Google Earth Expands Philippine Coverage

Eugene Alvin Villar reports on high resolution Google Earth Philippine coverage. He thinks this should be in the web-based Google Maps in a month. Great news for location based apps and mashup builders – but too bad for those places covered by clouds (like Makati!)

I have already found my house.

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  • That’s great!, about 2 weeks back I noticed it was only Davao and Cagayan de Oro that had good maps in Google Earth 😀

  • Microsoft’s Local caters to major roads in the Philippines

  • baluga01

    i saw my house via satellite.

  • baluga01
  • Great! Wondering why Davao and CDOC were added first. Is it possible that there were people from Davao and CDOC that played with google maps api and that was reason enough for google to add ’em first? I played with google maps 8-12 months ago to display a Cagayan de Oro Map, the map back then was not as detailed as now and it got me thinking back then to get some good copy of a local map from our GIS to overlay it on G-Maps… Unfortunately, the project died, I don’t have enough funds to support it myself, I needed to get job…

  • This is great news.

    I just noticed that it’s hard to find a house without a pool in Makati and that nobody really uses the Skyway. I think I only found one bus in the whole stretch.

  • PoshNeya

    great. i just spent half day playing with it. thank God im paid.:D

  • Yes, it is too addicting. Today I explored the Quiapo/Binondo area.

    Next: figure out how to share custom points and directions (if possible)

  • cool-ala

  • Pinoy Google Earth apps are coming up! I hope they are really useful.

  • whin

    yeah legazpi city included too

    isulong seoph

  • so i can now sneak into everyones houses here?

  • images in google earth are taken at least three years ago..

  • jeiki

    mountains and volcanos can also be viewed 3D! Check out Mount Mayon! Then use the bar above the circle to view the horizon.

  • That’s the 3D GIS info at work. As for the age, I read in Eugene’s blog that the pictures were taken 2004 and the photo provider will take again in 2007.

  • silkshadow

    It is a big improvement! However, now my place is under a big cloud ;).

  • We’ve set up a wiki repository for KMZs (Google Earth markers) related to the Philippines. Nearly 600 markers and growing by the day. Historical places, universities, World War II battle sites, World Heritage sites, agrarian reform beneficiaries, Philippine airports (who knew we had that many?), plus the usual suspects (malls, top tourist destinations). We’ve included and linked to the ‘Google Earth Philippine Tour’ created and posted by Anton Diaz on his blog. Check out what we have so far: . The site also links to a blog discussing the potential applications of Google Earth for Philippine education, tourism, development, etc. Blog’s at
    If anybody has KMZs to share, visit the wiki, or just email the markers to [email protected].

  • Oops. Sorry. re: my earlier post: make that Wiki repository for Google Earth Philippine stuff is still at

  • Wow! I’ll check that out when I get free time.