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Globe wants you to use your Rewards by March 31st

To all Globe subscribers out there, have you used up your Rewards already? If you’re like me who usually ignore infotexts from telcos, then this is something you should take advantage of.


All Globe Rewards earned last year will expire by the end of the month. And what can you get out of your Rewards? Well first and foremost there’s the bill rebate for postpaid subscribers, then there are gift certificates from food to fuel, you can also use it to purchase apps from the App Store, then finally you can also earn enough for gadgets and accessories.

I don’t really care much about my Rewards points so when I learned about this, I found out that I have enough for a P300 bill rebate. You mainly earn points from reloading (prepaid) or depending on your full bill (postpaid) at the end of the month.

To check your Rewards balance, text BAL to 4438.

To check the items you can redeem, text ITEMS to 4438.

And to redeem your reward, text REDEEM < space > ITEMCODE to 4438.

All text messages to 4438 is free of charge so you might want to use up your rewards now before you lose it at the end of the month.

To know more about this promo, visit the My Globe My Rewards website.

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  • Just to notify that the recent message I received didn’t notify me to use my reward points. That means it’s not applicable to all users.

    • maybe you don’t have reward points from last year?

  • Jeff Sy

    I’ve tried redeeming two different items already. Once I input the right keywords, I don’t get confirmation anymore.

    Globe sucks. This feels like a scam

    • Rian

      You need to register your account first so they you can redeem your points. Call their 211 hotline so they can assist you.

      That is not a hoax. I’ve been enjoying their reward since last year.

  • i’ve availed of my globe rewards after ignoring it for so long! thanks for the heads up! i now have unlitext and calls for 5 days! yey!

    • Me too, I ignored it for so long and now,I know what to do.. I have 684.05 points..

      • Rian

        Register your account first. After that you can redeem all your points. Call their hotline so they can assist you.

        PS This was also happened to me that’s why I know exactly how you feel.

  • joaika

    @Jeff Sy: This is definitely not a scam. I’ve redeemed 2 Imation Usb in the past few months and in the process of claiming an Ipod Shuffle. And I appreciate the speedy delivery too. The two items arrived just a little over a week through LBC.

  • Griswold

    yup. this worked for me. availed a P300 rebate.

  • BB MAX User

    Useless for bbmax users. Can’t subscribe for unli promos if your in bbmax.

  • lara

    are postpaid subscribers entitled to this? i read somewhere that if they are still in the 2 year lock up period they are not.

    • yes… whether still in lock in period or not

  • mondi

    whats the conversion rate of prepaid load reload denom to points earned? is it P1=1 point? please let me know.. 😀

  • Just a phase

    Hi 🙂 I really need to earn more points, and i’ll be glad if you’ll help me 🙂 please share (kahit 10 points lng, okay na poh) please?
    here’s how to: SHARE 9154616815 amount and send to 4438
    Its the season of giving, right? Please 🙂