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Globe Telecom claims interconnection problems not their fault

globe logoLast week there were complaints from Globe subscribers experiencing  problems with interconnection and SMS transactions between its network and other telcos.

Globe Telecom was quick to issue a statement claiming that their network is fine and is running smoothly despite reports that a lot of subscribers had difficulty in processing text messages from other networks.

“œOur network is not experiencing any difficulty in handling SMS traffic across networks. As far as our technical monitoring is concerned, there were no incidences of failed connections with other telco companies, whether on calls or text messages,” said Globe Head of Corporate Communications Yoly Crisanto.

“œOur technical group reported that our network’s integrity using both the modernized as well as the remaining legacy infrastructure is uncompromised and currently performs at its peak. There may be times when non-Globe subscribers may experience difficulty sending texts to our network but the problem may have to do with their transmitting home network,” she added.

Crisanto cited the case of Sun Cellular’s link congestion which is affecting inter-operator SMS traffic. “œThere is an ongoing negotiation with Sun to upgrade their links to better serve Globe customers,” she said further.

“œWe urge the public not to heed negative statements and advisories that are contrary to the actual situation on the ground,” said Crisanto. “œOur messaging platform is performing well, especially in light of our current modernization program, whether we receive from or send to other networks.”

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  • kaztig


  • Andy

    What a lie!!! Kaya lumipat na ako sa Smart eh. Kc maski sa kweba may signal ang Smart! LoL

  • chinitoguy

    Can’t relate to this. I seldom text anymore. I rely so much on mobile internet. I connect to my family and friends thru Facebook and Twiiter. I have both Smart and Globe. Honestly, Smart has better connection.

  • Dyce

    Pag ang globe nag text sa smart di dumadating pag smart nag text sa globe dumadating.. pag smart to smart okay lang din so sino may problema smart?? wag nyo kami gawing tanga naman!!!

    • all messages from my Smart contacts came late to my globe number for almost 2 hours last week. however, all my messages from my Globe number reached them almost instantaneously.

  • heya

    Still at it with Globe. Globe to globe networking is seamless. Globe to Sun network connection woes just happened recently, after Smart purchased Sun. You don’t need to be smart to figure things out. Haha. MVP’s on to making his companies the biggest, eliminating any smaller business which can still hamper his goals.

    Smart had been known to have troubles connecting to other network’s before. Been a smart user then, Globe’s still way better 🙂

  • jared

    As for me, UNLI25 service still has problems being usable on my phone. Bah.

  • JUNE

    I am still with globe, you may not have a perfect network but they are pretty stable. It is not a matter channel availability rather interconnection or connecting to a ds3 with a dial up modem. Its plain logic paired up with business strategy. I think NTC should get involve with the interconnection as that where the bottleneck happens and most of the time seen as a network providers fault…

    • TwistedFate

      stable? hahaha..you are joking ryt?

  • TwistedFate

    sobrang sinungaling nyo naman….ano ba problema nyo? bobo ba mga tech engineers nyo? obsolete equipment? interference? insuficient bandwidth source ba? kakagigil na kyo…tapos may presscon pang napaka sinungaling?

  • mark