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Globe Hulugan Phone Financing Program

In a full page ad entitled Globe Responds to the Call of the Countryside Through Phone Financing Program, Globe Telecom announces a partnership with the Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines (RBAP).

Under this program, prepaid phonekits can be obtained as loans from the banks, payable in six months in weekly or monthly installments. Globe is offering free credits upon obtaining the handset and upon every payment. The units are the Motorola C117, Nokia 1100 and Sony Ericsson T920i.

The ad also promotes AMAX (Autoload Max) as a business opportunity, and the use of G-Cash for paying back the loans.

My thoughts

  • Globe is trying to win the countryside from Smart which dominates among the “masa” segment.
  • The skeptic in me thinks that they are willing to enter this scheme since they will profit from loading credits over and over again.
  • The participating banks are in pretty well-developed areas. They have Globe cellsites already. No need for new capital expenditures on infrastructure.
  • This is the rural equivalent of their urban “buy on credit card installment” scheme.
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  • good to hear. They’ve been planning this since early this year. My thoughts:

    Better telecoms access to more people. Once upon a time, only the businessmen in the Philippines had cellphones. This is just an extension of service to those who have less access to basic services.

    I don’t mind that Globe will make a profit from this program. Their a for-profit enterprise, anyway. In fact, I find it good that through this program, Globe takes a profit AND provides a service (hopefully a good one) to people who didn’t have access to cellphones prior to this program.

    Uy, use of G-Cash in paying loans! Sounds good. Better to have the real experiences at hand before I get too excited. 😉

    I don’t see Globe provding the same cellphone coverage as Smart. Globe’s cellsites get bombed too often by the nice people in the mountains.

    ka edong
    a rebel in other ways

  • edwin

    hay globe ang kuripot nyo naman nag bigay nga kayo ng cellphone na hulugan mga panget naman na units un ini offer nyo na hulugan? okey na sana makakatulung sa mga tao wala pan cellphone at gusto pan mag ka cellphone maganda sana kung apple iphone or n95 matataas na units un papahulugan nyo N1100 papahulugan eh napakamura nalang nun sa market 300 nalang yata brand new nun at kaya useless din yan program nyo na hulugan walang kakagat dyan.

  • edwin

    sayo nalang yan cellphone na yan pinapa hulugan mo?

  • fredgb

    ala ako masav…. tama c edwin…. hahaha….

  • nathan

    Ano pong phone ang pwede kong hulugan monthly ung kaya lang po salamat 🙂

  • beast mode

    paano po ba makakuha ng phone ? at paano rin po ba mahuhulugan monthly withhout creditcards?

  • Dhaizy Cipriano

    pano makakakuha ng phone

  • Dhaizy Cipriano

    pano makakakuha at magkano hulog every month