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Globe and Smart’s iPhone 5 current LTE plan, who’s the better network?

With the iOS 6.1 update made available today, all iPhone 5 handsets from Globe and Smart are now capable of LTE speeds. LTE or Long Term Evolution can net you up to 42 mbps internet speed when connected to an LTE network.


Problem with the iPhone 5 is that it’s not originally planned for LTE use. It is not part in any of their mobile LTE plans. To allow their iPhone 5 subscribers to try out LTE, both Globe and Smart made an exception to their LTE plans.


For Globe, access to their LTE network is only available to postpaid subscribers only but is applicable to any of their data promos (Supersurf, Powersurf, Pay-per-use) as long as they’re using an LTE-enabled SIMs. So even if you’re on Plan 299, and you subscribe to a 1-day unlimited Powersurf, you can still use LTE (capped) as long as you’re within LTE coverage.

As an added bonus, this is not restricted to iPhone 5 owners but other LTE-enabled devices as well as long as they’re using an LTE SIM. Replacement to LTE SIM is free. This is how they roll out their LTE plan and is not an introductory offer.


Globe’s LTE gives good coverage within Makati, but they also extended some coverage in Manila, Pasig City, Quezon City, Taguig City, Muntinlupa, Mandaluyong, Cebu City, and Boracay.


For Smart, access to Smart’s LTE network is only for Unli Data Plan subscribers (Plan 999, 2499, 1500, 2000, or 3000). It’s not yet clear whether Smart is planning to make their LTE available to iPhone 5 owners who manually subscribe to monthly unlimited data (All In Plan  or prepaid subscribers) but we’ll have our answers tomorrow.


This free and unlimited access to Smart’s LTE network for iPhone 5 users will end on April 30, 2013. Being the first network to roll out LTE, Smart LTE users can enjoy more coverage in different parts of Metro Manila as well as provinces including Cebu, Rizal, Laguna, etc. For a full list of Smart LTE sites, you may visit this page.

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