Google Maps the Philippines

The Philippines is in Google Maps. You don’t need to go around the world in search of aerial photography.

Their source is inconsistent. Metro Manila is in low resolution, but locations outside have it better.

The Google developers have created a programming interface for developers which has spawned a lot of fun applications. I don’t have an app yet, but I can show you where I am right now. Can you guess?

I got the latitude/longitude, not from a GPS, or a map, but from my cellphone. I have access to a cellular company’s positioning service and I queried it. Our friends outside of Metro Manila with their more detailed maps can make better use of this – for now.

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  • Finally! Here’s waiting for someone to create something like for the Philippines…. 😉

  • Can’t do it yet, until we get street maps.

  • AlienX2

    Wanna group work for making map of the philippines?? hehehe… I will waiting for done map of the Philippines.. =/

  • cool migs!

    is that service available for uhm ‘public use’? curious, is it via triangulation? or the id of the cell site?



  • I don’t know how LocationStudio does it. No product yet – any suggestions?

  • I played around with the API. Can you now figure out my location?

  • More mapping coolness from Eugene Alvin Villar (aka Seav of Wikipedia).

  • lrgalvez

    I have created a sample map using the Google map API. You can search for places and if it is in the RPMap database, you can click on the link that says “Google Map”. A new window will open showing the waypoint in google map. url is

    Another version allows the user to enter coordinates (latitude and longitude) and view it in the google map. User can also add markers by clicking on the map and then save the coordinates in an xml file. url is

    Both are still demo versions.

    RPMap webmaster

  • k, now since GMAPS are now available, tested it right here

  • MYN

    Seems interesting… but also seems sophisticated. I like my favorite mapping website better, It will point you exactly to your destination. Here is a sample for uhhhhhhhhhhmmm MANILA PENINSULA heh. Can you find Sen. Trillanes?,%20NCR,%20Philippines#KABEETmap

  • Heinz

    Hi created google map app for tracking pets in real-time…connected via socket codes to another server who has VB code to track pet….hehe…my site is just a preview…

  • i want to put google map at lagyan ng ip 2 location script

  • Boogle

    interesting but the maps are very old!

    like in my place San Fernando, Pampanga, they still don’t have the overpass bridge in the intersection where McDonalds is located.

    bacolor is also looking like back in the 1990s. roads are not complete.

    why don’t they do another satellite scan of the Philippines to make it updated?

  • I’ve been playing around the API for some time now. I’m using it in my website.

    You’ll see it in action here

    When you click on “map” it switches to the google map maker tile, (the google user-generated map). When you click on “OS Map” it switches to open street map, another map whose content is generated by users. There’s a lot of fun things you could do with it. And now they already have the API out for flash developers.