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Globe Telecom reverses charges on the P3 million phone bill

globe logoGlobe didn’t waste any time fixing the anomalous phone bill charged to Mr. Elmer de Guzman who went home from a trip abroad to find his bill from Globe amounting to over P3 million.

On an official statement from Globe, it was a system glitch on their part that caused the insane charges on the billing. Although, the roaming data breakdown and its charges (P2.51 per 10kb of data) are correct, the system did not apply the zero rate from the Bridge DataRoam Unlimited promo that Mr. de Guzman subscribed to.

Globe has already reversed the charges to reflect the correct amount in the billing statement and will investigate if there are similar instances with other BDU or BDUP promo subscribers.

Here’s Globe Telecom’s official statement.

We wish to clarify the issue concerning the mobile phone charges of Mr. Elmer de Guzman, a postpaid subscriber of Globe Telecom.

We acknowledge that Mr. De Guzman did enroll in the Bridge DataRoam Unlimited promo last November 10, 2013. By enrolling in the promo, the subscriber would not have to pay the regular rate of P2.51 per 10 kilobyte of data.   Based on our record, the subscriber data usage was at 11,139,210KB which would amount to more than P3million inclusive of surcharges and VAT.

Unfortunately, based on our initial findings, the system did not apply the correct zero rate for promos on the data usage which inadvertently caused the bill shock.  While this is an isolated case, we are taking a proactive step to investigate if there are similar instances in areas other than the UAE where the BDU Roaming promo is being offered.

Globe has reversed the charges to reflect the correct amount in the subscriber’s billing statement.  We assure our subscribers that queries on their billing statements are welcome and clarifications will continue to be given priority by our customer service personnel.

We deeply value the trust of our customers and we look forward to strengthening relations with our customers further.

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  • sows! palusot lang nila yan! bulok talaga system nila.

  • edsar

    How can they explain my Monthly data over charge on my bill? I always need to call customer service to clarify it every month

  • olie

    ang tanong, irereverse ba nila yung iba pang palpak na billing nila? malamang hindi!

  • pfft

    Ang bilis nila kumilos kasi kumalat sa social media! Pero kung hindi kumalat maninindigan sila sa earlier statement nila to the customer that the charges are “correct.” So effin greedy

  • nobody

    kailangan pang lumabas sa social media bago bigyan ng action.

  • noari

    Globe will work fast to correct an “error” that is made publicly known via social media but will not officially reverse a charge somewhat similar to this same incident 5 months past and counting, this despite acknowledging that a reversal of charge is due. Worse, while waiting for the official reversal, the collection department keeps bugging me for unpaid charges that is smaller than the amount to be reversed. Lucky you, Mr. Elmer de Guzman

  • Isolated case? I don’t think so. I’m suffering for the last 9 months in regards with my statement.

  • tipidTIPID

    For me it’s wiser to be a prepaid subscriber. 300 worth of service from any telco would only cost you 280 if buy a prepaid card.