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Globe unveils postpaid and prepaid plans for iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S is pretty much the talk of the town today and last night. Although Globe’s site is not yet updated for their iPhone 4S plans and pricing, we got the deets for you right here.

Globe iPhone 4S

Globe offers more flexibility when it comes to their plans for the iPhone 4S. Heck it’s even available in their Plan 299 via My Super Plan but you also need to avail of a SuperSurf Plan (at least SuperSurf 99) to go with it plus the necessary cash-out.

However, their value plan for the iPhone 4S falls to the Unli Surf Combo plans starting at Plan 1799. Here’s the info:

Plan 1799Plan 2499Plan 3799
iPhone 4S 16GBP4,800FREEFREE
iPhone 4S 32GBP10,080P4,800FREE
iPhone 4S 64GBP15,096P10,080P4,800
FreebiesChoose 3Choose 5Choose 7

The consumable amount can be used for local calls and text to any network, IDD, NDD and international texts.

For freebies, you can choose among:

  • 10 minutes of calls and 200 SMS to Globe/TM
  • 5 minutes of calls and 24 SMS to other networks
  • 10 minutes IDD and 10 SMS to 10 international destinations
  • Unlimited Call and Text to 1 Globe/TM number

You can have the cash-out for those plans at a 24-month installment 0% interest using your BPI credit card. So for the iPhone 4S 16GB at Plan 1799, you can have it for free and pay P1,999 per month for 2 years.

Globe iPhone 4S Prepaid

For prepaid subscribers, you can avail of the iPhone 4S for P37,690 for the 16GB model. It’s a bit more than Smart’s but you can do a 0% installment for 12-months (24-months if you’re on BPI) for your purchase.

All Globe iPhone 4S subscribers can also enjoy a 20% discount on accessories and a free app from the App Store.

Wanna compare this with the Smart iPhone 4S plans?

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  • abby

    Why require to had a high bill for iphone 4s. many cannot afford it. i request to make the bills low and require them to pay longer if it is 2 yrs them make it 3-4 years. 🙂

    • oh hoho… if you went to the first day of the availability you would see that many CAN afford it. 🙂 after 2 years kasi daw gusto na ulit ng tao magpalit ng phone.

      • Teabag Deluxe

        Not really can afford it outright, more like “can afford to get it on credit”. 😛

  • Any news on the price scheme of iPhone 4 now that the iPhone 4s has been released??

  • Griswold

    hmmm…. so san mas-ok? Smart or Globe? daming plans. nakakalito. @[email protected]

    • Shiela

      Mas trust ko ang Globe kasi sanay sila maghandle ng iPhone concerns. Mas reliable din sila sa customer service.

  • Gladys

    i want one for this christmas. 😀
    i’d rather choose GLOBE..

  • Lenlen

    Globe’s service sucks!!! Nakaka-stress mag-apply ng plan sa kanila.
    Well, wanna share lang.. Hindi naman sa sinisiraan ko yung globe.
    Nakakainis lang kasi nung December pa last year pa ako naka recieve ng
    notification from them pero til now wala pa din!! Puro lang tawag ng tawag yung support
    team nila!! (eh samantalang approved na nga diba??)
    Bakit sa smart less than a week nadeliver na yung unit.
    First time ko itra-try sana yung service na kayang iprovide ng Globe
    Tapos ganito lang maeexperience ko. Sana mabasa ng globe to no para gawan nila ng action!
    Dah? 6 kami nag-apply ng mga officemates ko pero ni isa wala man lang update!!
    Ano ba naman yan!!

    Nakaka stress kasi hindi ko alam kung kelan sila tatawag! Instead makapag
    focus sa mga tasks sa office, may iintindihin ka pa!!

    ALMOST 2 months na kami nag eexpect from them pero they just keep us waiting!!

    Anyone can help us??? Email me at [email protected]

    • josef

      Dear Globe Officers

      My personal concern:

      I am a new client of Globe Telecommunication Philippines.I acquired iPHONE4S for about three days now, its a P17++ plan per month but up to now there’s NO SERVICE appeared on my phone… What’s wrong? I was informed to wait for a call or email notification from Globe providers but to no avail…Sorry.I am not so happy with this…since i am new client customer….


  • brooke

    I’d like to try Globe because you can use your credit card for cash out, but I’m afraid it would be another mistake like it was before when I decided to try their internet services. Very poor coordination and they could not contact their contractor immediately to check status of occular inspection. After a week I cancelled my application, walang linaw kse e.

    I went back to smartbro and their service is such a breeze, even technical concerns mabilis. Sasagutin ka talaga and i aassist.

    To my surprise, after one month of cancelling my application to globe, dumating yung contractor to install their broadband. Pano pa ? Nakakabit na smartbro ko?

    So there it is, still undecided whether I’ll transfer to Globe, baka magsisi na naman kse ako e.

  • i got my new iphone 4s yesterday from globe.. ive been amused about siri.. but the problem is, will it work in 2g networks?

  • Rezzy


    I have an Iphone 4s, just want to know if i can use prepaid and have the ability to use all apps for Iphone4s? like siri and such? I dont want to apply for their postpaid plan since I have the unit.

    • im not sure ha but i think siri only works on 3g connection so if you use your prepaid, you want to have data connection enabled. i believe there’s a hack to enable it in wifi but you need to jb your phone.

      • Rezzy

        thanks for the reply calvin. I called globe earlier and asked if siri would work if i register to their data plan like supersurf and they said that it would work. So, it means that if i have the unlimited data plan for prepaid it will still work ryt? and they told me as well that siri would work even without internet connection if siri will send a text and receive a call. any insights on this?

        • not sure about without internet connection because siri really needs to connect to its server. but yeah if you’re on prepaid but subscribes to a data plan then it will work

  • warren catarig

    how much po yung dp? interested ako kumuha ng plan with unit. thanks eto yung number ko 09269064577