Globe to Globe at P 0.10 per second

Good news for Globe subscribers. Part of Globe’s CELEBRATE, Globe is offering per-second charging (as opposed to the normal per-minute, rounded-off charge). Up to January 16, 2006, Globe-to-Globe calls are now priced at Php 0.10 per second with a special dialing prefix.

Globe to Globe calls are now charged 10 centavos per second! Simply dial 232 + 10-digit Globe number. Available all day and no registration required!

With this promo, Globe prepaid and post paid subscribers truly get their money’s worth because they will only pay for the actual callduration down to the per second level.

But their claim of this being the “first time ever [that] mobile phone subscribers in the Philippines can … enjoy per second charging on their calls” is untrue. Piltel implemented a per-second charging with their Mobiline PhonePal brand (now Talk N’ Text, a brand of what is now a subsidiary of PLDT) analog cellular service about eight years ago.

At any rate, I hope they make this per-second charging a regular feature!

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  • When I first saw the poster: they are testing per pulse (6 second) charging just in case the NTC requires it from the telcos.

  • theres always a catch.. im not using cellphone so im not really interested to know, but just incase someone reads this post, did they mention how many minutes you should be on the phone before they apply the actual .10 cents for every second charge..? its globe to globe only so whats good of that .10 cents against the free, unlimited callcharge they have offered before..? hate me if you want but i think its just plain stupid..

  • It starts as soon as you call. Been calling my contacts for a few seconds (just to say hi), and I was charged less than PhP 2.0. Globe actually sends charge pulses to your GSM phone, so you can use Call Charge settings to check how much exactly each outgoing calls cost (use PhP 0.1 per charge unit).

  • It may seem stupid to you, but then they and Smart found out they can’t offer unlimited calls without their network breaking down.

  • whether its unlimited free call or paid call it is still bound to become over use and eventually breakdown.. they should concentrate more on how they will provide high quality, low cost service rather than concentrating on calculating on how they will break even with the cost and maintenance of their equipments at their customers expense.. i guess youre right, .10 cents is still better than the 4.5 php they use to charge globe to globe calls..

  • It’s a business, not a charity … they need to turn a profit to make it worthwhile for the owners to keep it running.

  • I think Globe’s quality is good enough. Could be cheaper, though.

    Among the local mobile providers, Globe’s service is the only one that fully utilizes the standard GSM features like call diverts, barrings, call waiting, charge/credit advice, and the like–all controllable from your handset with a few menu or *# commands.

    This per-second charging is just a promo up to January 2006, btw, so a breakdown due to overuse is not likely.

  • now that globe retracks from the “unlimited call” wars, is that a sign that all good things do come to a halt and that globe is not as huge as their name implies..?

    “with globe, posible..” – sharon cuneta

  • J. Angelo: It’s only “unlimited” that can cause breakdowns. PhP 0.10/second is definitely closer to their true cost so they’re seeing if they can get people to increase their usage with a lower price. Or, as my other theory goes… they are testing the system to see if they can make it permanent.

    wrencelot: Try thinking as a businessman and not as a consumer for a while, to see where these telcos are coming from. Big business means, big profits but the chance of big losses as well.

  • i am one.. and i prefer to think like a consumer because its the consumer i actually get my profit from..

    i did get what you are pointing to, i agreed on that already.. probably you should start thinking like a businessman that cares more for your consumer than your profit, probably then, youll see my point..

    peace out..

  • Hi guys,

    nice discussion here. cool lang tayo ha 😉 .

    I don’t see the promo resulting in network congestion. In fact, the promo promotes responsible use of the network: “make your call short and sweet and get charged only for what you use up”.

    That’s a whole lot different from the unlimited promo where people had a tendency to make their money’s worth by making useless calls — just to max-out their unlimited calls. That’s irresponsible.

    My fearless predictions:
    * Smart will follow-suit after a month or two.
    * Sun will maintain their unlimited calls/text — that’s where they made a name for themselves.
    * Both promos — unlimited and per-second — will eventually co-exist;
    >> unlimited serving the general “cele-babad” populace (in general, the pre-paid market)
    >> and per-second serving the strictly business callers (in general, the post-paid market, the businessmen)

    As for the business proposition — I think Globe is taking a risk on this. They’re taking a cut from revenue (in corollary, consumers are saving a lot from this promo). Globe knows for sure that Smart can easily come up with the same promo. Globe’s initial crowd of switchers (from other telcos to Globe) will eventually even-out when Smart comes up with their own per-second charging.

    Ultimately, the consumers win.

    And I give credit to Sun Cellular for changing the rules of the game!

    ka edong
    per-second dreaming

  • IMHO, per-second charging is the way to go, unless the per-minute rates drop to more reasonable levels. Pinoys are more of texters than callers, so I guess the telcos do, indeed, have excess capacity when it comes to voice calls. It’s high time they utilize this by offering better rates for people who aren’t really into “cell-e-babad”.

    At any rate, whatever happened to that NTC ruling of per-pulse or per-second charging?!?

  • wrencelot,
    try making an unlimted call smart to globe or smart to sun, then maybe you’ll understand. 🙂

    but seriously, it’ll be nice to have the 0.10 per second implemented permanently. It gives us consumers fair pricing (paying for what we use) as well as fair profit to the telcos (don’t think they’ll offer this at a lost). the unlimited plan will eventually overburden their network and cause a lot of inconvinience (pretty much like what happened a couple of years ago with globe and smart).

  • if i call smart to globe or smart to sun, i would be able to understand right? what if you DONT call smart to globe nor to sun, maybe youll understand..

    what part of “i agreed on that already” drifts you guys..?

    plug na lang ako, – one homepage to rule them all..

  • cool

    the .10 per min is great. but the unlimited calls promo last few years ago, can you bring that back? even though its work 300, it was worth it. please bring that back. load is so expensive now a days. tnx.