Globe G-Cash at SM malls

You see those Point-Of-Sale (POS) machines in SM? The machines that slurp your credit card when you make a purchase (I call it slurp, but most call it “œswipe”). The integrated machines that accept almost any credit card, debit card, and almost “œany” payment card.

Now these POS machines at SM accept G-Cash payments! No, the machines won’t slurp your Globe cellphone (your dog will do that for you). But these POS machines will accept payments via text messaging!

G-Cash to POS payments are currently available at Megamall and will be rolled out in other SM malls “œsoon”, says a press release on last Sunday’s broadsheets.

Whereas credit card payments are “œslurped in” by the POS, G-Cash payments are “œtexted in” via SMS to SM’s POS system.

After texting in your G-Cash payment, you will receive an SMS requesting confirmation of the payment. Upon sending your confirmation, payment will be debited from your existing G-Cash. I imagine that SM kahera will see the payment received in her cashier’s machine and, possibly, a tape receipt will slither out of the POS machine.

What would increase G-Cash transactions in SM?

For starters, SM could start issuing gift certificates via G-Cash (GC via GC!). Malapit na ang pasko. Sell SM-G-Cash gift certificates to ninongs and ninangs so that they could send these mobile gift certificates to their inaanaks via SMS! How kewl is that, huh?

Sino kayang groovy ninong ko ang mag-sesend sa akin ng G-Cash gift certs?

ka edong

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  • That’s great for Globe subscribers (and the merchants too!) Let’s see if they can win the prepaid market back from Smart.

  • This is great!G cash has gotten even more accessible than it already is.

  • rallyrick620

    i need to pay my seller account to e-bay i don’t have credit card, cash only. pls. help me where will i go that can accept cash to pay e-bay here in the Philippines.

  • Thanks! Now that I got to know more about internet marketing, I am now joining the great global competition. Wish me luck!