Global Knowledge Associates Philippines holds Ethical Hacking course

Got an email from Global Knowledge Associates Philippines, which will be conducting a Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures course from January 28 to February 25, 2006 (Saturdays), leading to the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker exam 312-50.

This class will immerse the student into an interactive environment where they will be shown how to scan, test, hack and secure their own systems. The lab intensive environment gives each student in-depth knowledge and practical experience with the current essential security systems. Students will begin by understanding how perimeter defenses work and then be lead into scanning and attacking their own networks, no real network is harmed. Students then learn how intruders escalate privileges and what steps can be taken to secure a system. Students will also learn about Intrusion Detection, Policy Creation, Social Engineering, DDoS Attacks, Buffer Overflows and Virus Creation. When a student leaves this intensive 5 day class they will have hands on understanding and experience in Ethical Hacking.

I’ve been meaning to take up courses on CEH, but they’re just so darned expensive (unless a company will sponsor my signing up). Fee for this particular seminar is PhP 54,000 (US$ 1,000, and inclusive of “free” US$ 300 exam fee).

If you’re interested, get in touch with Sandra Medalla of GNA at (632) 637-3657 / 683-0969 or via email [email protected] .

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  • Eeeeek, 10k php/day. Wala bang money-back guarantee, hekhekhek. Masyadong mahal eh.

  • That knowledge is worth $1,000. But I can’t see how you can learn it in 5 days.

  • Informatics offers courses on ethical hacking for upwards of PhP 40k. I’m not sure as to the intensity of training and the number of sessions, though.

    I think hacking is best learned in the real world. Perhaps what should be the focus in these courses is the framework for legal and ethical conduct of would be security pros.

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    “hacking can be best learned in the real world” – yes this is true.
    and most hacking course uses minimal security configuration. just basic exploits.
    meanwhile, in the real world my feathered friend, one has to find a 0day unless youre target is really stupid that doesnt patch things up. 😀

    and why in the holy name of God whole I pay that amount? meh. As what they say “Google is your friend” it can give you anything you want.

    and theres a lot of legal, safe, free and interesting site to test your skills. heres some.
    — most are web based hacking, application cracking, etc
    — one has to root a box and defend it.
    — web based hacking, etc.
    — this my favorite one. 😀
    — realistic challenge, basic, application etc..

    and im sure theres a lot more.


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    “I think hacking is best learned in the real world.” yes its true, and most hacking course uses minimal security configuration and basic exploits. whereas in the real world my feathered friend, one has to find a real exploit, or even a 0day thus making it situational.

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    and why in the holy name of god would i pay that amount? as the saying goes “google is your friend” you can find all reading material you want. and there are a lot of sites that’s free, legal, safe to test your skills and most are realistic.

  • iceman

    Try Ateneo IT center, they offer the CEH course at 700 USD which also includes the voucher needed to take the CEH exam.

  • sandra shit

    this kind of stuff is always spamming on my email no matter i unsubscribe them. Global Knowledge Philippines seems like a spammer, especially that [email protected] who uses [email protected]

  • GK student

    Good Instructor
    Friendly stuff
    Thang for being accumodating

    Thank you…..

  • It is my hope that you will never use this information or anything you teach yourself for nefarious purposes.
    Also, remember that although your intentions may be good, whether you’re blackhat or ethical, hacking remote computer systems without permission is trespassing and illegal and in many countries, you may find yourself prosecuted for doing so.