Globe iPhone 3G Unboxing and Activation Tips

Got ourself an iPhone 3G and we’re still poking around to the full review to follow. For the meantime, here’s some unboxing pics and additional activation tips for Globe subscribers.

  • Only iPhones that were purchased from Globe Telecom can be activated to work on their network. If you bought your iPhone 3G outside the country, Apple made sure you can’t activate it on other carriers in other countries. (That doesn’t stop you to go get your own unbricking software).
  • For postpaid accounts, there are two activation process — one for the Globe SIM and another for the iPhone 3G. This shouldn’t take a lot of time to do and will all be processed in-store (i.e. Globe Business Centers).
  • For pre-paid kits, you’ll only need to activate the iPhone 3G and this can be done in-store or on your own. Globe has added an activation link bookmarked into the Safari browser. This is fairly easy as you only need to type in your Globe phone number; you’ll then receive an SMS with a PIN you key in to complete the activation process.

Prepaid kits do not have 3G internet access out of the box so you’ll have to bring your unit to the nearest Globe Business Center to have the settings keyed in.

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