Google Acquires Feedburner

After much rumors the past few weeks, it was finally announced by Google that Feedburner has been included in their trophy case of web properties. They have now been… Assimilated. Terms of the deal were not disclosed during the announcement. It was reported previously that the offering was within the $100 Million figure.

According to them the reason for the acquisition was:

Google believes that feed-based content and advertising is a developing space where we can add value for users, advertisers and publishers. FeedBurner’s technology and talented team are a great addition to Google’s current solutions for advertisers and publishers.

A FAQ was prepared by the folks of Feedburner with regards to the acquisition and what it means to their users. Most concern will be on the revenue scheme that they have been offering to some feed publishers as well as to user privacy. As to integrating Feedburner into the current system, Google has yet to decide how to integrate them into their fold.

Our teams will work to improve the experience of our users, publishers, and advertisers, but it’s too early to know how FeedBurner’s technology will be integrated into Google. We do not have any news to share about integration plans at this time.

In the various forums it had been discussed that Google was planning to include the number of feed subscribers as a means of gauging the authority of one’s blog. It was but logical for Google to acquire Feedburner if they were to push through with this feature since Feedburner is one of the most popular feed publishers existing.

optout.pngWhen logging into feedburner now, users are greeted with this message informing them that they have till June 15 to opt out of feedburner before the rights to their feeds will be transferred to Google.

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  • I’m not selling or buying feed ads, so the most interesting change would be: integration of FeedBurner Analytics into Google Analytics, if they do it.

    Right now I have 3 analytics services running on my blog: FeedBurner Analytics,, and MyBlogLog which has also gets some stats. I have Google Analytics on one non-blog site.