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Globe shows love to Davao-based subscribers with network upgrade

In the premier region down South, Globe Telecom has empowered its network completely as it recently upgraded its cell sites, bringing an entirely new level of mobile experience to its subscribers in Davao and the vast areas around it.

width="180"The Davao Gulf region and its neighboring provinces took the lead in completing their phase of the network’s nationwide, US$700 million transformation program, empowering Globe subscribers from these progressive and highly-urbanized Mindanao areas, along with their immediate environs with superior signal quality like never before.

The facility modernization of Globe will also significantly enhance its 3G footprint in more Mindanao towns and municipalities, translating to more stable 3G signal for customers. The Davao region broke ground in the roll-out of over 10,000 kilometers of fiber optic cable supporting 4G LTE (long-term evolution) activation which will significantly increase capacity, resiliency and better traffic management to accommodate and protect more voice, SMS and data traffic.

Key officials from Globe confirmed that the network facilities upgrade in the Davao region and its neighboring provinces comprise a major segment of the massive countrywide modernization effort.

“œThe network build of Globe in Davao and its nearby areas would result in better mobile coverage, increased data speeds and better network reliability in that part of the country,” said Robert Tan, Chief Technical Adviser of Globe Telecom.

He noted that “œIn terms of service quality after the upgrade, our call set-up rate improved dramatically. Now, a call you make in Davao consistently gets connected even at first try.”

Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu enthused about the completion of the Davao area cell site upgrade, saying that “œthe bustling Philippine region is a focus area and key market of Globe.”

“œIt was opportune for the network to pilot-test in this major region in Mindanao since it had a vast number of potential subscribers, and the demand for its services had incrementally increased over the years””both of which are now being served by the new network in place. They can now make calls with unparalleled clarity, receive text messages more promptly, and perform faster surfing and downloading with their new network,” he added.

Cu also said that “œthis upgrade is unprecedented and unmatched by any other similar efforts in the country. The nationwide effort by Globe is a more deliberate and authentic change, empowering each of our subscribers, right here and right now in Davao, and very soon, in the rest of the country.”

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