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Globe Tattoo is no different from Globe Visibility

This is a bit late but if you’re planning on getting a Globe Broadband Tattoo, don’t get your hopes up that it will give you the 2 Mbps max speed (or even half of it) as advertised. I saw this product in a stall during Microsoft’s Web Ramp Up last Feb. 26. at SMX and when I asked the Globe reps there if it’s the same as Globe Visibility, they said that it is.


They just repackaged and re-branded it to give their mobile broadband service a fresh look but if you’re having trouble with the connection on the Visibility like I do, chances are this won’t help you much. I asked the rep if it will give me problems in my place (Pasay), he couldn’t answer directly and just pointed me to try it out on one of their machines. Ho hum.

Well broadband service these days are still hit and miss. There are people saying that Globe has excellent broadband coverage and there are those who don’t. Nevertheless, it’s the unhelpful and not-so knowledgeable support service that’s been infuriating customers and making Globe a turn off.

So should you get one? It won’t hurt to try but make sure that they can give you a hassle-free refund if it doesn’t pan out for you.

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  • They said that Globe’s visibility is better that smartbro here on olongapo, not so sure though, but im planning to get any wireless services for my laptop..

    needs to be always connected for my blog.

  • Yence

    It’s actually working well in the Pasig area. I think it’s because the signal here is good but if you go to other areas i.e. Malabon, don’t set your expectations high.

  • here in my location, in all wireless connection available, Smart bro canopy is the best compared to these USBs

  • Long time i havent visited back to PTB!

    Here is the real deal, actually i heard from the next guy on a phone call at the elevator who didnt have a clue who I am — he might have thought i dont understand what hes blabbing. heh.

    Anyway, this thing is a big mistake coz at first they had a another company who already subleased 3G/GRPS channels for corporate users before even these was available to the masses — ow i got to speak to them 2 years ago, when these usb gprs modem dongles arent even around yet; then they released Visibility and then this. But guess what, you’re not gonna believe this… they didnt calculate if they have enough bandwidth. You see, these devices shares the same medium as your MMS, WAP and 3G calls. Now their core and value added services are taking the hit along with these new services. Well i guess they’ll bet everyone will just be suckers to be cool and buy these anyway so that they can get enough to upgrade their bandwidth — after 10 years.

    And im not talking about just Globe here, same with Smart whose office is just a few blocks away from mine.

    How i get to pickup all this, cant be on public places right?

    Well, sometimes i get bored & i hack, not just online but physical ones using social-engineering — You’ll be surprised how far a guy wearing a white ID tag with only word “contractor” printed on it can go inside these buildings unchecked. Just pretend you work there, even ask the guard how is he and commend him. If caught, say youre a new guy and got lost ask for direction how to get back to your place at Xth floor.

    See, its not really illegal if you’re lost and i really get lost a lot :))

  • nibi

    I did buy one, and its really good in some spots in manila.. and i even got 3.1 mbps speed.. O_O

  • BK

    Sa lahat nag balak bumili…
    pag isipan nyo muna maiigi…

    base sa tatto site covered yun area namin ng HSDPA.
    tabi lang kami ng exchange ng globe… pero intemittent signal. ni hindi ka maka log sa YM.

  • palpog

    Globe Visibility is actually pretty good in San Pablo City (my mother’s home), but not in my place in Makati City. Signal in my place keeps switching to UMTS (which is useless) to HSDPA. Compared to my mom’s place, where HSDPA is steady.

    so to all of you, just ask anybody in your area if the HSDPA signal is stable in your area. I repeat, it’s all about HSDPA signal stability.

  • jieva

    hi im planning to buy a globe tatto prepaid
    my signal b sa maasin city?
    please help me

  • jaras

    Wake up people. I bought this GLOBE TATTOO broadband usb gadget from the GLOBE center here near our place.After 2 days of using and consuming its free 5 hours that came with the gadget, I started to get furious and mad at the service I am getting. I have wasted a lot of money with this gadget. After 7 days , I decided to visit the Globe center. After airing my side, I was surprise to hear from their GLOBE representative assigned to me. According to her, subscribers will experience a slowdown due to the number of users sharing the network alloted for the GLOBE TATTOO broadband. In my reply I told her, how can you brag that this product is running at 2mbps when my 56k modem is way ahead faster than your product? After hearing all her explaining and reasoning, I said I want a refund. But according to her, she said that it cant be refunded. So all I can say to the GLOBE company with regards to their GLOBE TATTOO product, you are nothing but lying and cheating jerks. So if you are planning on buying this GLOBE TATTOO product, wake up! dont be a victim. Do not get carried by their deceitful advertisements.

  • Rex

    You can lock your unit to “WCDMA only” to avoid switching to UMTS when both are available.

    Here in Iloilo City, there are times where I can’t connect and the connection is slow, but late at night or early in the morning, I get sustained speeds of 1Mbps.

  • Ferdie

    Hello guys….

    Reading your blog… So you mean, “di totoo yong pinapalabas nila sa commercial, like you will have a 2 mbps speed connection?” In short, maganda lang yong pang akit nila sa commercial pero di naman maganda service!


  • this is 3G Network dependent, so kung walang 3G signal sa place nyo, wag nalang, there are also 3G phone na pwede gamitin as modem instead of buying this.

  • John Marvin Cruz

    I definitely agree. I use Globe wireless broadband and i understand that its the same 3G network that Globe Visibility/Tatoo is using. And their service sucks big time. Its been almost a month na that they are undergoing “System Restoration for the whole of Luzon”

  • jp4tisha

    I think in most cities you can still get a modest speed but when I was in my town in Bikol (3rd District, Cam Sur), the speed was no better than a dial up connection, not to mention that our house is just a stone-throw from the globe tower in the town.

  • paul walker

    compare smart with globe??? ano masasabi nyo???

  • 2314


  • Jujutski

    You’re all right guys! sometimes wag kayong masyadong nagpapapaniwala sa mga TV komersyals, just like me when I first saw Globe Tattoo’s advertisement sa TV na enganyo akong bumili kaagad nito, but nung ginamit ko na sa pc ko? I was really disgusted for a price of P1,895 nagtapon lang ako ng pera, para kang gumamit ng DIAL-UP MODEM na worth P1,895 wow! it really sucks!

  • net.Engr

    Broadband speed depends on type of services (2G,EDGE,3G,HSPA) installed on your homing BTS. Being closed to BTS (Technical term for cellsite)will not guaranteed you to have a good and fair connection. You are lucky enough if there are 3G and HSPA along your area. But its not also a guarantee to have a good connection. The number of subscribers attached to a particular BTS gives an impact to your connection because of bandwidth sharing. Once the maximum allowable bandwidth assigned to BTS was already used, the maximum bandwidth capacity starts now to divide to the total number of subscriber attached. For example if a 3G site has a capacity of 50Mbps. It has a dedicate pipe worth 1.2Mbps for every client. Meaning for every 50Mbps capacity there are 41 pipes (50/1.2 round down) available. If this pipe already allocated, the BTS starts now to divide its bandwidth to the total number of clients connected. The more clients connected in a particular BTS the lesser the bandwidth you will get. BTS cant filter how many clients are connected.

  • will try this next week.when my client bought a compaq laptop theres a free globe tattoo.i hope our area is not that congested(tanza,navotas) 🙂
    i think its better than using a 3G phone (like N73) which you need to constantly charge because 3G connection drains your battery rapidly.

  • Alam nyo ba na nagwowork me online dito sa haus. At etong Globe na aming provider eh, nawawalan palagi ng connection, ilang beses ko na tinawagan ang mga customer rep nila eh palagi napuputol ang syempre tatawag ka nanaman panibagong rep na naman ang kakausapin mo ulitin na naman ang mga tanong tapos mapuputol na naman…5x ata ginawa sa min yun…nakakabwisit diba…Kung pwede lang iterminate ang contract ginawa ko na…Wag na kayo mag Globe walang silbi…

  • alex

    Inoras ko ang tawag sa globe. Yong 211. 6 minutes lang ang total time kaya try to be short and str8 to the point. Give your name and cell number agad after 6 minutes putol na yong line. yong 6 mins e kasama na yong wait time sa line. pero I had an issue with a load before. Sabi ko I have text proof na na over charge ako sa 5pesos per 15 mins nila. The following day. siend ako ng refund load 30.00. I am surprise. Madalas kasi sasabihin lang niya try this and call back.

  • Jun Santiago

    Magtatatlong buwan na akong gumagamit ng tattoo ng globe and walang binigay ito sa akin kundi sakit ng ulo. Huwag na huwag kayong bibili ng tattoo ng globe. Dito ako sa Bagong Silang Caloocan nakatira and sabi sa site nila covered daw ang lugar namin pero ang pangit pangit ng signal dito.

  • Joanne

    Same here. It came to a point na hindi ako makapagbrowse the whole day. Malaking abala talaga.Ung up/download speed eh madalas 0-3kbps sa bahay. At kahit nasa ortigas o makati ako, still mabagal pa ren. Tinalo pa ng dial-up. At madalas pa, nadidisconnect ako ng ave. 5x a day. Dahil don, magrereconnect ako. For every connection, initial/min. charge diba is P5.00, so dun pa lng lugi na. Tsk tsk.

  • if you live outside the metro you might wanna try their WiMax offering. it’s supposed to give wider coverage and consistent signal than 3G and best of all, they have a 30-days money back guarantee.

  • rh0ioZeT

    ahmm…meron akong globe tattoo at HSDPA ung signal nya pro d stable.. katapos palang ng bagyo sa lugar namen tas pagtry ko ng tattoo naging GPRS nlang. hirap na ko mkainternet..dahil ba sa bagyo yun?…

  • Cybernes

    Gusto k sana bumili ng Globe Visibility, eh ung mga nbasa ko ng mga comment about GV. mas mrami ang nag sabi pangit. prang ndismaya 2loy akong bumuli, pag sa malate manila kya stable ang signal? cno na ang nka gamit ng GlobeVisibility ang location nsa w/ in metro manila?? tnx

  • clueless

    1) which is better: Globe Tattoo or We-roam?
    2) what’s the next best thing to DSL right now in terms of speed and stability of connection?

    let me know, thanks!

  • angelo

    Pangit ang globe dito sa valenzuela. mas maganda pa ang smart, I have both prepaid. Wag na lang bumili nitong globe maiinis kalang!
    Pero puede ka magtxt sa globe tattoo, kaya ok na rin sa akin very convenient kung marami natetext sau!

  • angelo

    Sa smart di puede magtext! Sa globe puede rin pasa load lang. Sa smart di pede. for ur info.

  • angelo

    clarification: sa globe puede ka magtxt using ur laptop or computer and not ur celphone. kaya para kang me cellpone sa laptop. ok di ba?

  • Mark

    watch out of Globe WIMAX

  • ryan

    sobrang nakakabwisit yang globe tattoo! nauubos lang load ko kakare-connect. tapos ang bagal pa…tsaka sa madaling araw lang malakas ang signal…around 2:30am to 5:30am tapos babagal na. kaninang madaling araw nag-try akong mag-connect, as expected, naka 6 akong re-connection so pumapatak na P30 agad ang nabawas sa kin. sakit ng ulo ko. dapat nirereklamo to sa NTC! di naman totoo yung sabi sa commercial na “WIDEST COVERAGE” ulol! false advertisement! very disappointing! dun sa mga nagbabalak na bumili…sinasabi ko sa inyo na pagsisisihan nyo ang pagbili…dapat may refund! and bagal bagal!

  • advise ko sa mga nabubwisit sa globe tattoo, ipa-unlock nyo na lng un usb modem nyo para makagamit kayo ng ibang sim from other networks. tapos install kayo ng CPROXY web accelerator para mas bumilis un pag-load ng webpages.

    for more info on cproxy, search nyo goole =)

  • makito-san

    PEKE ang globe tattoO!!! I bought one from GT Legazpi and it worked fine A-OK when I went home full bar 3G/HSDPA, but after just a few days 3G was gone up to now GPRS na lang lumalabas. Wala naman silang ginagawa para maayos ang service. What a crap! Don’t be fooled by their ads.

    SMARTBro is still a winner!!!!

    GLOBE sucks.

  • makito-san

    Globe tattoo P1895? sayang ang pera mo SMARTBro P995 na lang proven nationwidest kahit nasa tuktok ka ng pinakamalayong bundok 3G/HSDPA, di peke. Nagsisi ako na bumili pa ako ng Globe Tattoo. Walang silbi, palaging disconnected.. hayyyy yan ba ang #1 broadband?

  • hyra

    FYI, it looks like Globe just performed a recent upgrade especially for 3G… and now, tattoos are blazing…i couldnt believe my eyes.
    15 times the speed it used to have, and 13 times faster than my smartbro!!! 2 mbps baby!!!

    Alam nyo. i agree that swertehan lang talaga where you are and what service works for you. Syempre the network isnt perfect in all places naman, logically….find out what works for your area.

    As for me, im confident the tattoo is here to stay..

  • grace

    sayang nga tlaga pera…sobrang walang signal dito sa laguna…the lady from globe told me that pag di 3g area lowest speed will be at 30kbps, how come 3g area kami pero 0kbps madalas? kainis! sana ayusin ng globe kasi sayang ang pera pinambili ng kit no…



  • gin

    I already tried all—-SmartBro Plug-it, Globe Tattoo, Sun Wireless Broadband. If you’re in Metro Manila, Sun is the best among the 3. I think that Sun has pure HSDPA in Metro Manila while Globe and Smart has a mix of 3G and HSDPA here. All 3 have deadspots for broadband, but Sun has lesser deadspots. But if you’re planning to use it outside of MM, definitely Sun is not to be chosen–they don’t have 3G nor HSDPA outside MM. Just my two cents worth.

  • van

    totoo.. walang kwenta service ng globe! i have both the visibilty (bought at 2,500) and the globe tattoo (free when i bought a new notebook pc at hp) at pareho silang walang kwenta! our area is covered by the WCDMA, naka-set na to WCDMA preferred.. still, walang kwenta! super cheap pa ng packaging ng tattoo! kumuha nga ako ng blade at kinayod ko ung cheap plastic when i got home. i didnt care about the scratches i made on the device just as long as i remove the stupid sticker na nakadikit! and hellooooo… buti pa ang sun and smart wireless noh… all througout the storm may signal! e 3 days na ha bakit wala pang signal globe ngayon?? kahit GSM wala! cheap service! cheap product!

  • E. Nigma

    Globe as an Internet Service Provider sucks big time. I was expecting a lot from their Globe Wimax. Had it installed and it performed good on its first day. But after that, I couldnt even open a website. Even google’s homepage takes a minute to load. The globe tower is just 2 buildings away from us. The wimax signal is always at 100%. Good thing there is a refund for this during the first month. Wimax aint worth it yet. I have smart bro also, its slow but at least pages load. 🙂 Im still gonna look for a better alternative….

  • Regretted buying Globe Tattoo

    I recently bought Globe Tattoo in the hopes of having an internet on-the-go..

    Unfortunately, when I tried it, the broadband is fluctuating and it register 0.00 kbps most of the time..

    I hope there are some ways to get my money back..

  • Jan …Regretted buying Globe Tattoo

    I forgot, I am in laguna..

  • Rei

    Feeling ko kaya ine-rebrand ang Globe Visibility into “Tattoo” kasi asar na sila sa pangangatsaw ng marami (Globe Invisibility…hehe). Totoo sinasabi ng karamihan dito. Mahina internet service ng Globe. Malawak nga ang coverage pero mahina ang connection. Maniwala kayo sa akin, madalas ako bumyahe (and i’m not just talking about Metro Manila area. I mean buong Pinas ang nalilibot ko). First hand ko masasabi na mahina talaga ang Globe. I have both Smart Bro and Globe Tattoo, and in some areas pa nga talo pa ng Sun ang Globe pag dating sa signal strength. Pumasok ka sa isang building, wala nang signal ang Globe.

  • tattered dream

    here’s regretting buying globe tattoo. my expectations got tattered. got carried away by their ad (actually hype). if your business depends on emailing for survival, better have tons and tons of patience.

  • tattered dream

    by the way im in qc. you’re lucky if you dont get disconnected after 2 mins. a very simple email, which is less than 10 mins to do especially with a broadband, will take you about 1 hr or so to complete. if you’re able to connect, don’t rejoice because chances are you;re not going anywhere because speed is equal or less than zero. with broadband internet that is globe tattoo, i thought browsing would be a wonderful experience…and dial-up is a thing of the past.

    with much time and effort wasted reloading and refreshing pages that dont display because you get disconnected much faster than they load. and every minute that you dont see anything, their money meter is ticking continously to eat up your load. now if that’s not a rip off, then what you call that.

    paging ntc and dti, please look at these wireless boredband matters, and protect us from their predatory marketing gimmicks. i want my money back.

    i went back to my dial-up and i was able to accomplish what globe tattoo failed to do. dont get fooled by marketing hype.

  • juancho

    i just bought globe tattoo, in my residence i couldn’t get any connection that is in caloocan city north but in my work place batasan quezon city never had any problem. Tama siguro suwertehan lang sa lugar.

  • tattered dream

    i hate the day i bought tattoo. my connection reads hspda, speed is zero, thus blank pages. but the meter keeps ticking. disconnected every minute on the average. was lucky if didmt get dc’ed for 5 mins straight (otherwise i’ll get dc’ed 5 times). this is very unproductive — a waste of time, money and effort.

    btw, this recent post of mine plus my previous posts above were made possible by dial-up 52 kbps connection.

    if u think wireless broadband will make your life easier, think again. it will only make you frustrated.

    if these wireless boreband, err broadband, providers were to exercise corporate responsiblity, they should sell their product only in their tried and tested areas. they should not sell anywhere and everywhere just to increase sales. and live up to what they claim in their adverts.

    you are not parting with just few pesos only but several hundred pesos of your hard-earned money.

  • Simply Amazing

    dito sa katipuna malakas yung signal ng globe tatoo…HSDPA pa heheheheh

  • Simply Amazing

    dito sa katipunan malakas yung signal ng globe tatoo…HSDPA pa heheheheh

  • Nalokooo ng Tattoooooo

    0.00kbps yan ang tato0.00 abutin ka 0.00am sa pag open ng simple email. globo0.00 balik nyo pera ko!

    • aaronjohnreyes

      hahaha IKR lagi dc sa DN

  • gorgeous

    I think, Globe delivered when they said that it can give up to 2Mbps.

    Dito sa Ortigas area, mabilis talaga sya. I can say, it is comparable sa office internet namin pagdating sa bilis, upload and download. Ikaw ba naman, HSDPA ang ginagamit. 🙂

    Pero since i live in UP area, sa may CP Garcia, WCDMA lang ginagamit, walang HSDPA? OMG! I just hope “simply amazing’s” HSDPA signal sa Katipunan ay abot sa amin. Sana masaya din ako.

    But still, i downloaded a 2MB powerpoint sa Yahoo mail ko, and it took me around 4mins to download it. Sensya na hindi ko napansin yung download speed nung time na yun. kayo na bahala sa math, basta 2mb took me around 4mins give or take a 15 secs.

    So i think, okay naman sya over-all.

    Sana lang hindi nila sinasabi na sa lahat ng areas malakas ang signal. Buti na lang yung seller sa Technohub along Commonwealth, sinabi nya lahat sakin. 🙂

    BTW, dito sa Ortigas area, ang video streaming, grabe, asteeg. Supah dupah bilis, like watching an HD movie sa aking schlaftaf.

  • baby

    Yeah… all those promotions they have were BOGUS!

  • glenda

    Since sept. 26, 2009 up to now oct 17 no dialtone and globe broadband connection na ako.Everyday I have to call their 171 csr and they cannot really give reasonable and believable excuses. I have 1mbps subscription started January 2009. Almost every month we have connection problems and about four times system restoration alibis since jan. to oct. Globe really sucks!!! I’m terminating my subscription tomorrow. The hell with their lock in period no way I’m gonna pay! By the way I have a neighbor using Digitel broadband. He had no problems even during and after Ondoy and Pepeng.



  • Jaras

    Hello again guys.
    Learn from me. Take a serious thought of what Im about to share again.

    Last time I made a comment about my disgust with Globe’s Tattoe broadband service. After a few months of staying at peace due to my sad experience with Globe’s Tattoe Broadband, Globe again offered me its internet services, this time the wireless connection. After some bla bla bla with their marketing agents, I agreed hoping that Globe would bounce back from its poor tattoe broadband service. After the installation, the installer guy ask me to try their wireless connection, gosh! I was laughing mad, again its like a 56kbps modem. So I had it removed again right then and there. They’ve wasted 2 days of my precious time. I that’s it I said. To my surprise, after 2 weeks here comes again the Globe agents calling me to apply for a wired connection instead with a landphone package. So after that usual bla bla bla I agreed that they install then a wired internet connection and they installed it last sept 29,2009.After the installation (1mbps plan), oh my, its really fast I said. I even used it to pass information around thru the internet during the typhoon peping and ondoy. Unfortunately, right after typhoon peping, my internet connection was gone. I tried using their landphone to call their customer service personnel but I couldnt get thru. So I said, okay perhaps they need to repair their lines due to the typhoon. 5 days passed before my internet was restored, the problem is, it goes down anytime from time to time without even receiving any updates from Globe if they are still fixing lines going thru our area. Guys read this…. last Oct 21, 2009 I received my billing. My plan was 1295, my bill was 1500 including vat, and my due date is Oct 24, 2009. I could not imagine, after only using their internet for 2 weeks (good connection), and now Im having troubles with their connection from time to time, GLobe is asking me to pay 1500.00 when Im only suppose to have my 1 month subscription on Oct 29, 2009. Their landline service is of no use also. I ask the installer guys if the phone comes with a telephone directory, well, it does not. I cannot even call the telephone using other networks like pldt or smart or digitel.And! I cant make outgoing calls except from globe to globe, or to their customer service. (Our place is Baguio City and I just dont know if you suffer the same poor services from Globe) .

  • josh

    wag nlng kau mgpa install ng globe broadband kz useless tattoo nmn dpende sa lugar tlga kea bgo kau bumili try to ask mga kapitbahay n me tattoo broadband pra mlman nyo kun ok xa sa lugar nio

  • globe tattoo is awful. it’s the slowest I’ve ever seen. even at full strength, five signal bars, the speed fluctuates between 0 kbps and 300 kbps. Nowhere near 2mbps. The 2mbps is a total lie and fraud. I would not recommend it. Even at 0 kbps you still get charged 20p per hour. What a ripoff. Getting charged for the slowest connection I’ve ever seen!

  • Globeboredband

    Bumili classm8 q ng laptop and it came with a free Globe Tattoo. When we tested it, such a watse of load and time dahil ang tagal magload ng pages. 0.00kbps appear on the software’s meter…

    I’m using Smartbro, and one time it even gave me a maximum speed of 2.8 mbps without fail… I can even use limewire and youtube… Even if smartbro sometimes dropped to 0.00kbps to 10 kbps for reasons unknown, i can still access the sites like facebook, yahoo mail and google…

    Just always put into your minds that wireless connections are prone interference or outside factors like buildings, weathers and others…

    And always remember that the “2mbps” promotion is the “MAXIMUM SPEED” and who the hell will advertise their MINIMUM SPEED which is 0.00kbps???


    But in the end, SmartBro is better than Globe Tattoo, as what my comparisons/studies revealed

  • July

    yung globe ko postpaid. 3.6mbps daw???
    1. laging 0.00kbps.
    2. 800kbps ang pinakamataas. di man lang umabot sa 1Mbps. Hay!!
    3. naddisconnect lagi
    4. mabagal sa area ng makati(paseo), Manila(Sta.Mesa). Kahit sa Bataan mabagal din. di ko magamit ng maayos.
    5. Di pwede sa youtube, facebook. Pwede kaya lang per upload super bagal. 100kbps lang lagi. maddisconnect ka pa. Grabe!!

  • Perf

    Mga bobo karamihan dito. Depende sa lugar yan, siyempre pag maraming subscriber nagiging congested ang area. Depende rin sa distance yan at coverage ng 3G/HSDPA. Kung wala kang coverage ng 3G/HSDPA sa lugar mo, kahit anong gawin mo, d ka makakaconnect sa ini-expect mong speed. Kung walang 3G, siyempre d GPRS/UMTS lang ang makukuha mong signal kahit katabi mo pa TOWER. Sa area ko Asingan, Pangasinan, 3 cellsite ng SMART, samantalang 2 sa GLOBE. Doon nakakakuha ako ng HSDPA signal ng Globe at d bumibitaw lalo na sa gabi. Minsan bumibitaw din sa umaga dahil marami sigurong gumagamit. Pero yung SMARTBRO, ichallenge ko kayo, punta kayo sa area ko, same distance ang GLOBE at SMART cellsite pero walang 3G coverage ng SMART doon samantalang 3 pa Tower nila. Nagwo-work ako sa Masinloc, Zambales. As I observed, kasi parehong walang 3G coverage doon both network, hanggang GPRS lang makukuha mong signal. And the sad thing is, kahit mas malapit tower ng Globe doon, madalang kang makapagconnect. Kaya sa mga network providers natin, advertise only what is true. Don’t exaggerate your commercials just to enticed users to buy/patronize your product. In fairness naman sa kanila, wag nyo namang masyadong tirahin mga network providers natin. Aburido nga kayo pag naiiwan cellphone nyo sa bahay o wala kayong nakukuhang signal dahil wala kayong natatangagap na messages o call man lang. BE FAIR, BE SMART…Let’s make our GLOBE a wonderful place to live in…

    • deathrow48

      eh un naman pla eh, dapat dna cla tmatangap ng subscriber sa lugar na congested, dapat magadag cla facilities, wala plang coverage eh bkit pilit silang kumukuha ng subscriber sa lugar na walang coverage, dapat ngvivisibility check muna cla sa lugar bago magsalpak sa over crowded na plang tower. wag ka mgsalita ng bobo na kla mo matalino ka…kung d lng tinitipid ng globe ung bandwidth na binabato nila sa mga base station nila kya nagaagawan lhat ng subscriber nila sa kakarampot na banwidth…at wala kami pakialam kung aburido sila dahil responsibilad nila un…depende pla sa lugar bkit pa nila sasalpakan ng bagong costumer ung over crowded na na mga tower nila….ikaw ang bobo

      • globesucks

        Palpak talaga ang globe. Kahit hindi nagloload ang page binabayaran. I spent 100 just opening my e-mail and then it got disconnected. Hello mga senador at congressman, imbestigahan ang kadayaan ng globe!

  • jonah

    NO difference. Parehas wa kwents.

  • JD

    Ur right.globe’s crap. nonsense.

  • Karl

    screw globe!

  • jamie

    nabasa ko mga posts d2! grabe pla. meron pang tapat na ng globe wla pa dn signal. Lol
    balak ko pa nmng magpalit, for a change lang. maganda daw kasi globe. pero sa mga nabasa ko ngeon. haha.. d na lang pala. Smartbro user here. smart is good.:)

  • wireless_pinoy

    Kahit po malapit kayo sa tower kung di naman dun ang service tower nyo wala rin po. baka sa ibang malayo na tower yun.

    Option..hanapin nyo yung service tower nyo or ask muna sa mga ISP kung may service sila sa area nyo.

    lagyan nyo ng external antenna ang mga USB modem as long as may External antenna connector sya.

    Sa may pang external sila na match sa connector ng USB like sa akin na E156C.
    Pwede rin sa E160, B933 or any huawei device na may CRC9 connector

    Baka mag improve or stable ang link nyo.

  • well.. i can say that all advertisment is FALLACIOUS. it’s up to you tobelieve or not.

  • edwin

    para sakin maganda globe tattoo nakakapaglaro p ko ng 2029 online game….. kaya lang bkit pag 8:00 PM to 7:30 am wala akong signal dun lang ako nabwibwisit!!!!! hwhahahahaha

  • jek

    location – GMA, Cavite
    Globe tatoo works fine here. Im using it for almost 2 years.Got no problem on it even 2 signal bars attained..esp at night wherein lesser user at the area..even got 1.4 Mbps simultaneous downloads..

  • zedi

    dito sa QC hindi maganda ang globe.. nakakainis sa sobrang bagal. 15kbps-90kbps lagi kong speed..

  • venjie

    sa mga nagpaplanong bumili sinasabi ko sa inyo magsisisi kayo.kahit saang area pa yan wala talagang kakwenta2 ang globe!!! sarap bombahin ..!!

  • deborah



  • Zeke

    sa mga nka globe tattoo ganto gwin nyo ha hbang nka kabit ung usb wag nyo munua iconnect punta kau sa Tools > Options > Network > sa network type ang i-select nyo 3G only or WCDMA only (wag preferred ksi pag preferred pag humina ang signal ng 3G or WCDMA automatic lilipat yan sa GPRS) hindi porke malapit kau sa tower ng globe malakas na ang signal kung mdming puno or mata2as na buildings sa lugar nyo un ang dhilan kung bkt mhina ang signal dyan.. mas maganda ang connection kung may line of sight kayo dun sa tower wla kcng nagbo-block sa signal na galing sa cellsite ng ISP nyo

  • Zeke

    taga Lipa City, Batangas ako malakas ang signal dito at maganda ang connection nd napuputol minsan umuuwi ako sa rosario dun mahina ang connection kc mdming matataas na puno dun uulitin ko mas maganda ang connection kung may line of sight kayo dun sa tower wla kcng nagbo-block sa signal na galing sa cellsite ng ISP nyo.. payo ko sa inyo kung ayaw nyo na sayang ang load nyo pag nadi-disconnect mag Super Surf 50 kau kelangan nyo lng ng 5pesos extra load 24hrs unlimited un just type SuperSurf50 and send it to 8888

    master zeke at your service (^^,)


  • Kulas Dayao

    I Discourage everyone to purchase Globe tatoo or visibility. Connection is really ssssssllllllooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww… WTF
    You’ll regret with what you what you’ll be paying for.

  • Kulas Dayao

    Globe brag about their speed.. pfff…WTF
    Coudn’t even open a google page for that.



    Yun lang po.

    • gagongglobe

      like !

  • e-ville

    advise ko lang yung mga nagbabalak mag wimax sa area nang mining to baliti, pls think a thousand times before applying for one. i got the taste of frustration using it. to prove it, i have two job orders provided for me by their customer service team. meaning, hindi lang once, twice, but a lot of times nang pinuntahan sa bahay para ayusin ang signal.. yep, SIGNAL!! mabilis nga, pero pag sapit nang gabi, wala nang SIGNAL!! aabot na yun till 12 noon. saklap! harang talaga!! i felt short-changed!! to top it all, the last repair they did was to extend my antenna post to 20 FEET from the roof of the house. try to imagine, 20 FEET!! punyeta, nag mukhang cellsite bahay ko. lahat ng taong nakakapansin, natatawa sa itsura. kahit ngayon, i bet natawa kayo. i’ll post some pictures sa web..

  • Kazuyen

    Putang inang globe tattoo yan puno ang signal bars pero ang speed 10.kpbs tapos minsan zero. Sinubukan kong mag experiment ang pumunta talaga sa cell site ng globe dito sa amin as in nasa harap na ako ng cell site. Putang ina naman pala kahit nasa mukha muna cell site nila ganun parin speed. Anu ba yan yan ang fastest growing broadband chuchu??? hindi ko pa na try smart ma try nga minsan.

  • JuliuS Billionaire

    i just wanna watch porn but,the internet is soooo slow.

  • victor


  • chan

    guys, it’s not a matter of who’s telling the truth or not. i think it’s a matter of location. if you think globe sucks because you can’t get the speed you expected, try asking other houses on your area. in my house, globe is better than pldt. since i was in highschool (im postgrad already) this was the issue. isp bonanza vs some isp dial up cards i cant remember. my classmate tells one sucks and the other one is good, then another disagrees. now the fight is between broadbands. i think it’s because of your location. pldt sucks in my area (and the line operators sucks too) globe has decent speed here (and i also like the communication skills of the operators). i haven’t tried bayantel, some say it’s fast, some say it’s slow.

  • gagongglobe

    nkakabwiset na globe tattoo .. habang tumatagal pahina ng pahina internet connection ko. ang lapit lng nmn sa site pero ganto ngyayare. full bars nn yung signal pero mukang peke naman, tapos walang kwenta pa mga CSR nila.wala nmn naitutulong, korni na ng globe.. puro porma lng sa commercials. gaganda ng mga posters/design/commercials , yun nmn yung kinapangit ng serbisyo nila. puro porma tang ina

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  • Strike

    grabe nga ang globe… 4G daw yung nabili ko na huawei e359 na broadband stick at up to 7.2 Mbps pa daw.. pero di naman umaabot ng 1mbps… at laging 0.00kbps and dl speed… lokohan ata ito ih… sana lang <b>totoo sila sa commercial nila…</b> <br />
    minsan pa nga wala talaga connection kahit may load.