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Google Maps Street View G-Shock Store Taipei

I was looking at some G-Shock websites when I saw this. It’s actually a Street View inside the G-Shock Store in Taipei. I seldom use the Google Maps Street View, only when I’m looking at my friend’s or relative’s house abroad.

It seems that this feature of Google Maps has been around for quite sometime already and they call it Business View (ok :D). It’s actually pretty cool being able to walk inside stores and businesses (virtually) and being able to see their products or items on display.

I hope we’ll get to see our local stores’ own Business View in the near future. ¬†I guess that’s not far from reality now that Google has started mapping some streets in the metro late last year.

Check out the cool indoor view of the G-Shock Store in Taipei

Google Business View promo video:

More on the Google Business View

Google Maps also has an Indoor Map Feature

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