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Globe and Smart’s iPhone 5 current LTE plan, who’s the better network?

With the iOS 6.1 update made available today, all iPhone 5 handsets from Globe and Smart are now capable of LTE speeds. LTE or Long Term Evolution can net you up to 42 mbps internet speed when connected to an LTE network.


Problem with the iPhone 5 is that it’s not originally planned for LTE use. It is not part in any of their mobile LTE plans. To allow their iPhone 5 subscribers to try out LTE, both Globe and Smart made an exception to their LTE plans.


For Globe, access to their LTE network is only available to postpaid subscribers only but is applicable to any of their data promos (Supersurf, Powersurf, Pay-per-use) as long as they’re using an LTE-enabled SIMs. So even if you’re on Plan 299, and you subscribe to a 1-day unlimited Powersurf, you can still use LTE (capped) as long as you’re within LTE coverage.

As an added bonus, this is not restricted to iPhone 5 owners but other LTE-enabled devices as well as long as they’re using an LTE SIM. Replacement to LTE SIM is free. This is how they roll out their LTE plan and is not an introductory offer.


Globe’s LTE gives good coverage within Makati, but they also extended some coverage in Manila, Pasig City, Quezon City, Taguig City, Muntinlupa, Mandaluyong, Cebu City, and Boracay.


For Smart, access to Smart’s LTE network is only for Unli Data Plan subscribers (Plan 999, 2499, 1500, 2000, or 3000). It’s not yet clear whether Smart is planning to make their LTE available to iPhone 5 owners who manually subscribe to monthly unlimited data (All In Plan  or prepaid subscribers) but we’ll have our answers tomorrow.


This free and unlimited access to Smart’s LTE network for iPhone 5 users will end on April 30, 2013. Being the first network to roll out LTE, Smart LTE users can enjoy more coverage in different parts of Metro Manila as well as provinces including Cebu, Rizal, Laguna, etc. For a full list of Smart LTE sites, you may visit this page.

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  • TG

    All Nano sims released in Dec. 14 by Globe are all LTE activate, unless they replaced it with a NON LTE SIM.

    Please check this Globe LTE iPhone 5


    • yes… it’s clear now. their LTE network is now applicable to all LTE handsets and devices, not just iPhone 5. And the SIM replacement are for those who are not in nanoSIM.

  • Ric

    wow grabe ang bilis naman pala nyan.. san location nung tinest yan?

  • Anti_kimchi

    CEBU!!! No “soup” for you!!

  • Messie

    Hi Sir Calvin, may I request for a list of LTE handsets? my fiancee has a galaxy s3 and I was hoping that she too gets to use LTE. Thanks!

    • may S3 na may LTE meron ding S3 na wala. pag may LTE ang S3 nya, and Globe postpaid subscriber, automatic na. For Smart, maglalabas sila ng unlisurf na LTE soon.

  • Arkan

    For iPhones, updating to iOS 6.1 allows their phones to access LTE networks, will an iPhone 4S that updated to iOS 6.1 be able to do so as well or is this just really for the iPhone 5?

    • Enzo

      From what I know, the iPhone 4S isn’t LTE-capable 🙂

    • iPhone 4S is not capable of LTE no matter what you do. It’s a hardware thing. yung iPhone 5 may built-in LTE from the start, nakadisable lang when it was launched.

  • Pano lumabas yung LTE sa screen? I need to go smart office or what?

    • automatic na if you get your iphone 5 from smart with an unli data plan. make sure your area has an lte signal though

    • did you get your iphone 5 on smart? on unli data plan? if so, you need to go to an area with an LTE signal after updating your iOS.

  • Jones

    Hi, I’ve just activated my LTE on my iP5 yesterday. To do that, you need to call Globe 730-1010. It will take an hour to have your LTE turned on.

    • Lester

      Baket sa akin? Still can’t get any LTE signal though i was informed that my sim is already LTE capable. I might have to go to a GBC to have them check. I saw that a part in ortigas is LTE capable but still no LTE cgnal for me. 🙁

      • Globe or Smart? Try mong pumunta sa towers nila para macheck talaga if LTE is working or not. Makati has a lot of LTE signals for both carriers. try there.

      • Julie

        maybe it has something to do with the cellphone unit you are using. not all units are capable of LTE. 🙂

  • WhoaJann

    if you’re a Smart postpaid subscriber and using an iPhone 5, you can register to the new Smart LTE data packages. Click here:

  • mikelbelat


    Yun bang Ipad 3 ppwede kumonek sa LTE ng either Globe or SMART?


  • cedric

    I’m still deciding on which carrier to subscribe on. Can I please know where the author got this speed of 32 mbps? I guess Smart has better and wider coverage than Globe, but maybe Globe has better customer service? Ughh heeelp!

    • cedric

      Oh and I will be spending a lot of time at DLSU Taft and Recto cor Tomas Mapua.1) Which carrier has a stronger connection in the said locations? If I’d get globe’s postpaid line, i’d get the LTE nano sim and use an adapter for my micro sim lte phone. Or, if its enough, i could get a prepaid smart bro micro sim thats up to 7.2 mbps. 2)can the smart BRO microsim call & text?

    • ana

      globe have the worst service ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • my phone is iPhone 5, i can’t decide which carrier to subscribe on and my wife phone is iPhone 4S, so i want to ask if an iPhone 4S that updated to iOS 6.1 be able to do so as well or is this just really for the iPhone 5?

  • thachad098

    sir calvin, unli po ba ang offer ng globe and smart or may GB limit? if may limit, by how much and at what speed will it throttle down or will it be disconnected totally?

    • we don’t know yet. as of now unli pa. they still have to decide on that pagtapos na unli period. sa smart i think it’s on april 30.

  • MM

    I’m a Globe subscriber and am due for a new device. Leaning towards Samsung Note 2 which I know is LTE capable. However Globe tells me that they only support LTE for iPhone5. I can however ask them to replace my microsim with a nano sim. Where can I find an adapter for this nano sim so I can slip into a micro sim LTE capable phone? And will that work and allow me LTE on the Samsung Note 2?

    Your thoughts greatly appreciated! 🙂

    • where did you source your note 2 LTE? because im hearing that people who bought their Note 2 LTE from the US cannot get the LTE to work here.

  • ding

    globe LTE’s only for postpaid users? i dropped by to a near globe outlet and what they’ve told me is they cannot change my sim coz its only for postpaid users.

    • yes postpaid users pa lang as of now

      • ding

        also for smart?

  • SaikoH

    you can purchase a prepaid nano sim from globe… 🙂

  • May iPhone 5 ako na Loyalty Reward ko from Globe. Di pa ko familiar sa LTE. Just wondering kung may extra charge ba sa bill ko pag ginamit ko LTE ng iP5. Thanks!

    • no extra charge. treat it as you would your ordinary mobile internet.

  • Daniel

    Panu kung di naka plan sa smart yung iphone 5? At di din lumalabas sa phone ko ang LTE, makati area ako. Panu kaya yun?

    • punta ka sa smart wireless, sabihin mo gawing LTE ready SIM mo, malamang kelangan nilang palitan SIM mo

  • kyle

    Naka-all in data plan 1800 iphone 5 ako sa smart
    Pero hndi lte ang sim ko.pwede ba ko magrequest sa smart ng ltesim?

    • yup, pwede mo papalitan sim into lte sim.

  • Melvin

    Hi Calvin, you seem to know well the LTE program. I have a question: I recently replaced my micro sim to nano sim (but I failed to mention for a nano-LTE sim) last week from Smart for me to use my IP5. I’m all-in-plans with current trinet400 subscription almost a month now. Smart has this LTE 50 send to 7577 to avail of a 1 day LTE plan. When I try to register, this message appears “Concurrent registration is not allowed. RC:1422”. I showed this to smart and they do not know my problem. They made a report and I am still waiting for them to fix it. Anyway, i have upgraded the IP5 to version 6.1.4 and enabled Cellular data and LTE. However, is still get only the 3G icon and not LTE while trying IP5 in SM annex in spite of rebooting my phone and disabling and enabling airplane mode. I would appreciate if you have any idea on my problem. Thanks in advance!

    • make sure that your nanoSIM has been provisioned for LTE use.

  • Henry

    Hi Melvin,

    You have to consume your 150mb from your Trinet400 subscription in order to subscribe to LTE50.

  • Jaz


    • bring it to smart? it should work with smart SIMs.

  • mrcley

    Is there anyone out there knows if a globe prepaid nano sim is LTE enabled or not?


  • russell

    My gt-i9305 (s3 lte) isn’t showing the lte sign only the h+ we have an lte signal…. Its a prepaid lte card btw

    • check with Globe or Smart to see if the LTE on that phone is compatible with their LTE frequency/band?

  • ysah

    Hi Sir, gusto ko lang po tanungin kung pwede ko bng ireset ang network ng iPhone5 ko since pina open ko ito at may nilagay dun sa nano sim ko.
    and paano po pala maglagay nung sa cellular data na APN ng globe ? hindi ko po kasi mahanap yun dito sa ko