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Interesting Things You Could Do with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another free tool from Google. It’s basically more than site tracking. What else can they offer?

  • Track downloading of files (links that lead you to file downloads)
  • Integration with AdWords (for those with AdWords account)
  • Trend Reporting (the screenshot I’ve seen reminds me of Stock Market… Hehehe!)
  • Find out where your visitors came from (reminds me of BlogFlux’s MapStats that are integrated with Google Maps)
  • Cool analysis options (this is certainly good if you want to check if there’s a certain trend)
  • Executive Summaries (also reminds me of corporations preparing such)
  • You do not need to be a programmer to use one. (just copy and paste the code)

And of course it’s free!

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  • Testing it on mikeabundo.com right now. First reports take a while: twelve hours!

  • > 12 hours after installing. Nothing yet.

  • Considering Urchin (rebranded Google Analytics) cost $500/mo. last year, it should be incredible.

    Once the reports are ready. 😉

  • Got my reports a couple days ago. Fantastic! Much better than the old Urchin. This one is Web 2.0 =)

  • coolness yuga 🙂

    500 dollars/month is too much already 😀