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Globe Telecom confirms iPhone 3G in the Philippines

Right after the WWDC 2008 where Apple CEO Steve Jobs revealed the new 3G iPhone 2.0, Globe Telecom released news that it will be offering the new iPhone to the Philippines.

Apple is selling the iPhone 3G at $199 for the 8GB model and $299 for the 16GB model. The units will also come in black and white colors (plastic backplating). Of course, the price includes a 2-year contract with Globe.

iPhone 3G

“œWe are very excited to be working with Apple to bring Filipino consumers iPhone 3G later this year,” said Gerardo C. Ablaza, Jr. president and CEO of Globe Telecom. “œOur customers are our greatest passion and we’re constantly striving to offer them the most innovative products such as the revolutionary iPhone 3G.”

“œWe are thrilled to bring iPhone 3G to millions of mobile customers in the Philippines,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s COO. “œWe can’t wait to get this revolutionary mobile device in the hands of even more people around the world.”

iPhone 3G will be available to Globe’s postpaid and prepaid subscribers in the Philippines later this year. Specs include GPS, HSDPA, Wi-Fi, and EDGE capability.

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  • What do they mean “later this year”?

    31 December 2008?

    If Globe does not introduce the iPhone near 11 July 2008, the folks over at Greenhills will have a field day long before Globe does…

  • September is the date given to me by someone from inside Globe.

  • ryan ramos

    can someone tell me as to where i can get the iphone 3g asap? i’m really interested to get one. pls text me 09178038289. i want the black one. tks!

  • 3g iphone? well 3g signal of globe is still unstable, we are using the globe HSDPA usb modem with our laptop, and it so unstable… the signal is like “lulubog – lilitaw” … in fairness.. there are times that the speed is so “hataw” and all day no hassle connecting on it… but lately 7 weeks ago… the signal came so unpredictable…. now they are endorsing this 3g iphone… lalo n mag-aagawan ng signal mga users.. according to them “only 10 users can log at the same time with the 3g signal” … they better improve the signal first before making the product commercial… sana 🙂 … well just according to my teams exprerience (for smartbro wireless naman we didnt take it kc mas mabagal s globe hehehe)

  • Hope this iPhone will be available this September here in the Phil…

    I am excited 🙂

    You may also read the story here:
    iPhone in the Philippines

  • Jan

    Anybody have an idea how much this will cost in the black market? i mean greenhills?

  • wangbu

    iphone 3G prepaid subscribers will have to pay around 35,000 pesos for the 8gig model..LOL!!!

  • Quatro

    Yesterday I went to Globe Center, I was informed that they will release the Iphone 3G here sometime in August

  • I’ve heard that you can’t buy an Iphone without a data plan. This is to prevent hacking like the one that happened to the first gen iphone.

  • Secret

    When will the Iphone 3g in green hills??? anyone know how much it would cost and how about the old Iphone how much is it now?

  • aina

    it’s good to hear that later this year is the release of iphone 3g hear in the philippines…. can’t wait to buy iphone 3g… thanks to globe…..

  • paul

    I would just want to tnx.know.my tita already bought the iphone in the states and will give it to us later this month.would i be able to use it in globe?hope someone would be able to answer my concern.

  • i’m excited about the new iphone 3g and now it’s here in the Phil. when exactly will it be available? and how much will it cost, say postaid? i hope it won’t take too long coz im really excited. will the GPS really work? and how about the internet connection? hope it will be available by september coz my mom’s coming home. thanks anyways! globe is the best!

  • whats the problem ?

    oh cmon ! would they tell us the exact date ?!?!?! those morons should have released it here earlier because filipinos use cellphones 24/7 especially with this one because its FUCKING CHEAPPPPP !!!!!!!!!

  • unknown

    yah its cheap… it is postpaid ryt? 2 years contact with globe but the question… is on what plan? hehe.. plan 5000 for 2 years?? hehe. just a thought..

  • onis

    gusto ko sana bumili kaya lang ang mahal nmn ng Iphone, Php41,000.00 (US$888.88). pag ipunan ko…

  • You can get the new iphone 3g without a contract!!! This is where I got mine:


  • Colin Garrett

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  • abusadongGLOBEtelecom

    oh please! you’ve got to be kiddin me! you will get the iphone in globe if you subscribe the plan 5000 for 2 years! so, after 2 years bankrupt ka na dahil sa iphone!? globe is silently i dont know the right term e, pero yung parang hinohold-up tayo? gets niyo? so kung 5000 a month, multiply it to 24 months(2 years) 120 gran! friggin arse! youve go to be kiddin me!

  • “I think the Globe and Smart are liers…What i think like that…1st Globe promise that there signal are even faster than the other companies but wait…they are “mother fucker” why? at 1st week you got the speed what every1 wants but after that your connection is like your ass…damn it now the 2nd and most dumb,ass,mother fucker and shit companies the Smart bro …actually were using samrtbro right now then before if you got a connection in 1st month in smartbro it is very fast but after that damn you got slow connection or sometimes you dont have any connection, “you should repair or disabled and enable then you got connection or sometimes 1 hour be4 you got connected with the net BUT NOW…If your connection now is Smartbro damn smartbro or mother fucker 1st time you got connection forever you live like in hell damn they have slow connection or sometimes NO CONNECTION but in there Tv Adds they told that Smartbro is really fast then your connection speed is 10.mbps but wait truly its 5 mbps or slower…Dont try to use smartbro or else you live in hell ( i dont say this becoz im a globe user in your information i am a smartbro user and i tell you that they are ass)

  • jjj

    what kind of service is this?
    i took advantage of their plan, unfortunately nasira phone ko. since globe has 1 year warranty so i went to their office and report the problem… i have to pay 500 for the repair and they took the phone and assured me that it will be fixed 1 -2 weeks but it is almost 1 month now i haven’t get the unit yet… nasaan na ang phone ko?!!!!!!!

  • jjj

    poor…………………..ang globe