If Google results are boring you to death and that you want some pizazz or tizzle or whatever-you-call-it, try Gizoogle. Check this out for a sample. How about translating corporate websites? I tell you, you’ll really laugh your heart out once you’ve read some words like brotha, yabba dabba dizzle, fo’ real, homies and the rest. You could even try to read this controversial entry in a Gizoogle way.

Another thing that amazed me is their Textilizer where you could type then “tranzilate” it. By the way, Gizoogle is not connected with Google and is a non-profit website.

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  • banana

    cool to ah hehe! nice to see some new gimick to make the web much more interesting to surf haha!

  • that’s fun 😉

  • yup!!! a whole new gimmick and the word fun written all over it 😀

  • HAHAHAHA! THis is so fun!
    Check out the translation of
    ‘SONETONG DI KAILANGAN NASULAT’ a love poem (the original is on the Parasayo website linka above):

    Sonnet T-H-to-tha-izzat could neva have been written
    Cerilo Rico Abelardo

    You dizzay need ta be there
    But you is there n smil’n
    I dizzon’t need ta hizzy known you
    But hizzy we are, rapping
    I diznon’t need ta love you
    But you is always in mah memory
    I don’t need ta tell you how I fizzy
    But I wizzle coz it is real
    You dizzay need ta ta say yes
    But I hope yo respond in some way
    There is ballin’ in this world that don’t need ta be hizzy
    But they is here n is very real
    And mizzle be respected
    As mah love fo` you