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Globe Business holds largest Carrier Ethernet Forum

Recognizing the steadily increasing industry demand and momentum for Ethernet services as well as its positive impact in the local and international carrier data services market, Globe Business assembled top information and communications technology experts at the
recently-held Carrier Ethernet Forum, touted as the largest of its kind yet in the country.  The forum was held to further bolster global awareness and adoption of Ethernet in the Philippines.


L-R: Globe Business Head of Enterprise Segments Grace Jarin-Castillo, Head of Globe Business Jesus Romero, Metro Ethernet Forum COO Kevin Vachon and Globe Business Technical Solutions Architect Gilbert Virtucio.

Globe Business Head Jesus Romero formally opened the event with a confirmation this trend, saying that “œenterprises have entrusted their Carrier Ethernet requirements to Globe Business as we have been instrumental in providing secure, fast and scalable connectivity solution, while ensuring quality and value to what they pay for. This in turn drives their productivity gains and operational velocity to their businesses.  It sets up the future as they scale and can easily be deployed.”

He also said that Globe Business invested heavily on infrastructure upgrade and expansion, which augured well for the company as it set an industry milestone in 2009 by being the first telco in the country to earn the MEF-certification 9 from the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), the defining body for Ethernet carriers.

Globe Business elevated its status to MEF 14 two years later, further validating its service performance and traffic management. Carrier Ethernet services such as its Globe Ethernet private line or EPL, Ethernet virtual private line or EVPL and Ethernet LAN or ELAN successfully surpassed 160 stringent compliance tests by way of live end-to-end services provisioned among geographically-distributed sites on its network.

“œThis recognition is a testament that Globe Business measures up to international specifications accepted globally,” Romero added.

Providing key insights to the discussions was industry luminary Kevin Vachon, MEFCOO, who delved in detail the key drivers in the Carrier Ethernet services industry on a global perspective and applications in their widespread adaptation, business benefits which include the new Carrier Ethernet 2.0 initiative, as well as its usage for software-defined networking or SDNs and cloud computing, which Globe Business locally introduced for commercial roll-out.

“œThe trends toward voice and data network convergence, along with progress within standards bodies such as MEF, are considered important industry developments, helping accelerate the rollout of Ethernet services and Carrier Ethernet transport deployment in recent years.

This development will prove to be vital as Ethernet usage increases incrementally in the near future,” confirmed Vachon.

In-depth exchanges followed suit with three breakout sessions, which highlighted the numerous benefits of adopting Ethernet services for enterprises including key applications supported as well as direct comparison to legacy services, successful worldwide deployments illustrated through case studies, and global standardization of Ethernet, hinging on the MEF certification of Globe.

Enterprise Segments Head Grace Castillo-Jarin capped-off the event by reiterating Globe Business as the local industry’s most reliable partner for Carrier Ethernet services.

“œOur Carrier Ethernet services are continuously being expanded and optimized with an end-to-end management capability and additional capacity to address the growing need of businesses to scale quickly and seamlessly.  We believe that enterprises should harness the
benefits of Ethernet technology which only Globe Business can provide.” she said.

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