s coming to the phone.

If you’re done with the upgrade, do tell us how’s your Gingerbread LG Optimus Black treating you.

Thanks Roi for the tip!

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  • JmBalicano

    When I first glanced at the title, I though LG beat Samsung and Sony with Q1 updates to Ice Cream Sandwich! But then I re-read the title.. Gingerbread.. Meh..

    LG has some nice phones if not for the outdated Android OS versions. First dual core Android to the market? Check. Cool new Nova display? Check. These would be very desirable phones, given their price point if it weren’t for LG’s poor track record for updating their phones. It’s a shame that even their updates are outdated by the time they get released. Still, a lot of people are buying through online retailers like Widget City by the bucketload. And they really are solid phones with plenty of apps you can install.

    • i agree. but like i said, better late than never. now the lg optimus black becomes relevant once again.

    • JmBalicano

      Yeah. Anyway, there are still a bunch of phones that will be coming out with Gingerbread in the coming months, such as the next gen Sony Xperias, so it will still be a while before ICS saturates the market. As of right now, Gingerbread is still the dominant version, and has been for only a few months now.

      I’m just thinking that LG should have prioritized upgrading the OS versions of their flagship phones, or phones that featured drool-worthy technologies such as the Optimus Black with that lovely Nova screen. I think they are only now realizing the value of supporting their phones until their end-of-life.

      I heard a lot of people gave LG hell for initially saying the Optimus 2x and Black wouldn’t get ICS. Now they’ve at least promised the update in Q2.

      • JmBalicano

        Oh wait, make that Q3.

      • NO MERCY

        I hear what your saying but LG is nothing compare to samsung and motorola..maybe sony will make a stand this year with xperia lines! within months i owned lg optimus 2x (first dual core phone useless when its the last to get GB), optimus one ,optimus 3D and last optimus black bought for my gf( GB came out just today)..just What the hell LG??? they must improve alot with their updates before releasing any new phone like prada or nitro HD..if they do that im sure they can make it in the top 3 with their beautiful display but speakers and the camera sucks..make a come back LG

  • Allyson

    Yey! Thanks LG. Finally! 🙂

  • Ed

    Kala ko ICS Gingerbread palang pala. Hello LG? 2012?

  • iBlack

    Its official, Optimus black gingerbread upgrade is now in the Philippines, but sadly its still for roll-out in LG CONCEPT STORES and only authorized LG technicians can upgrade your Optimus black. According to a reliable source, sometime next week LG concept stores in Manila will start upgrading Optimus Black. yey! 2012 and yet I’m still waiting for Gingerbread.. 🙂

  • patrick

    tried updating my LG OB to gingerbread last night, tested it the whole morning, okey naman no problems so far hindi ko pa masyado napapansin ung improvements.

    @iblack – bket sa stores mo pa papagingerbread eh may kasama naman pc suite ung OB para makapag update ka online

  • Roi

    Just updated my OB last night as well. Contrary to what iBlack said, you can upgrade your own phone using the LG PC suite setup that is included in your device.

    Once the PC suite is installed, make sure that your OB is NOT set to ‘Mass Storage only’ by going to ‘Settings>SD card and Phone Storage’ and un-tick the checkbox that say ‘Mass Storage only’

    Connect your device to your PC and wait for the PC suite to detect your phone. Once detected, you will see left hand side of the window 2 colored boxes Orange(Phone) and Green(PC). On the Orange box there is a button that says “Check for Software Update” or “Check for Phone Update”.

    Once it detects the update, it will prompt you to “Update and Back Up the Files” or “Update Without Backing Up the Files”. The choice is yours.

    After that just follow the succeeding instructions. BTW, there is a prompt that will tell you that the upgrade will delete previously downloaded apps. This is NOT true as i still have all my applications/games after the upgrade.

    Also, make sure you have a stable internet connection when doing the upgrade. The OS update is around 238 MB.

  • sarry

    Need Help… Can’t Update…

    The Cell phone is the latest version already. So you don’t need to update.

    Mine is V10g…

    • Android FAN

      I have the same problem…what should i do?

    • “The Cell phone is the latest version already. So you don’t need to update.”

      I’m using V10g. froyo 2.2.2.
      won’t update. grrr

      • Justin

        Me too. V10g froyo 2.2.2 but it won’t upgrade. What to do guys? Thanks:)

  • Rome

    I had mine upgraded to Gingerbread. I went to an LG center (Wellcom store) and have them upgrade it for me. After the upgrade, I noticed na mas mabilis ma-lobat phone ko! And I don’t know kung nae-experience din ng iba to, pag pumunta kayo sa Phone Dialler, tapos nag-type ka ng 0 (zero), imbes na ma-type yung zero, nagpupunta sya sa Device Test page. Tapos magbubukas din yung GPS. Hays, disapointing talaga LG. ang tagal na nga ng hinintay ko for the upgrade, eto pa mae-experience ko sa kanila!

    • lantis

      baka nalaglag mo na yong phone mo or nabasa. saken wala naman… mas maganda ingatan mo lg mo. there is no such thing as perfect phone

    • monica

      guys wala po bang workarround? ung saken din kasi pag nag ppress ako ng 0 napupunta sa device test page. 🙁

  • sarry

    got an upgrade… but instead of V20b my upgrade was only v10h from v10g…

    any advise??

  • Marcuzdjew

    i just bought my optimus black two weeks ago… and i updated it to gingerbread a couple of days later… it was smooth… heres my software version LG-P970-v20a

  • samm

    Problems with LG P970 gingerbread update

    Its now hard to select next track using the bundled LG headset by double clicking the talk button and while on lock screen it keeps on waking up/blinks every next track.

    The LG LED Notification App no longer works so you will have to check/open your phone now and then to see if you have new sms or missed call.

  • jeff

    Mga sir, kapag po b in-update q ung OB q kailangan p tanggalin ung memeory card? Tnx