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Globe SuperUnli 25 is not so unlimited after all?

There are lots of Globe prepaid subscribers who availed of the SuperUnli 25 promo that got their numbers blocked from registering again with the promo. Globe customer service tells subscribers that the reason why they are blocked is because they are making an unreasonable number of calls or unreasonably prolonged calls.


So is Globe’s SuperUnli 25 not so unlimited after all?

For those who are not in the know, the SuperUnli 25 is Globe’s nationwide promo allowing Globe prepaid subscribers to make unlimited calls and texts to any Tattoo, Globe Prepaid, Globe Postpaid or TM number for 1 day for only P25. [FAQ]

Now these subscribers who were banned from the promo were replied by Customer Service using this canned message about Globe’s Fair Use Policy:

Good day. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

The fair use policy states that call and text offers are applicable for person to person transactions only. They are not intended and should not be used for commercial purposes. Call and text offers must not be abused by the subscribers (i.e. subscribers must not make an unreasonable number of calls or make unreasonably prolonged calls).

Globe has decided to tighten the control measures on text spam to protect our valued subscribers from unsolicited SMS broadcasts. Rest assured that we are always looking for ways to serve our subscribers better.

Hope this information helps you with regards to your concern.

I clearly understand about their right to block people who abuse the unlimited promo by sending spam messages or using it for commercial purposes. But these irate customers claim that they are availing of the promo for personal usage, one even uses it for long-distance relationship.

So Globe, what’s the real deal here? Why should “unreasonable number of calls or unreasonably prolonged calls” be a reason why some numbers are being blocked from a promo that’s supposed to be unlimited?

Here’s the complaint thread along with replies from customer service.

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  • haha. why offer the promo if they can’t handle the traffic? It’s like saying “here goes your unlimited call and text, however we don’t allow calls longer than 10 mins.”

  • Mortred

    I too have been using their promos since I’m in a long distance relationship. I have been calling/texting just one person only and now, they treated me as a spammer.

    They claim the service is unlimited but in reality, it’s not. They’re saying you’ve been blocked because of abuse and unreasonable prolonged calls. Isn’t that supposed to be like that when you have ‘unlimited’ service?

    My girlfriend and I switched to SUN and we’re now happy of their cheaper promos plus continuous talk time.

    Thank you Globe for letting me discover the finer and better alternatives in life.

    • ikz

      not only that, it’s so hard to register for this promo.in most cases you will receive a message that they cannot process your request as of this time and for you to try their other promo of P20 for 20 mins talk time (which is more expensive than the super unli 25)

  • Rosemary

    Talk about false advertising! If we were in the states they would actually get slapped with a lawsuit and owe the subscribers millions! I am not entirely sure they can’t be in the Philippines. That’s outright lying, stealing and cheating GLOBE!

    • marjun

      Right, Agree I was just added to the list of victims last night I availed the surf50 at 11pm(its useless adding the super) and after browsing for just 4 hours i received a message that I have reached the 1 gig usage cap limit without me knowing i waited till morning just to complain to their hl that only operates from 6am to midnight and the only answer i got is I apologize they are doing it to protect privacy of their subscriber I laughed because i simply don’t get the idea they are limiting the usage for them to protect us? I doubt maybe they mean their income! Lets all switch to other providers any suggestions?

  • sadge

    I just called the hotline earlier and they said that I was blocked nga for about 1 month due to this fair use policy, some of the cust. service reps educate me about this thing. And I got their point na they when the promo was being over used, the result will be the overload/congestion i think that they were saying sa system nila.. kaya kapag nagkakaroon daw ng congestion is that yung system naman nila ang nagkakaproblema, and they were being flooded daw ng mga complaints na a lot of subscribers daw ang hindi makagamit ng superunli ng maayos and at the same time, experiencing difficulty in registration since overloaded nga ang root cause nito, so to avoid that, globe and NTc made this FAIR USE POLIcY daw.

    Sad thing is, sana before kami ma block, you guys should notify us or give us atleast a warning para aware kami sa mga rules na naba-violate namin..

    So far ok naman ang understanding ko sa csr na nakausap ko.. pero sana lang kindly give us warning first before being blocked.

  • klaryz

    great advertisement…. “all day al night unlimited” “you can make millions of texts”…poor service../ minsan naaawa ako sa mga CSR because sila yung nagiging kawawa dahil sila yung sumasagot sa mga calls and sa kanila tayo nagagalit…The work of a CSR ang hirap.. tapos as ive know minimum lang ang salary but then lots of bad words and irate callers ang natatanggap nila.. puro sorry lang naman ang magagawa nila doon at i take note ang concern sa system nila….

  • Be Real 28

    their promo has been abused?… what now… their taking the essence of unlimited out. they shouldn’t don’t made any promo’s that won’t deliver…

  • Angelo de Jesus

    Guys I was hoping that this would be the soultion http://bmpm.abs-cbnnews.com/blogs/globe-telecoms-fair-use-policy-fair-or-unfair.html but still it went nowhere… I still hope we could catch their attention and resolve this prob. 🙂

  • john

    Switch network thats the best way, globe`s promos are the most expensive of all the network

    • Ruth

      Buti pa yung sun

  • hannah

    walang reply yung 8888. T.T kahapon pa ko nagttry magregister. 😐

    • Ruth

      I know how you feel, sis… TT_TT

  • nikki

    kaasar naman.kakabili ko lng ng TM, 3days ko lng ngamit, tas 2 days na ayaw pa magreply ng confirmation ng 8888.. kahit anong promo ayaw!.. anu ba nman yan, wag nyu sabihin banned ako! amp na Globe’s Fair Use Policy! so UNFAIR!

  • annoyed

    globe telecom just proved how incompetent their company really is. i just got my number banned and when i called up the hotline, they told me about the fair use policy of NTC.. they even suggested that i go check out NTC’s website for more information about it. me naman, i totally get the whole fair use policy thing, i just didn’t understand why my number got banned from prolonged usage when i have been availing the unlimited promo. i mean, the main premise of their unlimited promo is that any subscriber can call and text as many times as they want until it expires, right? i mean, why call it unlimited when it’s limited pala, diba??? so for globe to ban me for simply exercising my right as a consumer on the grounds of some NTC policy which they conveniently forgot to inform us about is simply irresponsible and unfair. the supervisor i talked to said that they sent out SMS blasts daw to make people aware of such policy so i told her i wasn’t one of the subscribers who got that blast. then she told me, they advertised it daw sa manila times last april.. so i told her i don’t subscribe to manila times. i asked her how come when they were advertising the unlimited promo, there was no disclaimer, no fine print whatsoever to make subscribers aware that their number can be banned. or before they get suspended, why not send a warning that they’re near the threshold na so they could start limiting their use and in the event of actual suspension, why not send alerts so they’d know. i mean, hello.. a little heads up would be nice, right?

    it’s just so frustrating for them to assess blame to their subscribers for congesting their networks.. i mean, i’m sorry globe telecom.. but handling network congestions is YOUR job, not ours. if your networks can’t handle such large volume of calls pala, then why advertise unlimited promos pa in the first place? subscribers like me pay good money for services which YOU made us believe were good and beneficial tapos this is the thanks that we get? getting our numbers banned?? sure, you guys reserve the right to suspend our numbers but give us the proper respect as well and know that we too reserve the right to know the real reason why.

  • Stac

    Hey folks, for MILLIONS and MILLIONS of laughs, review the Globe ad for their SuperUnli 25 at: 
    “Imagine, sa SuperUnli 25, you’re connected to MILLIONS of people! You make MILLIONS of calls! And send MILLIONS and MILLIONS of texts! Buong araw, buong gabi! UNLIMITED!” 
    It’s so funny I could puke!

  • jeff

    let us sue globe for this!!!!!!! I can testify!!!!! I was blocked too… for trying and trying and tring to register …why do they keep on telling me to try registering again later and suddenly they would just block my number from sending requests to 8888 they could’ve texted me saying “please stop trying cause if you insisted we will block you” that would be more understandable… GLOBE TRASH

  • boycott!

    What on earth is the purpose of Globe telecoms if “subscribers must not make an unreasonable number of calls or make unreasonably prolonged calls”

  • arbie

    and if u get blocked u cant register to any of their promos for 30 days.great! nagpa unlimited pa sila. me and my bf are planning to switch to sun.


    guysss ..panu ba malalaman kung banned ka sa superUnli ?


    nalalaman ba nila kung importante o hindi ang mga prolonged calls? aba spying na yun at nawawala ng right natin sa privacy. kung unlimited, unlimited! yun lang wala na yung controlled nila ang connection nyo.

  • Aberlando

    Hello everybody. Palugi na kasi ang Globe, kaya hinihigpitan nila ang sinturon nila… At tayong mga subscriber ang agrabyado. Minsan, sasambulat na lang sa mukha nila na marami na pala silang pinalampas na oportunidad.

  • Globe hater

    same thing with their Globe Tattoo. Unlimited hours but LIMITED data usage of 1GB.. and they don’t even inform us of it..

  • cez gella

    i have been a loyal globe subscriber for more than 10 years. recently i learned from a friend, another globe subscriber that she got free phones from globe. she was a new subscriber and she got 2 phones. it turned out that every 2 years u r entitled to get free fons. i ddnt know about this so we called the globe hotlines, i asked if i can get i high end phone to compensate all the years that ive been loyal to their company. but after several calls i made and endless waiting for a reply, i finally got a call from them a week after saying that i am only entitled to get a nokia 2730 wth a cash out pa of 700 pesos!. so what happened to the more than 10 years of being a loyal subscriber?

    globe sends out globe updates and promos tru text messaging. theyve been soo into sending repeated messages that it is sometimes annoying already. why werent they as into sending messages saying that u are entitled to a free fon??? 10 years and all am entitled to is a cheap fon!!! that i think is no fair at all. is that how they compensate a loyal subscriber? when i told them that im thinking of terminating my subscription wth them, the agent i was talking to non chalantly said” its up to you sir.”

    i get drop calls from globe that billed me as if the conversations went on and on. hidden charges and fon calls charged to me that i cudnt recognize. in all the ten years of being a loyal subscriber and all the headaches, what did i get?? i asked d agent…”sir u got a 200 pesos rebate last august po”

    globe sucks!!!!! i am seriously considering terminating my subscription, even if ive had this number for more than 10 years altready! and so with my moms globe phone, my sisters and nieces which i am all paying for! i dont think GLOBE was a SMART choice!!!!!! it woul;dnt be any SMARTER if i go on with my subscription with them. if GLOBE treats loyal subscriber the way they treated me, whats the point staying loyal wth them????? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! this time il be SMARTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! il move to SMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • radecru.tambayrepublic

    As of November 17, 2010,,

    Number: 8888
    GLOBE Advisory: Ur SuperSurf browsing for today has reached 800MB and is temporarily deactivated, guided by Globe¿s Fair Use Policy. Pls wait for this service to resume tomorrow. Or u may opt to forfeit ur remaining subscription to browse for P5/15mins. To unsubscribe text SUPERSURF OFF to 8888.
    Time: 17/11/2010 16:07:17

    this is the text message from globe,,,

  • Maryanne

    Globe has charged me P 2,400 plus last month for alleged internet usage on my cellphone, which I did not use. After appealing to them, they waived the charges. This month they charged me again, for this month’s alleged usage, but I still haven’t used the Internet on my cellphone. Now they are insisting that I pay. I can prove that I didn’t use the Internet on my cellphone, but they won’t listen. This is unfair! I’m not the only one who has been having this problem.

    My theory about the disappearing prepaid load: It’s being shaved off my alleged “Internet usage,” and since you’re on prepaid, there’s no bill to check.

  • kei

    talaga! tama kayo dati gusto ko globe pero now nakakasar talaga

  • ezekiel

    naku! kaya pala.. nagulat ako nung dineactivate nila unli ko.. abusive daw ako sa service.. bat pa kaya naging unlimited kung may limit sa number of calls in an hour in a day and whatsoever.. ayos na sana kung may reimbursement pero wala… nakakainis.. im feel am being devalued. ive been with globe for 8 years but i think i have to say goodbye to globe now.

  • Gabs

    Walang TV News Organization ang tutulong sa atin for sure. Pag pera na pinag-uusapan, mga walang kredibilidad ang lahat ng news organization na yan!!! Malaki ang kinikita ng ABS-CBN at GMA7 mula sa ads ng Globe. Ang TV5 naman, di rin tutulong sa atin yan dahil takot sila baka sila pa ang lalabas na kontrabida. Newspaper wala rin tayong mapapala jan. So tanging pag-asa natin ay yung mga AM radio station na wala ads from Globe o kayay ang PCIJ.

  • mr.globe sucks

    pak u globe!

  • anone

    “millions of text” nga ang ads ng globe, tapos unreasonable? binubwisit nyo lang mga tao. sino makakapagsend ng millions of text in 1 day? yung mga nagreklamo malamang di pa umabot ng millions of text yun. kung millions of text ang ads ng globe, dapat ang unreasonable ay billions of text! Misleading talaga ang Globe kahit kelan. Pati sa Tonino Lambo nyo, misleading kayo!

  • Leingod

    [email protected] Globe and its Unfair Fair Usage Policy!!! ill be switching to other networks and will be spreading the info to my other friends who usses Globe. Heck, Ill eve make a statement shirt out of this.

    [email protected] You Globe Telecome!!!!

  • Alyssa

    (GLOBE SUPER UNLI)define ” unreasonably prolonged calls “. Wtf. 5 hours of call tapos deactivated na agad subscription ko?

    grabe lang. wala pang kalahating araw yun ha.

    Ano pang silbi ng “unlimited call” if for every 5 hours na pagtawag dinedeactivate ung subscription? ilang beses na nangyayari sakin. nakakainis.

    sana ginawa na lang nilang, SUPER UNLI, 5 hours of call, 500 texts to GLOBE/TM.

  • chris

    Firstly, this unlimited text promo used to be 15 pesos per subs, remember? Then, Globe had the nerve to increase to 20. And now comes the LIMITED “unlimited texts and calls”. This is so annoying. I’m switching to Sun.

  • Bunny

    My unlitexts just expired. when i registered again, globe said that i cannot register because i am registered to another subscription which i am NOT. WAT DA PAK!

  • Sheena

    I cannot register to any unlimited promo including BB Social. 8888 always reply with SORRY, THE KEYWORD YOU ENTERED IS INVALID. wtf!

  • Ray

    Fair usage policy? I am just new to Globe and found this SUPERUNLI25 promo I was excited but then all I got is “cannot be processed message”. I got a hit and next thing I know is that it is already evening. I never stopped registering on it since early in the afternoon.

    Anyway I was laughing when I noticed this statement on the Fair Usage Policy of Globe:

    “Excessive use means calls or text usage per day is significantly higher than one’s normal usage.”

    Are they stupid? Did they just copy the whole format or structure from other country’s telecom usage policy?

    Didn’t they know that we Filipinos have a significantly higher usage of calls and texts than any other person or nationality living in the world? That is normal for us and is expected.

    Another one is:

    “to sending of spam or unsolicited bulk messages like political and promotional advertisements, financial loans or recruitments”

    Yes. Some of my friends are blocked because of this. Because of spamming as they were told. Is their system of detecting spams has only the basis of sending number of texts per day?

    Don’t they have a proper algorithm of detecting text or string or detecting if it has website urls or excessive use of contact numbers included? It should be based on that not the number of texts per day to be flagged as spam.

    If they flagged us subscribers as doing spam because of legit replies then their system is so bullshit!

    • safe_mode

      I agree. It’s the same with their tatoo – and I’m am a proud owner of it (formerely). I register to their UNLI because video calls are smoother. But now it only lasts about two hours and mostly you have to reconnect.

      It’s good to implement FAIR usage policy. But it became UNFAIR because ALL are treated and labelled as ABUSERS.

  • 1x2xx

    improve service. yun lang.

  • Em

    Nakaka buwisit talaga ang globe. Nag register ako sa unli call nila and they cut and stopped my subscription in unlimited call twice in a row hours and hours before it’s expiration time. So I finally switched to Smart.

  • roland

    damn nag register ako but it didnt work kinain lang load ko what kind of promo is this so damn need ko pa mag load ulit ng 30 i thought need ko lang magkaroon pa ng balance wala naubos din so shit i tried to call 211 for assistance dami ek ek lalo lang nakakainis this is a big bullshit wag po kayong mag paasa ng mga subscribers nio kung palpak din pala i would say to this promo is a damn bullshit..

  • bakit ganun di ako maregister… tapos there was a time na bigla na lng nawawala load ko kasi wal pa sa oras… naka experienced n ba kau ng agnun?

  • Christian

    RIP Globe!
    Kakapal nyu sabe nyu unlimited yun pala limitado .
    Mabagal na nga,Pinuputol pa!
    Bago palang yung Broadband ko tapos usad pagong pala.
    Tae nasayang lang yung pera ko!Bwisit kayu Globe kung ganyan lang ang serbisyo nyu samen ,Tanggalin nyu na yang network nyu!
    Mamatay na kayung lahat bwisit!
    Smart and Sun are the best network than this piece of shit!
    3yrs ko nang problema to d paren inaaksyunan!Put*

  • fuckyou globe bullshit kayo putang ina!!!

    Bullshit kayo tanga ina ansarap magmura pagmahina ang signal tan ina kayo globe mamatay na nakaisip nyang data policy na yan tang ina kayo mamatay lahat ng nasa globe bullshit fuck you bull shit kayo shi fuck you globe mamatay na kayong lahat babarangin ko sinaman nakaisap nya tang ina bullshit fuck !!!!!!!!!!!

  • babarangin kayo globe gaganti ako bullahit kayo

    Papabarang ko gumawa nyan tang ina andami ko nang nagastos kasi minsan di nag reregister kulang daw sa load bullshit talaga gobyerno ng pilipinas bullshit patibanaman kayo bullshit na rin aba uso na pa la ang bullshit ngayon sigi ipapa bullshit ko kayo sa mambabarang bullshit fuck you globe !!!!!!!!!!

  • Julz Guramen

    Tang ina!!!!! Ung gounli 25 sabi unli allnet txt bat nbbwasan balance ko…… P