Gmail for your Mobile Phone

Where is it?

I tried accessing Gmail mobile last Saturday. That day, the Gmail mobile sign-up page auto-detected my location and displayed “Philippines”. I noticed a handful of other countries in the sign-up page drop-down list. There were only around a dozen countries in the list. I was pleased to see Google had put the Philippines in their shortlist of countries for this initial offering.

The sign-up page asked for my mobile phone number and asked me to input a word-verification field. The acknowledgement page said I would receive an activation code via my mobile phone. But it didn’t arrive. I wonder where it wandered off.

One more thing, there was a message offering an opt-in that will allow users to avail of Google services for mobile phones. Man, Gmail is pouring out of our ears!

Yesterday (and today) I see that Gmail Mobile sign-ups is now limited to United States mobile phones only. Hermps.

What’s up with Google? Releasing a service but not ensuring a good rollout? Excited pa naman sana ako. Bitin tuloy…

ka edong
mobile boy

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  • me to myself; konting tiis na lang, pag pwede ng mag edit ng webpage using cellphone, bibili na tyo..

    myslef to me; yehey!

  • this post inspired me to search on how to make a mobile wap site for the website that im planning to make, and i came across one, only takes less than two minutes to put the entire site in its mobil-ized state..

    anyone wanna try..?

  • It’s accessible via GPRS.

  • wrencelot, try . See here Technobiography in your pocket.

    ka edong
    mobile, mo glory

  • gouki

    yep, it works via gprs

  • more on the gmail philippines side of the internet, i tried the tagalog version of gmail, and while im waiting for my page to load up, the page “explicitly” echoed back “nagkakarga”

    if they are going to follow a word by word translation rule, hndi nko magugulat if i will read somewhere in gmail “are you fed up..? (kumain ka na..?)”

    yes, im fed up..

  • Thanks for giving us good information.