Google in cahoots with Microsoft

Looks like Google is doing a Microsoft-related search and probably Microsoft is paying them for this special search feature.


Try and visit and see for yourself.

PageRank: 8/10

From the Inquirer:

… as further proof that the two are definitely secretive partners in crime, you can get to the search page through Microsoft ( Kind of strange when you take into consideration Big Steve Ballmer’s mindset on Google, isn’t it?

Sarzuela, what?

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  • richardqr

    yet another google urban legend:

  • Gooosssseeebumps!

    In pinoy jargon:


  • st.ellar

    lol. google + microsoft = weird logo. 😛

  • jon_p

    Microsoft technology is even more widely used than Linux, BSD and OS X (combined even), so _practically_ speaking, why shouldn’t Google offer MS-specific searches even without MS’ prodding?

  • I think this is an internal arrangement between the two. MS could be paying Google MS-filtered searches for marketing, political, economic and other PR-related content.

  • C’est du bonheur de parcourir ce site web