Globe introduces Tablet Plan, no different from Tattoo

Expecting an influx of non-iPad tablets in the near future, Globe introduced their Tablet Plan that would cater to tablet users who wishes to use their 3G-capable tablet for surfing.


These plans come in both prepaid and postpaid but looking closely, they’re no different from the current ones available to Tattoo mobile broadband subscribers.

SuperSurf50SuperSurf220Plan 499Plan 999
What you getSurf all you want for 1 daySurf all you want for 5 days50 hours per monthSurf all you want per month
SubscribersPostpaid and PrepaidPostpaid and PrepaidPostpaidPostpaid

SuperSurf has been around for quite some time and is the most cost-effective way to do unlimited surfing with Globe. Well it’s not really surf all you want because you have to worry about the 800MB daily bandwidth cap.

Plan 999 is commonly used on the Apple iPad and would transition well with Android tablets if you want to be connected all the time without having to worry about time limits.

I guess Globe just wants to cover all their bases. Maybe a lot of people don’t know that mobile broadband access in smartphones, Tattoo USB, iPad and the likes are just the same. So nothing really new here. Run along.

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  • Jeff

    Got the plan 999 last week for my galaxy tab. too bad the plan doesnt have voice service though.

  • Harley Son


  • Globe has really great offers and affordable too.

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