Google Launches Apps for Your Domain

In a country where most people access the Internet via cybercafés, a purely browser-based easy-to-use free collaborative office suite would lower initial backoffice costs for Philippine startups.

Google Apps for Your Domain

That’s why I want young hotseating café-hopping Filipinos with good ideas and no money to get over their government-backed, academically-reinforced, cubicle-farmed Microsoft addiction long enough to check out Google Apps for Your Domain.

Now all we need are decent broadband and easy payment gateways.

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  • rom

    The question is – how long will it be free?

  • Knowing how effectively Google does ads? I’d say forever.

  • Rom,

    Three letters to remember: A-O-L.

    The question is not the cost. The issue will be on data security. Hence, I have mixed feeling about this service.

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