Globe subscribers: Beware of this type of fraud messages

In case you receive an SMS message claiming that they’re from Globe and that you won a certain amount of discount from your monthly postpaid bill, please ALWAYS check the number it came from. Globe won’t use a regular mobile number to broadcast its promos.

globe scam

What happens here is that you’re supposed to key in a message and send it to a number that’s not exactly a mobile number but a format for passing load. You won’t get a discount on your bill and you will lose that P150. Scammers are targeting postpaid numbers because most of these subscribers are not aware of the syntax on how to pass load to prepaid numbers so they won’t notice it from the message they’re supposed to send.

I know we are wiser to fall for these type of SMS messages but I still hear of people being victimized by this type of scam. Just be careful and be aware. Globe’s security and fraud teams already flagged the numbers being reported but it’s still easy for perpetrators to get new prepaid numbers and continue this scam.

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  • Carl

    Thanks for the info!

  • JmBalicano

    Whenever my GF encounters one of those scammers she likes to dial the hell out of those numbers. All frigging day. Call and call and call them. They never answer, but we’d like to think we’re doing our part to annoy them.

    • That maybe a clever way, only if you have the time.

      • Don

        Agree.the best revenge,like with all retail, is not to patronize and ignore them.

  • jv1028

    Thanks. Will pass this on.

  • Carl

    I also received the same message on my Sun cell number.

  • Thanks for the info! Grabe naman itong mga tao na ito! Parang magandang idea kung higpitan na din ang pagbenta ng SIM…

  • kaya dapat talaga sineset yung PIN para dyan sa share-a-load para di mabiktima…