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Globe’s best-ever MySuperPlan gives you more value than what you pay for

When it comes to our mobile plans, we’re used to getting a peso value for every peso we pay. If we subscribe to a 499 plan, we get a P499 worth of consumables or combos/freebies. Globe changes the game again with their best-ever MySuperPlan that gives you more that what you bargained for.

With Globe’s best-ever MySuperPlan, your Plan 499 can net you P900 worth of consumables and call/text combos. Suddenly, that Plan 299 can give you P500 worth of consumables, more than what a P300 prepaid load card can.

Here are the list of Plans and their corresponding Peso Value under the best-ever MySuperPlan.


So what can you do with the increased value of your Plan? You can use them as is or you can choose your combo/s:


So for example, under Plan 499, you can dump all that P900 worth of value to the call and text to all networks combo. That will net you 45 mins of calls and 900 text to all network per month. That’s only by paying P499 per month. And you can still change your combo per month.

You can also use the Peso Value of your plan for gadgets if you’re applying for a new contract. Speaking of contracts, you are now not restricted to a 24-month lock-up period. You can opt for a 6, 12, 18, 24, or a 30-month contract.

For existing postpaid subscribers, you can switch to this best-ever MySuperPlan (upgrade or retain same plan) to avail of the better value. However, you would notice that some combos before are not included here any more. For instance, the MySuperOne combo which lets you do Unli call and text to one Globe number is not available here so if you want to retain that, you might want to hold back.

There are still boosters (like Unli Call and Text to Globe/TM numbers for P599) which you can avail by paying on top of your monthly fee.

To know more about Globe’s best-ever MySuperPlan or if you want to start creating your own plan, visit http://www.globe.com.ph/postpaid.

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  • Are you sure you get the best value for your money with Globe’s MySuperPlan? I’ve tried comparing their Plan 999 with Smart’s, when availed together with an iPhone 5 16GB device: http://deuts.net/archives/2013/the-complicated-globe-superplans.html

    • hmmm interesting!!

    • psikick

      you can choose Globe’s All Net Combo of 5 mins and 100 texts to ALL networks in order to use the remaining 101 peso value… that compares to Smart’s 40mins and 100 texts to Smart network… so it really depends on the user’s preference/usage pattern.. given that, they seem to be more or less equal… it would be nice if someone can do a comparison on all phone options.. tedious though.. 🙂

      • pero malaking lamang din yung 35 mins na calls ha. 😛

    • pero parang mas mura plan 1799 nya for S4 compared to plan 1800 ng smart. 4800 lang cashout.

  • psikick

    The best thing about this new plan structure of Globe is the fact that you can choose the lock-in period. The “peso value” is nothing but a gimmick to entice people into thinking they are getting more bang for the buck. Why?? One, because choosing a phone and comobos will deduct into the “peso value” (PV). Before this, when there was no PV , you can choose a phone and just get it for free or fork over a cash-out depending on the phone model.Also, you got freebie combos. So basically nothing changed with regards to the phone and combos you got. It would have been much better if Globe made the PV alot more flexible in terms of how you can use it. Like if you can use all of your remaining peso value to reduce the cash-out for your phone (for people who wont use their PV on any of the combos anyway). Or if the PV really has any “peso value” why can’t we use it to get Boosters?

    • you can use the PV for cash outs but not for boosters. boosters are things you get on top of your plan. wish they have more combos to offer though.

  • primon

    if you ask me, nakakahilo…

  • ironfist67

    Ok yung plan pero yung mga phone…kung walang stock, puro outdated yung model ng phone. Yung S3 mini, naubusan hanggang ngayon ay walang stock.

  • Griswold

    so yung freebies, sya na ba yung combos? bat nawala yung ibang freebies?

  • Chris Tan

    nakakalito naman ito ang gimmick ng Globe ngaun. pero parang wala parin ito panama sa MEGA250 ng Smart. Yun na ata ang pinaka-sulit na combo currently.

  • Jin Wolfram

    can i use the consumables for gamex pins?