Google Pack is OUT

People over at digg are all over it: Google Pack.

Google Pack is a free collection of essential software from Google and other companies. The software in the Google Pack helps you browse the web faster, remove spyware and viruses, organize your photos, and more.

It’s the kind of thing that should be helpful on a new Windows PC. What’s in it?

Google Software

* Google Desktop
* Google Earth
* Google Pack Screensaver
* Google Talk
* Google Toolbar
* Picasa

Other Software

* Ad-Aware SE Personal
* Adobe Reader 7
* GalleryPlayer HD Images
* Mozilla Firefox
* Norton AntiVirus 2005 SE
* RealPlayer
* Trillian

Norton? RealPlayer? No wonder people are raising their eyebrows over this. Also, I don’t think there’ll be huge hurrahs from the FOSS movement, too. However, Google gives us a good option:

Do I have to install all the software in the Google Pack?

While we believe you’ll find all of the software in the Google Pack useful, you’re welcome to install as much or as little as you’d like. To customize your installation package, please click the “Add or remove software” link under the download button on the Google Pack homepage. On the Customize page, simply uncheck the box next to any program you’d prefer not to install and click the “Continue” button to complete the installation process.

I do wonder if and how head Googler Larry Page will market this product over at his CES keynote.

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  • if this is a “install one, install all” package, id go for it..

  • i went to the website and it lets u pick out the programs u want right

    so unchecked some..

    few seconds later i realized i ended up with one selection only, picasso.

    turns out i didnt need any of the programs that came with the pack lol

  • I just wonder why Google chose Symantec/Norton instead of some other AV vendors…

  • This is actually one of the stupidest actions that Google has ever done. What’s the point in them releasing a “Google pack?”

    Like who still doesn’t have Adobe Reader?

    Methinks that it was unwise for them to lend support to some of these softwares? For example, why are they promoting Norton Anti-virus? There was recent news that a vulnerability exists in ALL Symantec products!

    Real player? C’mon . . .

  • There’s no file based installer. I’m setting a friend’s new and wanted to burn it on a CD/DVD, but no …

  • yes

  • Google really seems to be floundering without any strategic focus.