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Globe intros volume-based PowerSurf to postpaid subscribers

With Globe’s PostPaid PowerSurf, you can have mobile internet in your hands based on the bandwidth you consume which is perfect if you only need it for updating status in Facebook, checking-in on FourSquare or just using Twitter.

This type of PowerSurf is only available to postpaid subscribers. Validity for all plans is one month and will auto-renew each month unless you turn it off.

DenominationPriceMB AllocationValidityHow to Activate
PowerSurf 99P9950 MB30 daysText POWERSURF 99 to 8888
Text PSURF 99 to 8888
PowerSurf 299P299300 MB30 daysText POWERSURF 299 to 8888
Text PSURF 299 to 8888
PowerSurf 499P4991 GB30 daysText POWERSURF 499 to 8888
Text PSURF 499 to 8888

This is probably Globe’s response to Smart’s ALWAYS ON plan but for postpaid subscribers only. However, you will find the rate cheaper than that of Smart’s. For example, 1GB from Smart is at P750 while the 250MB is at P300 which is also their lowest monthly offering.

Some important notes about this postpaid PowerSurf.

  • When you use up your MB allocation before the month ends, you will be charged for normal rates.
  • You will receive a text message when you’re at halfway through your bandwidth consumption and when it’s all used up
  • To renew before the month ends, you need to turn the service off and register again
  • This plan is not available to prepaid subscribers
  • This plan is not available to users already subscribed to BlackBerry plans (e.g. BB MAX, BB SOCIAL, etc.)
  • This plan is available until November 15, 2011 (unless Globe decides to make it permanent)
Globe also posted a rough guideline on common internet activities to help you decide which bracket you should be registering to.
Online ActivityKB Consumption
One pure text email sentApproximately 20 KB
One page of Facebook (with address http://m.facebook.com)Approximately 25 KB
One pure text tweet sentApproximately 30 KB
One page of a Google search resultApproximately 40 KB
One-minute YouTube video viewedApproximately 2 MB

For me personally I think 50MB is enough for a month. To conserve more bandwidth, make sure that push notification is off and sync set to manual. Head over to Globe’s Postpaid PowerSurf FAQ page to learn more.

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  • Hi PTB,

    Globe first had it on prepaid then was followed by their postpaid offering.


    More power to you guys!

    • Thanks for the comment Jeff. Yup PowerSurf has been around for awhile pero not this volume-based version. cheers!

  • Griswold

    yay this is good. meron na rin ang Globe sa wakas! thanks for this good news sir.

  • ris

    hi. pwede paexplain anu yung MB allocation?para san ba yun? di ko kasi alam eh. cnxa na bobo lang

    • Griswold

      pagnagiinternet ka (check mail, fb, youtube, etc.) nagcoconsume ka ng bandwidth na minemeasure in terms of MB. so yung MB allocation mo ang limit mo bago pumalo sa regular charging ang mobile internet mo. para sa mga light users, sapat na ang 25MB for one month.

      • nolds

        brad paano kng ubos na yung 25mb sa isang araw.. waiting ba hanggang bukas para magkaroon ulit ng 25mb? 25mb ba per day, sa 30 days?

  • jeri

    is there a way to minitor for instance on a daily basis how much mb you have already consumed?

    • network counter in the android market.

  • jeri

    hi. is there a way to minitor for instance on a daily basis the amount of mb you have already consumed? thanks

  • is there a way or app to know your MB used or send text for MB used?

    • iphone has a built-in one. android has a network counter app.

  • bobet

    the php99 offer is very tempting, but considering the slow/faint data connection (and most of the time non-existent) with globe in our place, nah, i will just save the money, thanks anyway

  • lan

    pag naka-prepaid hindi pwede mag register sa powersurf99?? bakit naman?!

  • Iya

    Bakit po ganun Sir? Prepaid yung sakin. Magregister ako sa PSURF 99. Nasave and installed ko na naman yung Configuration sms pero di padin ako makapag-internet. Patulong naman po.

    • I think it’s best you ask Globe about that.