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Google Maps 8-bit version depicts Manila as a castle

There’s a special version of Google Maps launched today called 8-bit that was originally made to run on the Nintendo Entertainment System or NES or what we call the family computer. It’s made as a special NES cartridge that can be hooked up to your phone line to dial-up.

This Google Map 8-bit shows the map of the world in 8-bit glory, but mostly just trees, roads, land, water, and castles, similar to those RPG games for the NES. In fact for the map of the Philippines, all buildings and streets are now gone replaced by trees and grass. In zoom out view, you will see Manila as a castle while other provincial cities as hovels.


If you want to try the demo out, head to Google Maps and click the Quest View on the upper right corner.

To further solidify this April Fool’s treat (in case you still didn’t get it) from Google, they even made a cool commercial just for Google Maps 8-bit. Check it out.

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  • aze


  • steelicon

    noun \ˈhə-vəl, ˈhä-\
    Definition of HOVEL
    : an open shed or shelter
    : tabernacle
    : a small, wretched, and often dirty house : hut

    “hovel” huh… your own words? “hovel”?

    hov·el (hvl, hv-)
    1. A small, miserable dwelling.
    2. An open, low shed.

    well excuse me, high and mighty city dweller, your lordship.

  • We’ve been fooled! Lol!

  • Griswold

    astig!! sana meron din 8-bit version ng maliit na banawe rice terraces or 8-bit version ng mt mayon.

  • Arian_TheCzar

    magmumukhang pancake na green pre..