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Globe PowerSurf is a mobile internet package for “spot” usage

Globe did a relaunch of their months-old PowerSurf promo days after Smart introduced their own Always On promo. Both are different but applies to the same type of people,  those who only do “spot” surfing. Checking mails then logging off. Updating Facebook status once in a while. Checking in using Foursquare.

Does that sound like your mobile surfing habit? It it does then you’d know that you won’t maximize your regular P5 for 15 minutes. Or the P50 for all-day internet. Fortunately, Globe’s PowerSurf is the middle ground.


With Globe PowerSurf15, you can get an hour’s worth of internet valid for one whole day. Meaning you can use a minute to tweet something then disconnect, after 30 minutes, check-in with Foursquare then disconnect. You have 60 minutes to use any time you want spread over a whole day.

Text POWERSURF15 to 8888 to register. Other variants are Globe PowerSurf30 available for P30 for 3 hours valid for 1 day and Globe PowerSurf50 available for P50 for 5 hours of consumable internet surfing valid for 3 days: Text POWERSURF30 or POWERSURF50 to 8888. To check status, text STATUS to 1111.

Of course, if you’re only into Tweeting and updating your Facebook status, a bandwidth-based solution would be more ideal. I hope Globe launches something like Smart’s ALWAYS ON real soon.

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