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Google or Googe?

There is an interesting discussion at reddit, on whether Google made a mistake on its Valentine’s day logo or not.


So interesting that it even garnered the no. 1 spot.


I have to sheepishily admit that I was part of the statistic that didn’t notice the missing “L” till I saw this post… guess that makes me a marketing drone… *snicker*

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  • It just means g and l make love – 69 maybe?

  • ron

    GoogLe’s official response:

    Strawberries are red, stems are green…

  • Guess that means that I neither know “true romance” or have “poetry” in my soul 😀

  • sherwin

    ang boring na ng pinoytechblog na blog, i check this everyday pero updates on this blog is getting longer and longer.

  • sherwin, there’s not much news going around. What type of posts do you suggest?

  • Charles

    The letter L in the logo became the strawberry’s twig you idiots! LOL (maybe)