Globe brings GCASH to Facebook games

Globe announced earlier today their partnership with BOKU Inc., a global leader in mobile payments, that will give Facebook users the option to purchase game credits using G-Cash. Starting On March 24, you can now buy those exclusive items in Farmville, Restaurant City, etc. using your GCASH money. Globe + BOKUThe online payment via GCASH works with BOKU’s Paymo system which supports a lot of online games including those from leading Facebook game publishers like Zynga and Playfish. If you wish to purchase game coins, look for the Paymo payment option and from there you can use your Globe number and GCASH mobile PIN to complete the transaction. The amount will automatically be converted to peso.

It’s a pretty easy way to purchase game credits without having to deal with Paypal or credit cards. With this strategic partnership with BOKU, Globe is bringing game transaction features closer to millions of users with no means of purchasing game credits. Nice move from Globe.

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  • My wife loves to play cafe’ world. I love seeing her enjoy and I’m wondering how I can help improve the experience. This is also good oppurtunity perhaps to make money out of facebook games?

  • tricia

    I would like to ask how to add facebook credits using smart/globe load. I’m playing IT Girl and I want to add credits to my facebook account. please help

  • Eduardo Buanno

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  • Tony

    Does this work for Playdom games (like Marvel:Avengers Alliance)?