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Globe Telecom to push for Q4 WiMax launch

Globe Telecom is pushing for the commercial launch of their WiMax service before the end of the 4th quarter of 2008. Globe CEO Gerry Ablaza, Jr. relayed the plans on their latest investor relations report:

We intend to undertake a major push in broadband, enabled by a suite of stronger wired and
wireless solutions. With new DSL capacities coming on stream and with the optimization of our
3G wireless network, we are in a stronger position to accelerate broadband growth starting in the
second half of the year. We are also proud to announce that we will soon be at the forefront of
new technologies as we deploy WiMax services later this year.

No additional information is available as to the exact date of the commercial launch of Globe WiMax. However, this will surely be a game changer in the Philippine market that’s been saturated with mobile 3G services. Intel Philippines is also helping Globe in deploying their WiMax base-stations around the country.

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