Google Hiring a Country Representative

Google is all about advertising. In their Asian expansion, they are hiring a Country Representative and Operations Manager.

Quite a heavy requirement:

Our ideal candidate will have demonstrated leadership in marketing, sales or general management for an internet/technology company and/or management consulting, and have graduated at or near the top of their class from a leading graduate academic institution (MBA preferred).

That’s an MBA with an undergraduate in computer science, engineering, or a technical field.

It’s a temporary position. Google is going to have a look and see if the Philippines is ready to buy more AdWords. (We already have a lot of people doing AdSense!) Imagine if advertisers could buy AdWords through bank deposit, G-Cash, Smart Padala… or even at a retail outlet or kiosk at the mall. And, Google Print buying a full page in a local newspaper. (Or they could acquire the Manila Bulletin.)

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  • Hmm. Getting an MBA is starting to sound like a good idea with companies like them starting to look for ’em. Hehe.

  • Some companies would gradually expand into new territory… Google however is like a tsunami 😀

    Their ROI must be really good.

    From online publishing and now into print ads… cool 😀

  • pag pinagbawal ni bayani ang billboards sa edsa mamamayagpag ang google adwords sa pilipinas kung masasabayan din yan ng isang standard online payment system. magulo pa kasi ang bayaran dito sobrang daming options

  • they dont need an MBA.. they need a middle class filipino who lives, breathes, and eats like the majority of the filipinos here in phil, however, savvy enough that really knows how the whole internet thing works and THINKS like an american business man.. these three characteristics can only pull off something that google wants.. two without the other is the same as none.. unfortunately not all who claims themselves “internet-savvy” came from middle class which is very important if you wanna come up with a way to make advertisers advertise on something that is not usually seen by a lot of people.. western business strategy in mind, to adopt that knowledge in the existing philippines economy using the internet..

    google, if youre reading, i am a 23 year old middle class, manila based, and i put up my own internet advertising firm (focused on US, Canada, Uk territories tho) hoping to tap into at least .5% of your ad revenue..

  • 0.5% of $1,578,456,000 ?! Wow! (I did not make that up, check the Google SEC filing.

  • hmmm, i believe i read somewhere in the other day that googles annual revenue for the year of 2005 grossed into something close to $999 M USD, and even if its true, probably i kinda exagerrated the .5%, probably .000005%..

    commenting heres really cool, i mean, i can comment on each and every article on this page so therefore my webby addy will be on each and every single page of this site, which will link back on my site (theoretically) which will affect the google pagerank of my site.. now i just have to have a real web address.. hmmmm..

    soon on jan 2006..

  • Sorry PLDT F-er, but your pretty URL won’t get pagerank. The links here are NOFOLLOW. Only good for CLICKING.

  • What’s with the MBA preference? I know local IT MBA’s who would be lousy for this position.

  • The MBA is probably standard spec for Google.

  • From a managerial perspective, in hiring a person for an executive position, a person with an MBA has a definite advantage versus someone with just a college degree. MBA does teach a lot of topics that are important in managing a business—corporate accounting, corporate governance, HR management, etc.

    In fact, as one goes up the tech corporate ladder, hard-core tech skills become less critical than managerial and communication skills.

  • Just saw this today… Hehehehe…

  • Aileen, tell us all about your work!

  • @Migs – all I can say is the ten jobs I had before working for Google and my MBA degree has helped a lot. Add patience, perseverance, resourcefulness, creativity and lots of Pinoy humor, that’s how I’ve survived so far. =)

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