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Globe Mobile Internet: 5 Pesos per 15 Minutes

Last Saturday, Globe Telecoms rolled out its new time-based charging for all mobile internet usage — GPRS, 3G, HSDPA. This new charging is now available on all pre-paid and postpaid Globe users – Php 5 pesos for every 15 minutes. Basically, the same charging as Smart 3G’s 10 pesos per 30 minutes.

Globe 3G Charing

To activate this new charging scheme, just send text “œtime” to 1111. You will then get a confirmation that you’ll be charged Php5.00 for every 15 minutes (activation within 1 hour), otherwise you’ll still be billed on a per KB basis.

Users can still go back to the bandwidth-based charging by texting KB to the same number above. According to Dustin Cheng, a call to their Customer Support revealed more details of the promo:

– To revert back to per KB charging, text “œKB” to 1111

– For Prepaid Accounts: If you get disconnected prior to the end of the 1st 15 mins, and reconnected right away you still get charged another P5 for a brand new 15 mins session.

– For Postpaid Accounts: You only get charged P5 no matter how many times you reconnect within the 15 minute period.

– If you are using the TIME BASED charging, you will get charged no matter what site you go to. That means you get charged the same if you visit the Globe Home Page, Yahoo sites and other wap sites that were supposed to be free if you were using the per KB charging.

Globe used to charge on a per KB — charging as expensive as Php0.25 per KB and lowered down to Php0.075 per KB before going time-based.

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  • Similar but not quite the same. The article in fact points out that the minimum charge for pre-paids is PhP5.00 — i.e., it’s 5 pesos for a *max* of 15 mins. If I’m not mistaken, Smart’s charges are 10 pesos for a *max* of 30 mins — connect for less than that, you’re still charged 10 pesoses. This becomes significant when you go beyond 30 mins — more than 30 and up to 45 mins, Globe’s charges will be 15 pesos, Smart’s will be 20.

    • Stilling, Ole

      As far as I can observe, it is NOT 5 Peso per 15 minute. It is 5 peso per 15 minutes started. A big difference.
      Typical though for the type of deception that is used in marketing by companies of less than impeccable integrity.

  • My problem with Globe is that their GPRS is low to non-existent in my area in Imus, Cavite. I do not have that problem with Smart. So unless they strengthen their coverage, I’d still be using Smart for my internet. I’m a prepaid globe and smart user anyway. 🙂

  • My problem with Globe is that their 3G signal is low to non-existent in my area in Imus, Cavite. I do not have that problem with Smart. So unless they strengthen their coverage, I’d still be using Smart for my internet. I’m a prepaid globe and smart user anyway. 🙂

  • BrendanT

    5P / 15 mins is good, but 1P / 3 mins would be better! That would mean I can check my email 5 times / day instead of just once a day.

  • BrendanT

    I just asked my friend whether she prefers Globe or Smart and she said “We don’t have any Globe signal strength in Sampaloc. With Smart I’m lucky if I get 2 bars, so I dont surf a lot with my phone.”

  • napsterafael

    I also agree.. But there’s a bug which can use to be free on internet, shifting fr0m one another.. Thats the easiest way, thanks for that! Globe Hacked Again. sadly yes. 🙂

  • zig

    I tried this service. Globe’s kinda sneaky coz they charge P5 for EVERY session. So if your connection gets lost and you reconnect (even inside the 15 mins) you get charged another P5!!

    Sa Smart, it’s P10 for 30 mins from the time you first connect. So even if you get disconnected it’s ok.

    I’ll go with Smart nalang. Besides, not much you can do in just 15 mins.

  • Jules

    SMART offers a sweeter deal compared to Globe. I’ve been using my cellphone to browse the internet for long time now and I am very much satisfied with the service and it’s fast too! 460kbps is far better than smart bro and PLDT wireless broadband without worrying hassle of the bills at he end of the months. Besides you’re not on the Internet 24/7

  • Globe’s mobile internet service is a let down. The connection is slow and their 3G signal is weak. Smart’s 3G/GPRS service is more reliable than Globe’s. Considering that they have 20 million plus subcribers!

  • Valerie Ann

    I am always on the go and I check my email on my phone If I can’t get near a computer…with this new scheme I think it is beneficial but I haven’t tried it yet…I am still confused with the:

    “- For Postpaid Accounts: You only get charged P5 no matter how many times you reconnect within the 15 minute period. ”

    I am a postpaid subscriber so please help me clarify this…

    does this mean, once I activated it(time to 1111) I have to use my 15min.s right away or I could use it later after activation?

  • ass22

    checking email is better with the KB charging, i think…

  • jay

    y Not supported Nokia 5610 xpressmusic

  • cyre magbanua

    got this phone N70. How can use this as modem for my desktop and laptop? pls help

  • Aze

    Be careful with the per kb charging – I was billed 19,000 pesos for one hour internet usage (using my mobile phone). ONE HOUR, just imagine!!!

    Of course, I contested the bill since my limit was only 2,500 pesos per month. Its been two months now and all GLOBE can say is that IT IS UNDER INVESTIGATION!!!!

    It is still safer to have the time based charging as the date and time of use is displayed in the billing (I suppose it is with Globe because my SMart bill shows this). In the per kb charging they will only show the total kb for the billing period, nothing specific.


    • rexal

      kb will charge you more than you can imagine if you’re downloading or surfing. All information on the webpage like images, details, etc are downloaded on your PC or cel per KB. On your phone you will see per KB displayed on the screen. Try per minute if you’re surfing or downloading. per KB charge is only good for email and chatting.


  • Jow

    hello, is this still current or is there a better service for mobile browsing? i’m using a motorola milestone and was wondering if the supersurf 50 is also usable even without the usb dongle/just my phone.

  • mariaburton

    almost similar thing happened to my globe postpaid blackberry account. Right now my charges mounted up to almost 29K because last billing month (which was my second, i think) I was charged 26K+.
    I was informed not to download attachments from my email to avoid excessive data charges which I did but I wasn’t informed that there are other things needed to be done to avoid excessive data charges (e.g. turning off facebook and twitter, etc).
    i immediately went to their branch to dispute but they said they’ll have it investigated and I haven’t heard from them eversince. Right now i am hesitant to go to their branch because I can’t secure that very big amount they want me to pay.

    • @ maria burton: what did u do u pay the amount????

    • jesie

      i am also in the same situation. what is your course of action? i was surpriced i have unbilled charges up to P30K+ tho i am aware of globe’s KB browsing rate, there system will trap customers to incur this huge bill charges even tho your ‘s plan is in the lower bracket? what’s the purpose in having a credit limit if the limit is so high and make the users commit a mistake surfing in KB mode which will make the surprised costumer in a financial limbo if they are not capable to pay that amount! this makes me sad and i feel like a victim. why not take my soul too!!! sorry to vent my frustration here

      • i too made the mistake surfing in kb mode. i thought the default was time-based. globe changed it to time-based after i incurred a lot of charges from it.

  • Use a modified Opera or UCBrowser to surf, chat, download, stream without paying a single cent. Those telcos are gluttons so let’s take advantage of them. I’ve been using mobile internet on Globe and Smart for 8 years now albeit illegaly it’s actually safe (for this country).

  • Debbie

    If I use a prepaid sim on an ulnlocked iPhone, with the rate still be 5 pesos for 15min of usage? Just want to make sure this rate also applies to smartphones.

  • jeffoi

    is this only applicable to browsing the net? how bout logging in to skype or Y messenger. Can I log in to these app on my phone using this P5\15mins internet?

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