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Globe experiencing network issues in some parts of NCR

Globe recently issued a statement on their Facebook and Twitter accounts that they’re currently fixing a network issue affecting subscribers in some parts of NCR.

globe statement

Affected areas include:

  • Las Pinas
  • Makati
  • Muntinlupa
  • Manila
  • Paranaque
  • Pasay
  • Taguig
  • Caloocan
  • Cabuyao

No timetable was announced but as expected, the company assures you that they are doing everything to resolve the issue.

Globe Telecoms is expected to launch their own LTE network service this month. We were assured though that deploying those LTE base stations will not affect their regular network service so it must be something else.

I for one have been experiencing problems in their network since last week. Getting delayed messages even from Globe numbers. Signal drops intermittently even if the area is supposed to have a strong Globe signal. Sometimes, it’s hard for Globe to Globe calls to connect.

Any reports on your end?

UPDATE: Globe issued an official statement on what actually happened and informs us that everything’s back to normal.

Following an initial statement released in social media, Globe said that the connectivity issues experienced were due to signalling problems within its existing legacy network.  Contrary to being spread by unscrupulous parties in the social media, a router supplied by a leading US vendor malfunctioned and had to be reconfigured. This has resulted in Globe customers experiencing difficulty making and receiving calls in some parts of Las Pinas, Muntinlupa, Paranaque as well as parts of Manila and Pasay this weekend. The issue was detected Saturday and was partially resolved by Sunday. As of press time, the problem has been completely resolved and all services in the affected areas are back to normal. Globe will also be replacing this system in conjunction with its new network build.

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  • Jay

    I’ve been experiencing serious network issues for 4 months now. Why is Globe only acknowledging this problem only now? That’s the problem with Pinoys – never owning up to problems and mistakes. As if admitting to weaknesses is a big big big crime. Only God is infallible.

    • mark marcelo

      Globe is currently upgrading their network plus building a new one. We just have to wait for a few more months and everything will be improved.

      • Manila Boy

        leche namang upgrade yan.. last year pa yan, pero hanggang ngayon, may connection problem padin. ang sipag maningil, pero basura service

        • Jepp


    • John G

      Don’t attribute this to all Pinoys. This is just about Globe.

  • mark marcelo

    Here in Ayala Ave calls and SMS are ok but internet connection is really slow. It has been really slow for the past weeks. Before I used to have 500Kbps to 1.2Mbps here in my location in Ayala Ave. Now I’m only getting 150Kbps with a ping more than 700ms.

  • Kenth

    Seems like Globe is validating Smart’s recent commercials … go Globe … better fix these things asap

  • Oliver Incomio

    It’s been two weeks now where I received multiple text messages from single sender. When i asked the sender they said they only send it once. It’s so annoying and text messaging is no long reliable and on time. I wonder why Smart had those tv ads that reflects what ‘s the real situation with globe subscribers. Does it mean they liaten?

  • Carl

    Same here, I’ve been having delayed messages since last week. Also, sometimes it takes a long time for me to make a call. I’m in Taguig area.

  • Noel

    What a bunch of fakers these globe people are! They only released that NOW??? And only in those areas? Unbelievable! I live in Pasig and I’ve been having difficulty sending texts for MONTHS now! Same with a friend of mine who lives in Greenwoods. As well, I was with another friend having dinner at Ayala Triangle last August 28 and we tried sending each other texts, none of which got through until a few hours after we finished our meals.

  • Enzo

    I’ve also been having lots of problems with Globe for the past few weeks/months, like some of my messages not being sent, or my calls’ quality sucking really bad. Given the current marketing of their big rival, it was really getting to me, and I really thought, “wow, Globe really does suck.” Great to know that there are problems, so at least I know that they’ll be fixed in due time.

  • Pining Garcia

    Ilang buwan na may problema sa globe. Puro drop calls, no signal tapos bigla na lang “No Service”. Kaya nga nag labas ang smart ng ads nila kasi problemado sa globe. Kahit internet nila, madalas maputol.

  • Nat

    …and globe charges postpaid subscribers 50 pesos if one failed to pay their bills on or before due date.

  • they should upgrade their servers na… 🙁

  • primon

    Ika nga sa Smart ad: IT’S NOT WORKING!
    Problem with globe they spend too much on advertising, instead of improving their service and facilities. I dumped Globe years ago when network coverage in my home suddenly disappeared one day and they failed to address my concern and putting the blame on my old phone. They suck then and they still suck today big time.

  • The problems have not been resolved. We are in PBCom and have hardly signal over the last week or so.

    • Ali

      This is true. Globe Tattoo mobile internet connection on PBCom Tower in Ayala, Makati is very very slow. I already reported this weeks ago with Globe Corporate hotline but still is not fixed despite daily follow ups.

  • Faith

    Well, it also had problems in Mindanao, though. But it was nothing serious.

    ICI 4 DMA a web developer

  • Griswold

    meron pa rin kanina, ayala and taguig area…. parang di makaconnect sa calls. and meron din delayed message. pero erratic yung behavior. minsan ok naman.

  • Prince

    been having the same issue for the past weeks as well, sometimes its hard for me or my wife to make calls or send SMS, 3G connection is also slow.

    maybe its because they’ve also got a lot of things going? they have the 4G LTE launch and when I passed by BGC earlier we saw that Globe will be moving their HQ to a new building which might mean move of their IT structures as well. still, its not a reason for bad service.

  • thejorlanb

    I am in one of the affected area, as of now,
    -no dropped calls,
    -no late sms,

    but very very weak signal.

  • Cristina

    I don’t have a signal for my globe and tm.. it happened today this noon..

  • Mariel Princess

    grabe .. nakakaasar ! ~ katexx ko ung kaybigan ko ,, globe sya , den pag ka texx ko sya 5 HOURS BAGO NIYA MA RECEIVE UNG TEXT KO . , ayan 2loy , akala nya ,, ako ung hindi nagrereply sa kanya !

  • Mariel Princess

    nakakaasar lang .. laging late 🙁 sana naman po , maaus na,, kase ,, sayang din po ung LOAD . :\

  • Greg

    Signal drops intermittently here in Mandaluyong. Every time I make a call kahit Globe to Globe parating hind ako marinig ng kausap me.
    And this morning na-delay txt me.

  • rexie

    i have the same issue, and i am not from any of the locations mentioned above.
    my girl friend is having the same issue, and like me, she is not from any of the locations above.

    We experience having relationship issues – our messages are delayed, our phone calls unsuccessful.

    Without imsg around, our relationship could have perished by now.

    And i think a lot expriences this hassle too.
    Not the service we pay for.

  • Merlyn

    Same problem here. I live in Paranaque and the signal sucks! I cant use the 3G inside the house and im on an unlimited data plan. The signal in 2G mode is barely there. I have to place it near the window to get a decent signal but i have to take the call outside if i want to continue with a conversation. All i get inside the house near the window are SMS and call RING.

    I called the hotline a few days ago and to my dismay the line dropped in the middle of conversation with the csr, IMAGINE THAT! (I was calling them from the street outside my house!!!!)

  • ralba

    d2 nga rin sa Negros Occidental o. at ska bat di nla cnabi smin ang data kb download limit per day?

  • Rence

    I susbscribed to a postpaid plan of 2mbps in globe internet… When i do speedtest, the download speed is 2mbps, the upload speed is only 0.8 ??? HOW COME???
    I dont know what’s the problem with GLOBE. By reading the afovementioned statements, now i knew it. BUT …. PLS DO SOMETHING T_T PLS.. I need a FAST CONNECTION… Im WISHING for a fast solution. We are subscribers. We should receive good quality service because we pay.. Im not mad. BUt how come how come.. my ping ms is soooo HIGH. Way back when i was using my PLDT del internet, my connection is so good even though it’s only 1mbps. I chose globe now and subscired for 2mbps because i was attracted to the offer but why oh why….. i just cant believe this. Pls do something immediately.

  • Kaoriii

    I live in Paranaque and Globe internet really sucks. I paid for one month unlimited internet but signal cant even last for 10 minutes. We are not paying for this useless connection and its almost two weeks like this we dont just pick money we work for it. I hope Globe do something about it not just making advertisements.

  • Em

    Globe really sucks. Delayed messages, no signal. Unreliable promos. I subscribe on one of their prepaid promos, a 24 hours unlimited calls and twice in a row they cut and stopped it hours before it supposed to ends. And the internet connection sucks. Mas malakas pa signal ng globe dito pero hindi ko magamit globe broadband ko dito. Mas malakas pa signal ng smart.

  • i was from novaliches.. my globe was ok this past few months but since last 2 weeks ago, my globe broadband issue is that i was connected but after a few minutes i cannot browse at all but im still connected and then i reconnect my globe then the connect got continue and then after a few minutes again i cant browse again. why does this happen sir/ma’am?? and i also observe that my signal before when i connect to internet it was HSDPA straight but now from HSDPA signal it turns WCDMA and when WCDMA turns i cant browse a all. pls help

  • Adina

    it’s annoying that it’s been 4 times they coming and fixing my net problem here in phase 3 mabuhay city mamatid cabuyao but yet no change,i applied for plan 999 which is upto 1mbps but i’m just getting 0.32 or lower than that and just getting highest speed of 0.38-0.40mbps everyday in 5 months of having this net i have,we are paying but not getting good service.it’s really annoying like this. why offering the plan if they not giving the right service or why just fix it good so we don’t have any bad comments.

    • Adina

      i’m referring to globe broadband

  • Arnold Oliveros

    I’m from bulacan but I’m experiencing frequent delayed messages on my globe psot paid plan since i bought this samsung note.3 last week. please fix this!

  • Earl

    There is a problem in Globe 3G connection in Paranaque and Pasay areas since November 12, 2013. You could see you are connected and has a good signal but no data is being downloaded or uploaded from your phone or usb dongle.

  • dito sa province mangagoy bislig city surigao del sur, (3G) grabe ang hina ng connection. kaya nga kmi gumamit ng globe kasi mahina dto ang smart. ngayon mas mahina pa ang globe kesa smart (prepaid)

  • I'm live in Davao City and I've been receiving the same text messages multiple times as well. This is really annoying. Does Globe have an issue in Mindanao as well?

  • Rumer

    Na eexperience ko rin ito for almost 2 months na sa area ko here in LUCENA CITY, QUEZON PROVINCE. Only sa area namin pero pag nasa bayan ako or nasa office namin ok naman 3G sya. Pero pag sa bahay namin which is Okay naman dati ang connection, as in Emergency call only na nalabas. Wala pa rin bang resolution for this problem? laking abala na nito.

  • NAD

    Pati dito sa MISSION HILLS, ANTIPOLO RIZAL sobrang hina ng signal and now since June wala na laging NO SERVICE. Can you please fix the connection of globe here. Thank you!!

  • Wla namang matinong network sa pinas,, minsan matino sya. problema lang talaga yung signal nya.

  • AYiD

    We hate this sudden change. Wish you have texted us
    to notify us so we are aware for the troubleshooting.

    Hope you can fix this immediately. Its more getting annoying
    while the problem was taking too long to be solved.

  • Fuck Yo

    These the problem and only in the philippines the capital nation of all corrupt people. Rich will veco e poor and poor will die soon. Advertisement of GLOBE very excellent, thats why if you see those people they use for advertisement no question shoot or fuck this people they are elements and used by globe in stealing and cheating people. This people owners or managers of this firm are living in luxurios life while the people they are stealing and cheating are dying for their hard earned money,time come the people youve cheated will be violent and kill these cheaters

  • Rocky

    What is the Congress and the Senate doing on this. This is clear theft and economic sabotage to the Filipino People. Something is fishy…

  • Pinky Amistoso

    Good afternoon po.. Anu po nangyari? Kz almost 3 days na wlang signal sa may san jose del monte bulacan sa may harmony hills 1..

  • Rose

    Get real! Resolved. I came across this blog because i cannot hear anyone who is calling me even when the call has connected. It is june 27 and 11:21 am and i assure you it has not been resolved. I wasted so much money/minutes calling everyone. I thought it was my phone till i transferred my sim on another phone and same problem.

  • Manong Michael Leman

    I will resign my globe right after weekend, week connection, bad costumer service, long times before problems get solved. i never got a such bad service for 2000 monthly. Globe can go to hell…….

  • Nyanya

    Something really weird cause my whatsapp can't even receive or send messages. But when connected to wifi it can. What the hell Globe.

  • Ton Marc

    Please naman globe pki ayos naman ang service nyo…. I'm so tired. kung pwede lang mag backout sa postpaid ko umalis nko. I'm so dismayed with your service. Very very poor signal lalo na ang internet ko

  • cassandra

    Bakit po wala signal ung globe ngayun kanina meron ngaun wala my problema po ba today i hope u fix ur company service there in bicol i need my net 9days pa lang ako gumagamit bigla mapuputol

  • Jeffrey Ibana

    bakit napaka slow po hanggang ngayon network ng globe, mula pa pa nun june, paki ayos po, halos di na ako makagamit internet ko,.. Jeffrey from La Union, pki ayos po service nyo, maayos po naman kming nagbabayad ng service nyo!!!

  • Kenon Gumatin Run

    lipat na lng tau ng ibang network walang silbi.

  • Kenon Gumatin Run

    Poor network!

  • nina

    Poor network 🙁
    i cant register my phone number to unli call and unli text and also my packet wifi. can you do a fast recovering your network 🙂 god bless and more power.

  • Jhay em

    Hindi ako makapg send ng message laging sending failed kaht saan pag may load aq at nakaunli ako nauubos load ko tas d na ko makapg txt sending failed hoy globe P I Kayo ibalik nyu mga kinain nyung load sakin habng nakaunli ako ng gounli25

  • TJL

    I live in Angeles city and after 24 hours my phone still has no signal. What is going on? I have over P400 load. Is anybody else in Angeles experiencing a loss of signal too?