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Google buys Meebo for $100M according to sources

width="200"Meebo announced earlier on their blog that Google is closed to acquiring the company. Well the deal has been closed and according to sources, the price of the acquisition is about $100 million.

Meebo has been around for seven years and you’ve probably used it to do browser-based instant messaging in the office while circumventing the port blocking policy on the network. It has then evolved into a toolbar to add a persistent social sharing and advertising overlay on their sites and this is where the bulk of their income is generated from.

It’s still unclear as to why Google bought Meebo but reports are saying that Meebo’s production team will be working on Google+, while other teams like Sales and Marketing will be laid off. Maybe a Google+ toolbar will appear soon? Anyway, Meebo as a service is still fully up and running until further notice.

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