Global Broadband Prices

A recent article in the BBC News revealed the average broadband prices in 30 countries. The Philippines was not included in the list but it’s noteworthy to point out the ones who made it.

In that survey, Japan leads the way in broadband prices with $0.22 (or roughly Php 9.90 at Php45:$1) per megabit per second. Pretty cheap, huh? Well, they’re running on fiber to residential areas there.

The list is followed by — Sweden $10.79 (Php485.55), Denmark $11.11 (Php499.95), Switzerland $12.53 (Php563.85), US $15.93 (Php716.85), France $16.36 (Php736.2), Netherlands $16.85 (Php758.25), New Zealand $16.86 (Php758.7), Italy $17.63 (Php793.35), Ireland $18.18 (Php818.1) and Finland $19.49 (Php877.05)., The most expensive broadband connection cost is in Turkey with $81.13 (Php3,650.85) per megabit per second.

How about the Philippines? Let’s see — Globelines Broadband is Php1495.00 for 1Mbps; PLDT myDSL costs Php1,995 for 1.2Mbps, Eastern’s evo DSL at Php1,600 and Bayan DSL costs Php1,699 for 1Mbps.

That brings the average broadband price at Php1,616 ($35.91). IMO, not bad. Though I really think the CIR should be closer to the advertised 1Mbps.

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  • Groovezilla

    Can we start a petition to open up broadband service to foreign companies? This will bridge the digital gap between the Philippines and the faster growing Asian countries, plus becomes an advantage for our consumers. Scr_w the local broadband ISPs if they can’t provide decent service. Why should we pay for their incompetence? Bring on competition!!!

  • JCv

    I agree with Groovezilla. I’ve been waiting for someone out here to say that.

  • cguro pag na pull down yun 1mbps fee to P400 ng mga carriers, tataas ang demand ng computers until such time na ma-obsolete yun mga landline phones, pwede mgcommunicate sa yahoo messenger worldwide without the long distance fee… babagsak yun negosyo nila…
    mautak na ngayon ang mga companies na may satellite office sa buong part ng philippines, di nila ina-allowed maglong distance ang employees nila but to use a yahoo messenger instead…cost cutting.. hehehe

  • I dont agree with the computation Abe Olandres got here..
    1st you have to understand when difference between 1mbps in Japan or other countries and Philippines. Because when in japan you got 1mbps connection in average you got half of 1mbps. In Philippines 1mbps package are just a show type packeage. They rarely hit 1mbps. Mostly bellow 10% of the said speed. In terms of Internet service I would say ISP here dont care about customer needs at all..
    For your inforamtion PLDT, GLobe or Eastern telecom’s 1mbps (which really give 1mbps connection) cost around 1000 USD..
    It is still long way to go for PHilippines to be compare with PSTN price with other countries..

    In India mobile 2 mobile /min cost 1pesos

    In Bangladesh Mobile 2 mobile /min cost 1 pesos

    and many other countries its lot cheaper in philippines price of telecommunication cost didn’t go down in last 8 years of my stay in philippines..

  • Hi guys, im from Eastern Communications. Right now our running rates are:

    USD 500-800 for a 1 Mbps guaranteed ul/dl speed
    USD 800-1000 for a 2 Mbps guaranteed ul/dl speed
    Still expensive compared to Japan rates but this is a direct connection to the Internet and the speeds are guaranteed. IDS or Internet Direct Service as we call it. If you need more info, just email me at jtandingan at gmail dot com.