Gmail Now offering 6 Gigs of Storage

Gmail LogoSEORoundTable writes that Gmail has bumped up it’s capacity to 6 Gb.

Google’s Gmail actually set the bar (and killed a few web based email services while they were are it) by being the first to offer 1Gb of mail storage a few years back. At that time access to Gmail was by invitation only.

Yahoo! Mail, which had about 10Mb at that time also followed suit. Last May Yahoo even started offering unlimited email space.

Along with that December feature upgrade, Gmail also added colored filtering tags which can make mail sorting a whole lot easier. And if you have friends at AIM chat, you can now chat with them via Gmail. Plus a sling of keyboard shortcuts to make your emailing experience more productive.

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  • Yawn…

  • *Ouch* šŸ˜€

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  • Wow!
    My mailbox won’t be full again!!!!

  • COOL! but not that cool since the result of last month’s survey between yahoo mail and google showed that there are more people using yahoo mail than google mail. Well, I really don’t care since I’m just a beneficiary of their war…. hehehe

  • John McCoy

    big deal…