Globe Prepaid GSM Roaming Made Easier

I received an SMS the other day from Globe:

Stay in touch even while outside the country with Globe Prepaid Roaming. To activate, txt GROAM ON <start date mm/dd/yyyy> <no . of days> to 2884, 24 hours before departure. Ex. GROAM ON 08/08/2005. P500 credit balance is required before activation. Maintain daily balance of P500 for continuous roaming service. For more info, txt GROAM HELP to 2884.

It used to be that if you wanted to activate roaming on your prepaid Globe SIM, you had to visit a Globe Business center, fill out a prepaid roaming request, attach a copy of your credentials (i.e. ID) and wait a couple of days. For subsequent requests, you can just fax the form.

Now Globe has made it more convenient for its prepaid subscribers to roam.

It’s very much like Smart’s own prepaid roaming system, wherein users can send ROAM ON to 333 to activate or ROAM OFF to 333 to deactivate. The difference is that Globe’s prepaid roaming includes both voice and SMS, while Smart’s is only for SMS.

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  • Roaming wishlist:
    I’d like to be able to put my pre-paid on roaming …

    1.) even with just P100 on it (just so that I can receive SMS)
    2.) even when I’m out of the country. Something like doing it online or activating it by sending a message from another phone indicating the Globe/Smart number to be activated.

    ka edong
    dreaming down under

  • What would be really cool is having no need to activate roaming, much like those SIMs in certain European countries–you can bring them anywhere and they will work!

  • Krakista

    Make sure you do not fall below P500 balance when you’re on roam. You lose roaming service if balance falls below P500 and it might not resume even after doing a reload.

  • note with globe you now can not activate roaming when you are not in the country, so too bad for those with sims who are abroad while this change happened, try another ‘better’ network next time

  • Cam

    what will happen to those prepaid subscriber that are already out of the country and wants to renew their roaming?

  • WeS

    guys, i need ur help.. i activated my roaming b4 i left phil but when i arrived here(san diego), i have no signal.. can u help me? im so desper8 to recieve a txt message.. i have a nokia 6800a handset..

  • mercy sebastian

    i try to reload a globe prepaid card for my roaming simcard but they said “check operator services” but I have a balance of 130 pesos.what I’m going to do to reload my globe prepaid card?

  • my roaming was activated on june 2, 2007. my flight was on june 3 and arrived CA same date. i can receive text messages from the phils but i cant send messages or call either to US or phils number. i cant even call the hotline *131*–so on. my cellphone catches cingular’s (at&t) signal. and globe 211 customer service informed my aunt when she called that it’s the server here that has the problem. that’s confusing bec i’m not subscribed to cingular, so what responsibility do they have for that. its supposed to be that globe should allow me to send txt or call cos i subscribed to your roaming service. i need your attention to this. thanks.

  • france

    guys help me….. i need to extend my roaming service…. i dont knwo how to do it…

    it already expires last 13 july….

  • janah

    why is it that we can’t receive calls if we are enrolled with roaming? when it should be a must so outside parties could call

    need your answer


  • before i left in the phil i already request roaming service but when iam here in UAE my sim card dont have signal can you please help me….asap

  • abby

    what happen to my roaming.. i dont have a signal. before the sept. 8 ,2007 i got an text message from globe they said i need to load my prepaid before sept 8 ,2007 at 1pm then load my prepaid at 10am then the next day my globe has no signal.whats wrong?

  • abby

    what happen to my roaming.. i dont have a signal. before the sept. 8 ,2007 i got an text message from globe they said i need to load my prepaid before sept 8 ,2007 at 1pm then I load my prepaid at 10am then the next day Sept. 9 ,2007 my globe has no signal.whats wrong?

  • soldier

    im not able to send text message also i cannot make a call. can anyone help me? iv loaded 300 already still cannot. junk globe roaming!!!!!

  • well i’ve been using globe roaming for 3 years now, only I know is load your mobile atleast 500 PH before leaving the country. Avoid answering calls or text messages because it cost you a lot. If you receive a confirmation to load within 24 hrs then you must do it to remain your signal, retrieving both sms and calls at the same time. Be sure you use to sms from you country simcard to avoid too much expenses. Ther promo is 50 PH minimum to get intouch. So my advise guys, just load to stay in contact but dont answer calls or send sms back, better use local simcard then…

  • if you computer at home, pls check their website or google globe telecom. all informations are there and surely would answer all your answers.

  • galla

    can anyone help us! i activated my sister roaming b4 she left phil. and then the confirmation said “your roaming is activate” but after 1day she not able to send a text message even make a call. ive loaded her 300 already still cannot. what will we do? hope ur immediately response. tnx’s

  • I am here in USA and my roaming service is already closed.Kindly activate my celfon 9158806604 so I can send my call card and pin number to load .Thank you

  • louie

    i got same problem just like from most of anyone here.. i enrolled my sim to roaming services before i left RP. then they told me that its already active. when i arrived here in us, i was able to used it for a week or two.. then all of the sudden.. i lost my signal when i woke up.. help me.. what should i do? i really need to make a contact with my relatives. tnx..

  • Jeff

    I registered for roaming 24 hours b4 leaving and it never activated.Is there a way i can activate it outside of the PI? Plz help lol…

  • Alex Tan

    If you can’t get signal after your arrived and roaming was activated, navigate your phone to NETWORK SELECTION and choose another network if available (manual select).

    If you have other concerns, I suggest you ask someone here in the Philippines to call or go to Globe center to help you sort out the problem. I was able to resolved roaming issues of my friend and relative on 2 different occassions by going to Globe Center myself.

    They can even activate roaming on your phone even if you weren’t able to do it prior to leaving.

    For those losing signal- try to restart your phone or go to network selection > search or manual selection.

    If you run out of load while roaming, have a friend send load to you. AutoloadMax, Share-a-load will work. Or ask them to send you a callcard number with pin and load it there manually.

    Hope this info could help some of you.

  • Marissa Gioschke

    Hi i am here in germany and my roaming service is already closed, kindly activate my celfon 09065864178 so i can send my call card to load. Thank you very much

  • maria

    pls!activate my no 09273433687.they said i have to load,i already load P200.the following day i have no signal and the roaming sign was gone.what happen!?pls,i need my sim to activate!help me plsss…..


    my roaming deactivated couples of mos. ago, dont know the reason why, not enough load,perhaps. can you me to activate my roaming again? here’s my roaming #+639159273198. looking forward you can settle this prob.of mine for i need my roaming activate back.
    all the best.

  • lea

    i dont have a signal since few days. I got a text message from globe march 9 2008 they said i need to load my prepaid before march 10, 2008 before 11am and that i have to keep a balance of 100pesos…I did that I load my prepaid, I was able to use it just for 1day then the next day my globe has no more signal..I tried to call from my landline this number 006327301212 to no avail. whats wrong?..Pls help!

  • Edith

    i dont have signal!whats the problem?i use it almost every night coz its roaming!i receive txt msgs up to last sat but after that the signal i gone!is my sim card a problem?

  • neyi

    when the signal is gone, it only means that your globe roaming service has been deactivated.. either your load has expired or you have a balance of P100 below.. to reactivate your roaming, have someone in the philippines (your family, relative, or friend maybe) call globe’s hotline 223.. they could ask the CSR to reactivate your globe roaming service.. but be sure to maintain a balance of at least P100 to avoid deactivation.. and also make sure that you reload everytime before your load expires.. =)

  • jean

    please reactivate my number,09063618243!!


  • aira

    hey globe have u seen all the comment here, all comments are complaining lost of signal. your roaming service is for gaining money only, no concern w/ the costumer..bullshit

  • Rolly Alfon

    Hi Globe,

    On May 4, 2008 while still in Manila, I have send a request to activate roaming on 05/06/2008 to 2884. I received text message from 2884 that it will be activated on requested date. I am now in Oman, roaming is not activated. My Number is 09154243301. Please activate roaming. Thank you.

  • karen

    HELP I have been roaming on globe since march and 2 days ago my load ran out, I got a txt saying to reload which I did (150pesos) and then yesterday I lost signal, I dont no what to do now have I lost roaming and how do I get it back?????

  • HELP! I’ve got same the same problem with the rest… Last May 7, 2008 an hour before departure, I’ve activated roaming and successfully used it til May 12, 2008. There was this notice that said I should load and so I did but this day(May 13), my signal ran out. How can I activate my roaming again?Please help!…Thanks!+639153254374 – this is my roaming number.

  • ray

    HELP! I registered my phone to groam yesterday , it should be activated this morning but until now I have no signal. I’m currently here at bangkok and I needed this roaming features very badly. my number is 09165850308. Please help ASAP! Thanks

  • mich

    i started using this globe roaming since has a load of more than 150 daily.and then i receive a msg.again that my roaming will be deactivated this may before may 12th,i load an amount of 250.but now today may14th,i dont have looks like its deactivated.its not cool im freaking…….

  • grey

    I can totally relate. I’m pretty sure my balance is above maintaining but then comes May 13 when suddenly i had no network coverage. If my registration was about to expire, they should have sent an alert. There must be something wrong with their roaming service.

  • maricor

    same thing happened to me. i used my new globe prepaid roaming for more than a month, then on may 14, suddenly no signal until today, may 17

  • jill

    hi’ya people! i have been using globe roaming since 3 years ago here in canada. when i got home from work, i checked my cellphone i found out i have a limited service it means that i didn’t have signal at all since last week & until now. it is ridiculous! come on globe, you did eat up our loads we need compensation right now! please fix the problem or else we will complain! thanks…

  • what happened to you guys same as what happened to me now. so i switch to smart prepaid roaming. i hate globe. they only need your money.

  • jhan

    HAaaay… 24 hours daw pag nagpa roam.. eh, 4 days na wala parin! ano ba tong globe, napaka bagal! since my friend left for school abroad last friday, until now, there’s still no communication. 4x na ako tuawag sa 211 wala parin!! gumalaw naman kayo!!!!

  • she

    nako naman…nagregister sa roaming at successful naman kaso di ako makapagreload..andito ako sa canada…can someone help me with this?pls…

  • april

    for being so much busy.. I forgot to activate my roaming while im in the Philippines. can I still activate my globe sim card now im here in Maryland,USA?

    i hope someone can response/help me ASAP.badly needed:|

  • april

    for being so much busy.. I forgot to activate my roaming while im in the Philippines. can I still activate my globe sim card now im here in Maryland,USA?

    i hope someone can response/help me ASAP.badly needed:|

  • april

    for being so much busy.. I forgot to activate my roaming while im in the Philippines. can I still activate my globe sim card now im here in Maryland,USA?

    i hope someone can response/help me ASAP.badly needed:|

  • june


  • Quennie

    I roamed my sim before going to Indonesia, but when I arrived there, my roaming service did not work. My family in the Philippines keeps on following up the Globe customer service, and until now no action has been taken. Thank you

  • JADe

    I am in SIngapore and I am trying to reload my prepaid globe sim. the reply is REQUEST NOT ALLOWED.

    I was also trying to call your customer service but my call is barred.

  • Jeyson

    for as long as you have at least 100 peso load. Globe Customer Reps can activate your roaming service even if you’re already abroad. all you have to do is contact the customer service. give them your number and your location. 🙂

  • yan

    hi, do you guys experience this?

    everytime i send a txt message, it is not successful, and only give me this “check operator services”

    i have a 100.00 load …i can only receive text messages yet i cant reply to them.

    i tried their roaming hotline *131*6327301212#, magri-ring lang and then mapuputol…then i get a text message “sorry, cannot connect you to the party you are calling” or “sorry, the system is unable to reach you. the call is unsuccessful”

    or bigla lang mapuputol

    tapos ngayon lang…pagtina-try ko ulit..”result unknown”

    ano ba to?

  • yan


    is 100.00 peso load enough for me to call the globe roaming hotline *131*6327301212#?

    i’ve been trying to contact the number pero, napuputol and then i receive these messages:

    “result unknown”
    “sorry, the system is unable to reach you,the call is unsuccessful”

    “sorry we are unable to process your request”

    ano ba to?

    hope you can help me

    thank you

  • miludi

    i am less than a week here in orlando but i’ve already experienced losing my signal 2x.if only i knew nagsmart na lang ako..

  • miludi

    i am less than a week here in orlando but i’ve already experienced losing my signal 2x.i still have P151 friends in the Philippines tried calling Globe Customer Service every now and then but they can’t tell the problem..if only i knew nagsmart na lang ako..

  • Lana

    How do i send share-a-load to my mom in Philippines? I followed the directions: send amt. to 2+ 10 digit number. It says on my phone : “Message not sent, try again later”. Im in Canada. Is there any way to share-a-load?

  • duds

    twice i brought ofw sim card.but lagi na lang ako na ddismaya.pagdating ko d2 sa saudi arabia(gassim region) tatlong araw lang may signal tapos bigla na lang walang signal till now.i just arived here in saudi last april 5.ngayon ala na service ang globe ko he2 ang # ko 09179763988 lagi tinatawagan ang globe service dyan sa phil.ala din.sana man lang d na kayo mag advertise sa tfc na zero balance nangloloko lang kayo sa mga taong bayan.bulshit kayo.d sana naka pag smart ako.salamat sa pangloloko niyo globe

  • loser

    I’m still in the philippines. I’m trying to activate my roaming, but then it says that your request cannot be processed. Please try again later….what will I do.?

  • Joeyboy

    Globe, don’t buy their SIM because the service on roaming is not convenient, imagine you have to activate the rroaming features 24 hours prior to your flight…lot’s of non sense..better stick with SMART activation of your roaming can be done even right before you enter the plane…so much convenient compared to globe.

  • kuyakikoy

    Globe really sucks. I bought globe sim card here in Batha Riyad as a BACKUP on my smart roaming. I was told to register it thru globe user in the philippines and maintain a 100 peso each month to avoid deactivation, i did all that and yes its all quite all ok. i did used it also as local when i went for a vacation then came back here in riyadh again. it still working fine. but the next month it was out signal while i still have remaining balance and to did loaded with 300 worth card with the same procedure but to no avail until now. So i say globe network is not really good for overseas.

  • ashley

    you didnt explained that i ll be charge once i received call from hotline. what the fuck! i was surprised, i had no more top up in my everytime i asked my family send me load i cant even use it. there is a message always come up like this “unable to send message” bullshit! this roaming service is for gaining money only. come on! do something good for your customer

  • net

    pkiactivate po no. ko salamt… +639179050591

  • waldy

    I’m in China. can someone load my OFW sim from the philippines while I’m here in China?????

    I can get texts from my family, just cant send. I need that P100.00 load before I manual activate my ofw sim.

  • adette

    kapag po d kayo makasend ng text patawagan nyo na lng sa fanily nio ung 211 or the hotline kase po un ang ginagawa q pero d q naman masha nid ng load kase natatawagan nila ako anytime without any charges on my part un nga lng para medyo makatipid ang asawa q hes using 232+917n so on mas mababa kase ang charge nun kesa idirect call nya pag dating naman sa text mag sign up kau sa peptalk kase may 30 free txt messages sa globe then pag nagreply katxt mo charge cla ng 250 pero may additional 2 free messages ka sa peptalk mo o dba mas matipid?…

  • corazon antero

    my new globe sim card got in trouble when i arrived here in dammam, tex and calls were barred but i can recieve tex msges from the phils but no incoming calls?? my sim was also activated for roaming b4 i leave in manila and my love one can also send load on it even i am here at dammam,,i am also using S.E. k800i fon..pls kindly help me..heres my globe prepaid no:….09165952773…thnx

  • MJ

    Help po!
    When i buy my Roaming/OFW sim sa Globe somewhere in GreenHills Globe office. The associate did not tell me na activate ko po. When i landed dito sa US i was able to receive and send text messages. Pero noong nakaraan na nag-kaka-problem na ako. Kasi i kept getting an error saying “message sending failed”. I am not sure whats up kasi hindi ko po ma-check ang balance ko kasi everytime i send BAL to 222 the same error din po.
    I asked my sister to send me a load worth P500 to see if this is the problem. Can someone please help me or give me a phone number to call just to talk to an agent whom will able to give me some advices.
    Much appreciated po talaga.Thank you.

    • h83d

      try *122# for balance inquiry

  • yan


    im here in china,yung globe ko has enough load…pero bigla na lang mag “NOT ALLOWED” when i do the following:

    2.balance inquiry
    3.sending text messages

    ginawa ko na ang mga advices ng globe but still encounter the same problem

    anong gagawin ko…sabi ng globe (through email) wala daw problema ang phone ko.

    eh, bakit ganito?

  • fxter

    just a question…if nag roaming ba ang sim tapos nandon kana sa labas ng RP, same lang din ba yong number? like, hindi na xa madagdagan ng mga area codes, etc? so hindi malalaman ng recepient na roaming sim ang gamit ng sender?

    pls tell me the facts..i need to know.

    thanks! have a nice day!

  • bebe

    I guess GLOBE until now hasn’t able to resolve this problem .. Upon reading all the comments here since last year .. It does still the same nothing has change .. I keep loading on a roaming number with a load balance of P100 above … but still he can’t text back though he can receive msgs from us here in the phlippines … How I wish nagSMART na lang! (china concerns)

  • Thanks for the info, just what i needed for my sister who is going to return to the US.

  • andrea

    how can i reload my prepaid account when I’m in a roaming mode. tnx!

  • For your prepaid reloading needs..

  • Jean Louis LE CAM

    1- Impossible to share a load with my friend in the philippines WHY?
    2- Impossible to send message France to france WHY?
    3- The connection to 2884 is charged even the service send a message your request…try later WHY?

  • kate

    This discussion is really helpful sobra, ngpapabili kc ung cousing ko from the states ng roaming sim. I was weighing between smart or globe, so I researched. Sobrang daming bad reviews about globe, so I decided to buy the smart pinoy sim. I hope it works!

  • moran

    We’ve used globe pre-paid sim for roaming and everytime we go back home its a pain to reactivate it. It wont activate upon touchdown in the Philippines and cannot turn off the roam feature and call or text upon arrival. It took globe 1 week before returning the settings to normal use again. So what we did for the recent trips to Hongkong and the US, we purchaged new sims and threw it away upon returning rather go thru the hassle with globe again. I dont want my main globe prepaid line get cut off again for a week after using it for roaming. We’re trying out a smart prepaid sim this week and see if it is any better.

  • jen jen

    hi,I’d like to activate the roaming of my globe simcard that i brought here from the Philippines,what hotline should i call concerning this stuff? pls help me about this problem. I really want to keep my old number. thanks

  • michael

    Does globe read all this crap?

  • tessa

    yesssss… ur all right………! imbis tipid tayo naku frontage lang pala ung mga promotions ng GLOBE … Oh my gush! to Globe management … pls do something worth with integrety on ur business.. we are therefore appealing this to ur end so that babalik parin trust namin sa line of business nyo.. so make sure to eradicate such problems so that any single centavo cost of txtng n calling wll be of great value naman sa aming ofw Now a days, Communication is really a must esp now wer on the computer age mahina ang negosyo kpg mahina rin ang serbisyong komunikasyon…..its just a friendly comment to the management.

  • this is a nightmare, i am about to buy a prepaid simcard here in new york, and it looks like i made the wrong choice. i am using a nokia E71 and activated my roaming when i left two months ago, those stupid freaks tellers or whoever sold the cards told me to only maintain P100.00, went around to buy a load but no body told me how to or better load it more before leaving… so stupid, i was only able to use it for one text, got one text back, now that i am planning to reload it, ang dami palang problema,,, i will tell my brother who is still in the philippines to file a complaint against this network, he is Hagedorn’s right hand, i will tell him to spread the word. this is unfair to you all… at least ako di pa ako nagkapag load ng 500 pesos, not yet…

  • kritiko

    ^ why didn’t you load it agad after you bought it? Roaming states that you must maintain 100 php balance or roaming will b deactivated which means u need to have 100+php in your balance to be able to send and recv calls nd txts and if you cnt send texts or call you certainly cannot load it while you’re in new york. Use your common sense


    • globe hater!

      globe sucks!

  • Angy

    Been travelling for almost a decade..From europe – middle east back & forth… i have my SMART ROAMING SIM WITH ME… and it never disapoints me in terms of signal and reception….i received all my messages back home on time!!! WITH ZERO PREPAID CREDIT BALANCE!!!!! the only maintenance we need to make is reload your prepaid sim once in every three months for only 15 pesos!!!wow!! how convenient!!!Whereas everytime you hear a kabayan bringing Globe sim… wow!!! its all complain!!!! especially that F**** OFW sim… never-ever use Globe for roaming purposes!!!!!!NEVER….. it will just disapoint you and your family back home!!!!

    • somehow they are good lalo na ung IBANG mga csr nila sa globe chat accomodating cla pero hndi lahat, ived encounter kc mnsan pinuputol nila ang usapan habang may cnsabi ka pero ung iba nmn is ok,now just wanna share my bad experience s knila lately lng last week to be exact,pinaka una sa lahat accepted ko na ang roaming ko ay deactivated or expired,bale last reloading ko is last december pa sabi nila dati sa tv last vacation ko wla ng maintaining balance ang globe but na expired p rin so ok accepted my fault,what i did i advice my brother in the phil to go persronally in there office,at pmnta nmn po sya sa may podium raw,so coordinate with them and the csr told my bro to reload the account and it will be activated din daw so no problem just a couple of days sabi,nga pla may bro reload it 200 php,then 2 weeks after na wla p rin signal ang globe roaming ko so i try using there chat assist online support,so according sa usapan nmin sabi sakin an expired account can no longer be activated,hndi ako na convinced so i try calling their landline at gumastos pako ng load ko para tawagan cla so gnun prin ang result,ok tanggap ko na po ang situation, ang concern ko lng po hndi ko po alam kng cno po ang nagsasalita ng totoo ung mismong csr nila sa office na kausap ng bro ko or ung mga nging kausap ko na csr nila,sabi kc sakin hndi n raw dapat tatanggap ng load ung sim ko pag deactivated na,confusing lng who is telling the thruth at ano ba talaga ang totoo,isa po akong satisfied globe user until nangyari to.and i promise to myself i will never be patronizing any kind of their products puro panloloko at advertising ang lahat.i dont blame those csr nmn its either mis inform cla or not even inform s knilang system.there just doing there job.

  • lagunababy28

    hi.. i’ve been staying here in canada for almost a year.. globe was working fine for me until there were some problems with their signal wherein delayed ung mga msgs.. & then one day, i checked my phone, wla ng signal.. i thought it’s coz of the prob of the network sa pinas.. i turned it off & then it says UNREGISTERED SIM! wtf! anyone knows what to do??

  • unknown

    Hi I tried to activate my globe sim card when I was in the philippines and it says it will be activated on the 17th of Jan, I still had 100+ creds on my sim but I called someone when I was about to leave PH and it might went down to less than a hundred pesos. Now that I am back in abroad, my roaming dont work 🙁 just wondering if I put a 300 pesos creds, would my roaming be activated or not? 🙁

  • michiegan

    nasayang lang ang globe reward ko inipon ko ng isang taon na forfiet lang!!!nireredeem ko wrong keyword eh tama naman ang ginawa ko!!!ayoko na mag globe!!!

  • Jennifer Cohen

    pare pareho tayo ng problem isang araw lang halos okey tong globe roaming sim ko ngayon ni hindi ako makapag balanve inquiry may load naman ako sana nga lang ang smart na lang ako kala ko pa naman i can get in touch with my family using this

  • rose

    I really appreciate the helped from globe chat, I brought with me here in jacksonville florida a globe regular sim. I thought I want to activate my regular sim into roaming sim, I don’t encounter any problem with it, becoz the people in Globe chat are willing to help to anyone who in need of help regarding the prepaid sim. they only asked me to relaod my sim phone number in the amount php100, immediately i asked my sister-in-law from the philippines to reload it, then I chat again with the globe agent then they activated my regular sim into roaming less than 24 hours. Globe chat is a big help I can proved it, early this year my internet connection in Meycauayan, Bulacan encounter problem for almost 2 weeks my relatives can’t access any contact with globe agent there in Philippines to fix it. But when I search Globe Philippines in website I automatically found it and chat with the globe agent regarding my internet connection problem and they assured me to fix it, within 2 days my internet connection is fix. thank you globe Philippines.

  • wrektime

    im a globe prepaid user here in KSA for almost 4 years …. just load 300 card (28 saudi riyals) every 2 months or maximum days of 70 and roaming service will run smooth.
    if there’s a any problem just type *131*6327301212# and press call .. wait for awhile and follow instructions .. or just wait til operator answers..
    gamit ko lng ‘to para maka tanggap ng txt from phils .. and pag balik ko sa Pinas load umaabot ng 4,000 plus and almost 2000 free txt msges ..
    if you answer a call while roaming here in KSA they will charge you 50php per minute and if send txt msges they will charge you 25php.. that’s why im using my Saudi prepaid to send txt msges to phils.

  • I think the whole international phone thing is difficult to understand and unreliable. I recently traveled to Mexico, and used my carrier’s “Mexico” plan- but it was still really expensive, and I paid a lot for very little. At this rate, I feel like it’s just easier to be out of touch for a few days and save myself the hassle of trying to understand the complex roaming rates and issues.

  • kenjo austria

    kaya to everyone who can read my message. mag smart nalang po kayo kase sa globe sira ang mundo. kaya used your mind smart na heheheheheheh..

  • princess

    i’m confused. idk which one to use. been a globe user for a decade now. i’m leaving next week for saudi. gusto ko sana gamitin globe ko as my roaming din. kaso i’ve read all off the rants here. nothing’s quite positive. 🙁 tas wala pang promo ang globe para kahit pano tipid naman magtx from abroad to PI. unlike smart. i hope globe can read this so they can do something about it.

  • joel


    naka globe roaming sim po ako ang problema ko lang ay dko alam kung panu i-check balance ko, pero sa signal ok naman, dito ko sa Singapore ngayon at madalas ako magpunta ng malaysia at thailand ok naman signal nya normal lang na mawala signal pag pumupunta ka ng ibang bansa basta i-reset mo lang phone mo ok na ulit babalik na.

    • h83d

      try *122# for bal. inquiry

  • grabe ang globe< I requested for acivation 24 hrs before as their per instruction but to no avail, were going home already from the US but up to now no activation, and my load will be done by January 2012 thank you very much globe

  • kaye

    ok po ba ang smart pinoy?kasi nmn 2 years n ako dito sa canada 2 globe sim na din ang nagamit ko…i have enrolled in zero maintaining balance pero stil they are asking me to load 100..and if u will not do dat they will just deactivate you..wat’s the sense of zero maintaining balnce???

  • coleen

    Hi po, I have the same problem as you guys. Dito po ako sa Riyadh, KSA. Ok naman po ung globe sim ko nung mga past few months and then yesterday po nag txt ung globe na ma deactivate na daw yung sim ko on March 31 due to zero balance. The fuck. ih naka enrolled ako sa zero maintaining and now wala ng signal! Dang it.Sana ndi na talaga sila nag offer kung wala din namang kwenta.-_-. crap.

  • killer

    3 consecutive days nang nkakaimbyerna signal ng globe sa jeddah.between 8am to 12pm lang may signal tpos the next day ganun ule for 3 consecutive days at di maipaliwanag ng customer svc ng globe sa pinas!!!sana talaga nag smart nalang ako!!!!

  • Ray Garcia

    Good day!

    ask ko lang if mayroon bang technical/network probs ang globe roaming users as of this time? Coz 3 days na pong walang signal ang globe roaming sim ko…



  • Philip Conanan

    This is Bullshit!24hours before?this is not an ofw..

  • JO

    I am already in the USA… I activated my pre-paid Globe SIM on my phone before I left the Philippines… I got the message that my Roam activation will be effective when I reach the country of my destination (which is the USA)… However, when I turned on my phone (which I've successfully used in the USA & the Philippines) as soon as landed in the US, the Globe SIM apparently is not roaming! Now that I'm already in the US, how can I activate my Globe # to roam?

  • chamz

    gud pm po…insert ko po ung sim card globe prepaid ko..ggmitin ko san ulit n pang load..pero hindi ako mkpagcol and send message kc ang feedback ay REGISTRATION FAILED ano poang ggwin ko..?help po…eto po ung no ng sim…09156975771

  • guys, i need ur help.. i activated my roaming b4 i left phil but when i arrived here doha, qatar. i have no signal.. can u help me? im so desper8 to recieve a txt message.. i have a iphone handset..