Google #1 Top Brand of 2008

Just a couple of days after Google announced its 1st quarter earnings, Millward Brown released the BrandZ Top 100 Most Powerful Brands list. The search giant ended up on top of that list. See below for the rest of the top 10.

1. Google
2. GE
3. Microsoft
4. Coca-Cola
5. China Mobile
6. IBM
7. Apple
8. McDonalds
9. Nokia
10. Marlboro

Google’s earnings grew by 31% in 1st Q of 2008 despite dim forecasts, surprising Wall Street and gaining back some of its lost share prices.

According to the Millward Brown press release, Google tops the rankings for the second consecutive year. Google tops the list again with a brand value of $86.1 billion followed by GE at $71.4 billion and Microsoft at $70.8 billion. Surprisingly, China Mobile is the only non-global company that made it to the top 10.

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  • Congratulations to Google.

  • I remember back in the year 1990’s when I first use google as my search engine…the site was so simple, no appeal unlike yahoo. But now it’s more big that what have we expected.

  • Funny how easily a services provider can beat a manufacturer. At the same time, it’s scary how a non-global brand can rise to the top just because it’s in powerhouse China
    Filipino, as Filipinos speak it

  • Janneth Henson

    I rarely use Google as my search engine..It si quite amazing to know that google top among other manufacturing firms.Anyways,congratulations Google!keep it up…