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Google Assistant for Smart Screens to be Launched Sometime This Year

Google Assistant for smart screens: welcome to the future

Last year, Amazon launched the relatively successful Echo Show, a smart speaker with a screen. While it may be appealing to only a niche market, several users have also rated the product with a 4.5-star average rating on Amazon. On the other hand, the company removed the device’s YouTube capabilities. This year, Google revealed Google assistant for smart screens, a competitor to match.

Codenamed Quartz, many assumed that Google had been building its own version of the Echo Show for months on end. When it appeared on several APK tear-downs, it became more and more evident that this would be the case. However, the official version of Quartz seems to be a multi-platform software available for various OEMs. This proves contrary to the several rumors spread out through the months.

Google notes that JBL, Lenovo, LG, Sony, and more will build smart displays with the Google Assistant. In addition, like Chromecasts, these will also come built-in with Google Cast. Much like any other AI software, Google Assistant on smart screens finds directions through Google maps. It also displays the weather and the user’s Google calendar. Finally, the device will also be able to play YouTube videos, show pictures from Google photos, serve as a guide for cooking, and several others.

Built on Google’s Android version for Internet-of-Things (IoT), Android Things, the Google Assistant has run on a positive trajectory through time. Of course, Google’s Android Things remains in Developer Preview, but it also plans on releasing and supporting a more long-term version sometime in 2018. It’s safe to assume, thus, that this will come with these smart displays.

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